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81 BC'ers

A lot of because people are greedy Basic because people are not that greedy it's the OBC that are greedy but not all are greedy! For example this one obc for a gamepass it cost's 200 robux and 10000 tix I mean what the heck...

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82 Getting banned

You might change it into *Getting Banned For No Reason.

I hate Roblox ban people but sometimes I been happy when roblox ban people such as account hackers

I once got banned from using the admin thing nuke

EXACTLY. - MinecraftHater

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83 Ripoff Games

I know. You pay for a game, and it turns out to be dumb.

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84 You Cannot Delete Your Account or Your Games

This really pisses me off. What if you don't want your account anymore? Do you just leave it as a waste of space? What if I don't want a certain place anymore? Can't I get rid of it?

What if you wanted to quit Roblox or delete a game? Why doesn't Roblox have a option to delete your account or your games? That is damn stupid.

I agree with the games. But your account will probably get deleted if you don't play it for a long time(a year maybe? ).

Just get banned, roblox will delete it!

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85 You Need BC To Have More Games Than One

For the last time, it's not "because". It's Builder's Club.

That is not true. First off, without any pay you can make an unlimited amount of games, though have only one ACTIVE/Playable. And secondly, if your because/TBC/OBC expires, that increases to 5 places instead of 1.

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86 Ragers
87 Trolls

They make you smash your computer literacy no reason they just aren't good

Yeah.. people call you an OD'er for no reason just because of wearing clothes or a certain package. Such immature children.

I'm one of them but I rather tick off actual OD'ers rather than the others.

I'm one of them

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88 People Getting Weapons In Tycoon Games

I'm just minding my own business, earning money, playing the game, UNTIL THIS RANDOM GUY COMES ALONG AND KILLS ME WITH A SWORD!


89 Expensive limiteds that take years to earn.
90 The only upgrades in the game are new hats V 2 Comments
91 Girl newbies are forced wearing ugly packages such as Robloxian girl 3.0

What there is not robloxian girl 3.0

You can always remove the packages. - wrests

They can just go with 1.0

I know what chu talking about. it has a booty at least :/

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92 Stupid Annoying Guests That Can't Talk

Wow, really? You hate on newer players? And also because they're muted? Bro, do you want curses all over, made by Guests? And there's no way to stop it?

Why are you hating on guests? That's just like hating on mute people.

You're hating on guests? You know you can report them for somehow annoying you using the report system located in the options menu. But just know, it won't do anything.

Anyone that hates guests are BULLLIES! - GamingGoku757

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93 Errors, Glitches, Bugs

I AGREE! I played Roblox for only a month and I know nearly 100 types of error. Roblox needs to fix their errors

I hate when games shut down on me when I've made a certain amount of progress. It could be my internet or Roblox itself.

I agree too my game had an error and closed roblox and it took a few hours to get back on roblox

1 chat crash
crash when talking
2 game crashes
Unable to get in game cause it always crashes
3 black screen crash
Sends you to black screen, hard to go home
4 log in crash
crash that logs you out
5 volume crash
crashes when turning up volume (kindle only! )
6 software crash
goes from lag to blue screen of death. (most powerful)

List of glitches
1 grey player glitch
turns player completely
2 Turning glitch
spinning things fall off
3 Image disappearance
Makes your image disappear
4 action glitch
Equipping alien parasite 7 times or epic sauce+rocrunch results in a cool glitch
5 White screen glitch
makes a random white screen in Nintendo minigames
6 Well, letters can disappear
7 self destruct enemies
enemies that fall apart for no reason

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94 Bad Collision Detection

If you drive a car really fast and hit a wall, the front bumper FUSES with the wall, and now your stuck because the car is inside the wall.

Roblox physics.

I think that should be banned.

In ultimate driving I was driving my car, and then my golf gti was fuses into a truck and I couldn't move

When you jump off a corner, you jump a centimeter. I Call these "corner jumps" - MinecraftHater

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95 Changing Username Costs 1000 Robux

Kind of agree. Price should be lowered, as most veterans got stuck with their names they made up as a child.

Really agree. Why need to wasted 1000 Robux for changed username? - RexJS

This is the most retarded thing and shows that roblox wants $$$

Ikr. I Wanted to change my name and then I noticed I must pay 1000 robux to change my name. ROBLOX, WAKE UP GODDAMNIT - MinecraftHater

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96 Bullying

Sometimes that deserves a higher rank... - NamiKazePants08

97 Snobby Rich Players
98 Catalog Heaven Copycats
99 It lags all the time

It blew up my computer (not really) when I first downloaded it two years ago my computer was running slow as ever...

Oh please, people have lagging problems because they have a bad internet. For anyone who is whining about lag, go get a better internet instead of wasting your allowances on little candy bars.

That's why I don't play it anymore - Jordansalesguy2392

And I use google chrome

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100 Obbies

All obbies are boring, they are basically the same, you avoid obstacles and try to win. The which path one is the worst. Obbies are so old.

There are way too many obbies. Plus, They are all the same thing.

While roblox did come before Minecraft, bodies are a ripoff of Minecraft parkour

PlatinumFalls is the king of bad obbies - MinecraftHater

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