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61 People Randomly Accusing You Of Being An OD'er

Oh my goodness, I totally agree with you on this one. One time I was just playing a random city game that I found and while I was working a job and this random guy comes up to me and says that I'm am Od'er trash and that I should leave the game. I told him that I wasn't being an Od'er and asked him why he thought I was Od'ing. He said that it was because I had the roblox in 2.0 body type. I'm like,

True enough. One day, you wear the Robloxian 2.0 package. And then the next second, someone types in the chat," IT'S AN OD'ER! "

Lol I agree with you bro

Number one please! I wear unicorns and llamas on my shirt and lipstick and this guy calls me an oder. Then my friend told me he is an oder. He is lying in this group you are on when he called you an oder. I exposed him and he is out of the group.
The name of the guy is GOLDENYOJOAWARD.

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62 Gross sex places

Sometimes it is hilarious, but my sister found out what sex was after this and I worry about little kids coming across this.

Most users on Roblox don't know what kid friendly means, Roblox isn't responsible too much for removing all of sex things on Roblox.

I've seen one of these places on the FRONT PAGE. NUMBER ONE. Roblox put this ON THE FRONT PAGE and didn't notice this.

Me and my siblings found heaps of them in 2013-2014. One game was called "S.3.X." - Lunala

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63 People Just Insulting You for No Reason

So true. You know how people used to be so nice at the early ages, most mean peoples that are mean right now are offended by other mean peoples it's like zombie infection

People are always calling hacks, insulting you for no reason, and it gets pretty annoying.

Noob kills me when I'm weakened by someone else, calls me trash kid and acts edgy.

Some retard called me an idiot for hitting their car in rosebridge.

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64 EthanGamerTV Fans

Never really cared for the guy. - Tacocheese

I hate EGTV. He should stop copying Dan and get a life. He needs to be 13 before he can be on YouTube.

For your information, he doesn't own his YouTube account, his parents do. And second of all, he's not copying Dan, but Dan DID inspire him. - thunderstar1124

Why do you hate EGTV?

Me too

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65 Atr Forum

It's just like the OT forum, only difference that this has less edgy kids - wrests

66 Ignorance
67 Safe Chat
68 Guests Were Removed
69 Event Prizes
70 Girl newbies are forced to wear an ugly pink hairstyle

I don't think it looks SO bad.. The chestnut bun is way worse.

Not anymore; the Guest's appearances were changed on 12 July.

Well it changed to the ugliest thing on earth

I liked it. The new noob outfit it worse - Lunala

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71 Too Many Games Are Closed to Visitors

It's funnier if all places are open and roblox not Close any places to visitors

Yes. Too many games. Espicially many"Destroy the" or many tycoons are like they. This should be ranked higher

Should be ranked higher."Don't let these newbs go to mad murderer! "

72 You Can't Change Your User Name If You Don't Have Any Robux

"Sorry, you can't change your name unless you have 12$ in your pocket." I swear to god, Roblox...

I am an obc and I'm like oh I really want to change my name of roblox user to my YouTube name. Figures out how to change name but it cost 1000 robux!

1000 robux is 10 dollars! Really 10 dollars to change your name in a virtual game that the only greedy part of roblox.

They're greedy for money.

Waste of money. Even 0.0000001% can be a big worth to your life. I can be a millionaire and I will pay 0$ for robux. - njalabi63989

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73 The Chat Filter

At this point pretty much anything even remotely offensive is filtered out to block out the entire chat or hashtags part of it.

It keeps hashtagging EVERYTHING including things that are not offensive.

There are so many Filtered words and most of them aren't even profanity. Dumb comes out as ####

I agree with this. :/
I was trying to give this person a music ID and it was all hashtags.
All numbers are hashtags.

74 The Moderation System
75 People Who Discriminate Against Others for How Much Robux They Have
76 The Forums

The forums of Roblox is the best place to go if you're interested in getting involved in dense flamewars and banning.

I live in the land of off topic
I have encountered very strange people (like myself) who only 3% make 10 consecutive decent posts. I have been to other forums and they are strange too and they believe that the forums are like countries (idiotic) and that I'm some idiot. They would go on to say either "get out" (gladly) or "go troll in ot" (that's where I came from) I have been inactive a while but that's the story.


The OT and RT forums are the worst ones.
in my opinion, The PC Forum is the best forum, because some of the community is actually nice and isn't full of immature children. - wrests

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77 Spammed Games

There are so many games like "Who killed____? " And "Fall down the hole" and so many copies of the town of robloxia.

Yeah I think it just silly as they haven't died yet.


Those games are not created by roblox.did you even play it?

78 Roblox staff is lazy

I agree they keep on making me lose a account and then give it back

I am sure they are lazy they are always lazy

They're too lazy to fix a simple problem, too lazy to load the website for us, too lazy to read over the reported users that are supposted to be banned for voilating the rules

79 DenisDaily's cat army

I always see some other player wearing his shirt

I HATE THESE KIDS. I mean seriously EVERY single game has at least one denis statue somewhere or in the thumbnail. and all of the fake denis accounts are terrible

Come on help me push this up to the list!
Seriously, this needs to stop. I hate cats to be honest, which means we're never going to be friends. Dogs are better! Dogs are playful, they're cute and they're a man's best friend. Cats, rather, are lazy, and all they do is eat and sit on your thighs. Just like Denis. He might seem like a nice guy, but didn't you realize he does clickbait? And by the way his videos are so boring. His voice is TOTAL cancer, and he does a waste of money for ink (you know printer ink is usually kind of expensive! ) just for cat images EVERYDAY. What a waste of time to be truthful. Like when his parents raised him. - IcyUsefulEyeball

At least get this to the top ten, I can't stand this guy and his butthurt fanbase.
Because of his fans, they got a user banned because of false accusations. - wrests

80 RKers (Random Killers for short)

They usually ruin most anime games for new players! Usually at Shinobi Life OA - NamiKazePants08

Cupcake/Demon/15/Hot/Parents Died/Girl/Single/Magic/Can kill in one hit: *STABS*
Glitter/16/Single/Girl/Vampire/Demon/Fallen Angel: *DODGES*
pretty girl (singel angle cute powerful parents died hot needs a boyfriend): *kills*

Darkened Dawn in a nutshell. - Lunala

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