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21 The Community

Yeah the community is dead when I looked at 2014 roblox I knew it was worse then 2011 roblox and at that moment I'd knew by 2018 roblox would probably be dead.

By 2020, ROBLOX would be known as Club Penguin 2(and yes Disney would probably buy roblox by then)

Community has been bad since 2013, but now it's starting to get just as bad as Minecraft's community. - wrests

To be honest everything on Roblox. How is this not number 1? - NamiKazePants08

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22 Kids in Their Emo/Cuteness Phase

I HATE THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE! They always think they are so cool when they try to become cute or Emo. Being in a cute or emo phase is called being edgy

I'm in my emo phase but I like anime and stuff, but I'm not like a typical emo who goes around saying they hate everyone. I actually try to be nice

I'm simply a socially awkward and socially anxious girl. Sometimes I show my depression. I don't see an issue with people like this. - LemonComputer

What? What is an emo phase? And I'm pretty sure I'm ALWAYS in my cuteness phase - Puppytart

23 Childish Insults

They always involve butts, and sometimes the occasional 'stop talking about yourself.' - scarmark

Someone called me a "cuckoo" and a "dumb head". I wish they die early.

I was playing auto rap battles 2 and this guy kept saying "Your poop you noob" and then I said "Says the one who looks like a simpson" - TeamRocket747

Once I got called a "stinky farting butt" from some Baconhair that I killef on a tycoon. - Lunala

I was called a wimp this afternoon by a bacon hair that I killed in a tycoon too. - TeamRocket747

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24 Demographics Change

Main root of half of roblox's problems, and it's DanTDM's fault - Yaboistingy

25 No More Tix

ROBLOX cares more about money now

I agree the noobpocalypse is not possible to avoid I guess it will happen by 2020 to 2025

No I hope Robox ends by 2020 - Puppytart

2018: ROBLOX removes meshes
2019: Meshes get replaced by 3D Builder, which costs 1000 robux.
2020: Anthro is added
2021: ROBLOX hires 1,000 people, and gets more players than Minecraft.
2022: ROBLOX becomes the richest company, and beats Microsoft.
2023: Accesories are removed and are replaced by finger editor for Anthro.
2024: ROBLOX removes R6 and R15, making everyone have anthro
2025: All good roblox games shut down, and Oder games go in the front page.
2026: Jailbreak reopens, and gets popular for 4 years, but dies down due to people leaving and bad updates.
2030: ROBLOX removes robux and replaces robux.
2031: Bacon hair becomes a limited
2039: ROBLOX shuts down due to WWIII.
2048: ROBLOX reopens after WWIII ends
2058: Builderman is assassinated in a ROBLOX event, by Jaredvaldez's adult self.
2059: ROBLOX gets abandoned with no owner
2060: New people own roblox and are more greedy and make making an account cost $100 dollars.
2067: ...more - TeamRocket747

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26 Fandom

I was just playing the Pizzeria game for fun. Until I heard about this kid screaming:Roblox is the coolest game in life!

Well, it that kid's opinion. He can think Roblox is the coolest game in life if he wants too.

How the heck is this pure fandom if the kid is expressing his opinion bluntly

You can blame fnaf for this. and undertale and tattletale and youtubers and yeah you get it.

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27 You Earn 10 Tix Per Day But Not Robux

How are we supposed to buy stuff for our characters if most of the items cost 1 million robux and tix?

Also I mean for 1 year old,i mean at least THAN the roblox players have started play roblox 1 year ago

I have to wait like 5-6 days to buy a shirt or pants to my character in Roblox. 25 or 20 tickets in 25 hours would be perfect for me.

You can convert it to ROBUX WHILE it was still there. - njalabi63989

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28 Lazy, Clickbait, Crap Ending Up On The Front Page

This happens WAY TOO MUCH! A THIRD of the front page is lazy tycoons, one of which, by Sleepy Studios, is clickbait, another QUARTER is adopt and raise a baby copied 15 times, another FIFTH of it is stupid, cringey, dumb games that shouldn't exist, and then you've got another TENTH which is boys and girls games copied 8 times, and the rest of it? The good, deserving, games? Gets 11.67% of the front page, that means that ONLY A NINTH OF THE FRONT PAGE IS GOOD GAMES! People work hard and actually make great games! But oder games, tycoons, clickbait, and cringe are rewarded. THIS IS NOT FAIR! DANTDM TYCOONS, ADOPT AND RAISE A BABY, AND SLEEPY STUDIOS CLICKBAIT ALL SUCK BUT NOPE! THEY GET THE FRONT PAGE! NOTHING WILL CHANGE! EVER! - Yaboistingy

I've seen a free modelled crappy Jurassic Park game and it literally had a "Credit for this morph goes to doomcrow" banner that you see in games with those old animal morphs. - Lunala

I know its annoying like I see like youtube tycoon but its like climb a staircase for suprize

29 The report button barely even working

One time this girl was telling players if they wanted to date. So I had enough of it so I report the player for online dating. And a week later, I went to the same game then, I saw the same girl in the game and of course she was asking people if they wanted to date her.

