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21 3.0s With Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People

That's what I wear on anarchy friday nights.

That's part of my trolling outfit.

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22 Pointless Games

I think that the games most people DON'T play should be gone but not the pointless games those are for the idiots.

Oh my god, there are too many misleading games! -sees a game called Epic Boat Tycoon! - Me:Wow, looks fun! -plays, turns out it's just a stupid obby- Me:OH FOR-

What about the game by Sleepy Studios on the front page, today it was War Tycoon and yesterday it was Adopt A Puppy! It's just the same damn tycoon about nothing EVERY DAY - Yaboistingy

Mostly like all of the games on Roblox are boring, they are basically the same thing. Most people just like copy uncopylocked games and do whatever they want with them, they are still boring.

Look up mario

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23 Edgy People

All those girls (Usually in those high school RP games; High School Life, Roblox High School, etc..) tick me off. They usually wear crotchet tops, long hair w/ beautiful hair for beautiful people, the buddy baseball cap and finally, the "err.." face which is the worst part.

I was weakened by a guy, then another guy stole the kill and acted edgy and called me a noob even though I joined during the golden ages. Then he called me trash kid, just because he stole someone's kill.

Welcome to the forum section of roblox

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24 Fandom

I was just playing the Pizzeria game for fun. Until I heard about this kid screaming:Roblox is the coolest game in life!

Well, it that kid's opinion. He can think Roblox is the coolest game in life if he wants too.

How the heck is this pure fandom if the kid is expressing his opinion bluntly

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25 Horrible events.

They Sponsor childish events, Like
Bloxgiving 2015, They add dinosaurs on that events, What do dinosaurs have to do with thanksgiving? it's a holiday.

Also the teen titans go event, All you have to do is just get a hat from a pizza place game.

Even the Nerf Halloween events, horrible stuff, If you have anything from that event delete it.

I expect the Christmas 2015 event to be horrible, hopefully not.

Sponsor events are killin Roblox.

The last good event was Halloween 2013.

Just please stop advertising. I WANT A REAL GAME! MAKE ONE YOURSELF ROBLOX!

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26 Show-Offs

Like in Roblox Top Model people say " I GOT FIRST PLACE AND THAT because GIRL ONLY GOT LIKE 2 POINTS" when all they did was have a friend be the judge or hacked.

Yes, Yes, Yes, I hate show-off's they always boast about how great they are, Including there "SWAG" moves!

Agree kids these days...

The 2.0's with the frost arm.

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27 Chestnut Buns Wearing Extensions

I mean, the extensions won't even fit with the chestnut buns. Come on! Are people too stupid these days or what?!

IKR! I don't know why anyone ever tries this because it looks awful and so unrealistic. Plus 100% of everyone with the chestnut bun is a 3.0, which is essentially like a robloxian apocalypse. ;-;

These are ABSOLUTE bs. when I was a wee 3.0 noob I bought one variety (the t-shirt kind). it didn't even fit in and looked bad. even though I have a lot more robux and tixs now that was still a waste of currency >.<

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28 Exploiters

I have seen tons of hackers on epic minigames. Once when the server and I were playing High Pressure. There was this player who was floating and gave a dumb excuse that he was on a school computer! And since admins are as lazy as sh@*, I couldn't report him. Plus, I think it's illegal to play online games with everyone on a school computer. I know about it since I banned ROBLOX from my son and told him that ROBLOX will go to hell one day.

There are too many exploiters on Roblox, especially popular games like Beach House Roleplay and Prison Life. It is sometimes harder to find a non-hacked server than a hacked server on games like that.

I was once on Prison Life and at night some hacker called 101010101nubz put on the Oh Yeah Mista Krabs song, made the sky pictures of Mr. Krabs, and completely destroyed the prison.

In tsunami sushi I was playing in 2015 But I order it and then she came back and she gave me food SO WHAT HAPPEND!?! Exploiters Giving Shrek to everybody and also he set by mistake or keep exploding and keep respawning And keep fire to everybody I say I'm A SHREK! But she said calm down but exploiters is really annoying but what happend The restaurant DESTROYED! then admim shuts down the game after I rejoin I cannot sit here someone break all seats But what happend again He giving noobs to everybody and shrek again and music again Then The restaurant is going to be exploded again all over place After shutdown game again I rejoin again Its safe here no exploiter But He put blocks top of his robloxians head And everyone could stand up but exploit is really annoying like 5 years old kid playing - SpencerJC

29 Unnecessary Censorship

The thing is if you say something like "You suck! " They'll censor it. So little things they'll censor and the funny thing is, Every time Roblox updates your warning counts starts from 0.

Oh my god. I hate this very much. I posted on my group, NFL, and said "Can I join the Giants? " But then I see "Can I


? " I think it was a careless mistake.

Content Deleted all the time!

I got censorned while talking to my friend and I was tlaking abotu what time to wakeup to play on steven univeerrse 3d roleplay IT WAS RETARDED CESNORNSHIP I reported roblox and also used a tank warning roblox to get rid of safechat which is oppisisite
of safe

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30 You need builders club to do anything

Without Tix you need because to be able to even buy anything that isn't the free crap from the catalog.

I can assure (currently being a builders club member myself) that it doesn't change much.

Its just UN-fair that you have to buy 100 $ worth of robux just to be "cool"

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31 Murder Mystery

Worst game ever created. I was a citizen and I was next to the murder. I was like screw this game and gave it a dislike and in the comment section I typed in this joke: THIS GAME SUCKS GIVE IT TO LUIGI! And that is how it ends. - SanicHeghog123

The amount of people by getting scared by a virtual knife that has no blood is hilarious

I love these people in the comments " A PERSON HAS A KNIFE that's HORRIBLE"
If you are worried about a knife (there is no blood in murder mystery) then chances are you either need a therapist, or you need to stop letting your kid play video games. There is nothing bad about murder mystery, except for the annoying people online that might cuss.

The recent update wasn't too bad. In the old one,you always kept the same clothes,now your clothing depends on what type of map you are in.

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32 No More Tix

I swear to got there is going to be a noobpocalypse and someone's gonna get hurt. Friend me to prepare for noobpocalypse pashguy123

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34 Fat, Ugly, Disgusting Character's Body Shape

The shapes of all of the bodies are weird I really like the normal default block one

People who use the 3.0 morphs come up to me and call me a fatty. It's stupid because I'm the one who doesn't look like a Lego piece.

I think that the blox body should not be in the game as some people came up to me and start swearing so I said so what so then she said I am going to report you for having a fat body then I was banned from the game so not fair.


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35 Overrated Games

The Mad Murderer is pretty well developed in my opinion, it obviously had a ton of work put into it and that's why it's one of my favourite games.

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36 Online Dating

This is already number 1

Annoying people that like to role play fill my chat. STOP ONLINE DATING! IN ROBLOX'S RULES YOU can't DATE, ITS NOT A DATING SITE

Online dating is the same thing as oders which is on the first place

I do this don't kill me CRI - top10epic

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37 Ignorance
38 Roblox Discontinues All Their Items Not Giving Other People a Chance to Buy Them

I wanted to buy an adventure time hat and they deleted it! Ugh

This is the main reason why I hate about Roblox, they just take away hat's that you really want to buy. But, the next minute it's off sale. Gr!

I wanted Alvin's Sweater. Then they take it away from me

That's why they call it a Limited U item. But what I hate is that people sell them for a ridiculous amount of cash. -.-

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39 EthanGamerTV Fans

I hate EGTV. He should stop copying Dan and get a life. He needs to be 13 before he can be on YouTube.

Why do you hate EGTV?


Me too

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40 Atr Forum
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