Why I quit Roblox.

I've been on Roblox since 2011. Roblox was so good until DanTDM, The Pals, Pink Sheep and Annoying Orange brought their armies of 7 year old bratlords to roblox. Ever since, roblox has been absolute garbage. Take note that this rant is very long as I want to put all my opinions and thoughts into it. Reasons I quit roblox:

1. Removal of good features
Tix, Guests, Safe Chat, Personal Servers, etc. I have sweet memories from playing Personal Servers. Also I remember the days of C4/Flood griefing. Me and my brother trolling a PBS called "Guest City" by adding a certain body part to a guest statue (Then the statue and it's body part showed up in the thumbnail of the game because PBS worked that way.) Now those days are GONE!

2. Addition of crappy features
R15, Anthro, Price Floor, buggy updates that break the game, 3.0, New layouts, Cheez-it Logo, No comments, Forum update, Server list removal, Bad events (Teen Titans Go, etc).

3. Good games rarely exist now
All the good old games have been modernized, inactive, broken or are dead with no players.

Example? My favourite game Survival 303 is now mostly desolated, but you may sometimes find a few others if lucky. Most I have seen is 23 people across two servers. That was only one time - Most of the time, I only see 1-5 people playing, sometimes none at all. 303 is now slowly being modernized into garbage, with only a small, moderately-active community. People from this community tend to be older users, because the game was popular in old roblox but is unknown to most modern users as it is no longer on the front page. Because of roblox's bad updates, these older users may eventually move on, causing the game and community to go extinct forever. They do have a Classic version, but new games "inspired" (aka stealing concepts from) by 303 are now hogging all the players. Now people only play the overly-realistic, laggy and complicated survival games instead of 303.

4. Everything is now "modern" and confusing instead of blocky and fun.
Games went from simple and fun, to over-realistic and bland. Cafes are way too realistic instead of being fun and enjoyable. Dumb cafes are overly-realistic and have SHIFTS! In a virtual game! This is far from bad, it's wrong. People play Roblox to have fun, not to simulate boring, repetetive real-life scenarios. Cafe group workers, go get a real job!

5. Community change
Went from kind, fun people to vile forum trolls, rancid ODers and 7 year old bratlords. Don't get me started on "Uncanny Valley".

6. Player doesn't even work!

Everytime I try to play a game it won't work.

7. Game Idea Stealing
That stupid Chicken guy stole the main concept of A Dinosaur's Life and turned it into Dinosaur Simulator. Now Rubzter's ORIGINAL masterpiece is dead and buggy, while the copy is on front page!

Similar thing happened with Murder Mystery.

8. ODers got WORSE
Were bad enough but now they got edgier and nastier.

9. Filter ########
The filter is awful!

10. Lost it's charm

Ugh... I quit this abomination of a game. Gonna play Minecraft instead now.