30 Games That Have Misleading Titles And Are Not Related To The Game Itself

I agree I once played game called "1000 ways to die" and I thought that looks awesome, it turned out to be a toy factory tycoon

I purchased a game called "Amusement park" and it was a tycoon that was a security base. -_-

Always happens I wanted to play The pacman game but it turns out to be a stupid tycoon that is useless - zacharysuperdude

"Fidget Spinner obby" then the thumbnail is of Dantdm or Denis skateboarding into a toilet. - Lunala

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31 Overrated Games

The Mad Murderer is pretty well developed in my opinion, it obviously had a ton of work put into it and that's why it's one of my favourite games.

I'm talking DanTDM Tycoon. Ya'll know what I mean.

Tru that. tru that. like mad murder and like uhhh... I don't know... MM THOSE FAKE GAMES. THE ONES THAT ARE SO UNDER DEVELOPED AND THEY SAY ITS DONE. but the only good games are : survival 303, phantom forces, armored patrol. -_-

32 Uneducated Kids

I know right? At least 70 percent of the kids I've seen that talked in ROBLOX have horrible grammar. I guarantee that I had better grammar than them when I was 8.

They are horrible grammar kids who don't know what roasting is, then they call you noob for no reason. I love roasting them.

I can argue with these kiddies so easily. I'm nine and I still speak with proper grammar.

No. Kids just don't want to spend minutes fixing their grammar. seriously, just let them be. They will fix it when they're older. They just hate grammar.

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33 3.0s With Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People

That's what I wear on anarchy friday nights.

That's part of my trolling outfit.

So ridiculous looking - thunderstar1124

Mih I think people can have there own looks & have that hair & body as long as there not ODers, that's what I think about all the looks and username types...

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34 Kids Being Insecure About Their Avatar

Well now since Tix are gone we no longer can buy certain stuff for our avatar. It sucks but whats even worse is that Roblox didn't even REPLACE them, we are left with robux that some of us can't even acquire because it is too expensive/We simply can't. that's why some players who have been playing since the early 2000's have left the game all together, and that's also why a LARGE majority of the Roblox community have left. Roblox leaves the other Roblox players to fend for themselves.

I've got no robux but my avatar looks like I bought some stuff but I got them from events like the summer games - IceFoxPlayz

35 3.0 Package
36 Everything is So Expensive

...you can buy robux for 99 CENTS - wrests

Robux costs too much expensive to pay - SpencerJC

37 Pointless Games

I think that the games most people DON'T play should be gone but not the pointless games those are for the idiots.

Oh my god, there are too many misleading games! -sees a game called Epic Boat Tycoon! - Me:Wow, looks fun! -plays, turns out it's just a stupid obby- Me:OH FOR-

What about the game by Sleepy Studios on the front page, today it was War Tycoon and yesterday it was Adopt A Puppy! It's just the same damn tycoon about nothing EVERY DAY - Yaboistingy

Mostly like all of the games on Roblox are boring, they are basically the same thing. Most people just like copy uncopylocked games and do whatever they want with them, they are still boring.

Adopt and raise a cute baby gets prize for most pointless game All you do is this heres demonstration by ODer bots "wanna date baby? " *Oder bot 2* SURE WERE TO! (Oder bot one) The adoption centre were going to be a family *kisses*" That stuff is not good not at all...

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38 Show-Offs

Like in Roblox Top Model people say " I GOT FIRST PLACE AND THAT because GIRL ONLY GOT LIKE 2 POINTS" when all they did was have a friend be the judge or hacked.

Yes, Yes, Yes, I hate show-off's they always boast about how great they are, Including there "SWAG" moves!

Agree kids these days...

Why "Show-Offs" are annoying

every time I go to a like a roleplay game I sometimes see a guy or girl showing off their robux. For me it's just irritating and then sometimes they treat people like "peasants." Once I see them I just go change my avatar to a noob then go to them. Then I say "Hi" but then they call me a noob... I just go to their account date and I see they joined a couple months ago. since I joined 2014 (okfroi, zbhbh, mysteriousmen100 and PixeISauce) it wasn't always like that. It just wants me to punch the "Show Off" in the face like One Punch Man. What I do. I say they joined a couple months ago so you shouldn't be saying that to me. Don't worry, if they say "Oh I actually joined 2006 just say "Prove it." If they say a old account say "Prove its you're old account." - PixeISauce - okfroi -zbhbh -mysteriousmen100

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39 Most of the Items in Catalog Cost Robux
40 Clickbait YouTubers
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