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101 The Multiple Clones of Gmod Murder

I don't like murderer games as they are boring.

I agree, they suck. Plus, a lot of bacon hairs play murder games

I like the murder games. At least, the murder mystery and murder by clonetrooper.
But then it got ridiculous
The Mad Murder is the worst one there. And it's one of the most popular. What?
Also Twisted Murder. And that came out like a year before the first two.

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102 It Rips off LEGO

You sir, are an idiot.

I can say that roblox is a lego ripoff because lego was made Before roblox

Not really, as for Lego ripped off someone else.

Roblox was probably inspired by LEGO, but didn't copy it. - wrests

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103 Everybody is an Admin In 2015

What are you talking about?

That doesn't make sense

This makes no sense whatsoever.

I'm going to go now.

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104 You Can Get Banned from Anything

I got reported for swearing at this annoying girl SHE WAS THE ONE THAT SHOULD HAVE GOT REPORTED!

You can, but it's unlikely.

Poor CloroxBleach_TASTY. He was just making a little joke with his username.


*Niger takes you to his nation*


MUA HA HA HA HA! " ~ Brunei Bristol

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105 BC Games

Some because gane like trading game are features only for because! Other because games are crap and useless...

No one does that anymore actually

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106 Too Many Noobs That Can't Buy a Normal T-Shirt or Pants!

Says the person speaking like a homeless.

Lol worst opinion ever, why you need to care them?. - RexJS

Some are just joking there are noobs - zacharysuperdude

And how is that any of your concern?

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107 Someone unfriends you for no reason

Well, that is very normal, and is a thing I do. I don't want to have a full friends list made out of people who I don't even know. My friends list is only made out of people who I met in-game, and not out of random 3.0 people with bad grammar.

I think that's not fair as if you want to be there friend be there friend if you don't or you know you don't then don't friend them as that hurts there feelings.

Well, sometimes we have too many friends to scroll through on our list of friends so we might unfriend the people that we don't personally know in real life, or we simply don't hang out with that person often enough in game and we unfriendly them.

This is normal, actually. - wrests

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108 People Being Overly Critical About Free Models

Maybe some people are less creative and don't have the time to make their own models. Maybe they don't know how. Seriously guys, it isn't a big deal.

They are right. Stop copying other people's work and then claiming it's your own. They put time and effort into it and you don't even give credits for their effort. Instead, you take credit for them and try to make a game out of them. Build yourself, don't steal from other people.

You forget a lot of players are kids, not professional developers. Maybe they don't know how to build and script models on their own. And using models doesn't mean they're stealing, unless they legitimately say that it's theirs, which they typically don't.

They just use it in a lame game of theirs, but typically don't take credit for the models.

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109 People calling you 'Fake'

I see a green hat. I put it on my character and I am a fake. So what? We like dressing up.

I played High school Life once. I was called a "fake".

Err, last time I checked, this is a roleplaying game. You create a character in this game. So doing what the game tells me to do makes me fake? Wow.

Mmhmm, I was just playing RHS with my friends (Again ) and then someone called me 'fake' just for wearing a unicorn outfit, that only consisted of a unicorn shirt and pants, lmao.. and I saw their profile and they were completely fake using codes to look like an OD'er just to flatter herself and to make herself seem on top...~.

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110 Random person forces you to go in a group

Don't listen to these people that forces you to go in the group that you want, why? There just Noobs and all they do is message to make you got forced to a group. - bugger

Yeah I am pissed of having 7 messages of the orion offensive

These group invite messages drive me crazy.

No, I don't want to join your war clan.
No, I don't want to join your bad clothing group. - wrests

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111 People Say You Suck at a Game V 4 Comments
112 Bad Controls

I have so many control problems on my ipad and my computer

Same it took me a month to master an still have problems

113 Very Bad Games

I once played the game that gives you a free badge it was terrible

They are long forgotten from players

114 Builders Club

Not really but some of because user are arrogant and they always said bad thing about cheap tickets item. - RexJS

No, because is made so ROBLOX would be able to keep the site going. When you grow up you'll understand...

They probably didn't notice that some ticket items are now Limited.

I can assure you, we pay for these perks.
you didn't.

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115 Death Places

I got the swag u don't llol

116 Place Copiers V 1 Comment
117 Free Models

*shifts attention towards JulisCole* - wrests


3.0's are ugly - thunderstar1124

118 Games That Copy Gmod

So boo this worst thing

I love these games

The following are gmod scams
1 Mystery (all)
2 Terrorist trouble
3 Death run
4 Blox hunt
5 Stop it slender
that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

119 Retextured Hats

One day, ROBLOX updates one of my favorite hats with more realistic textures. Great! I look in my Avatar page to put it on! What do I see? The retexture is only for new buyers. The people that bought your hat from the beggining and stuck to it just have the old, horribly textured version. It has not been updated in the player's inventory.

120 V3rmillion hackers

Not all people on v3rmillion hack roblox they also make logo's and hack other games like Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, etc,

Heard of a hacking forum called v3rmillion? They are hackers, They even phish people's accounts, using fake robux websites if you see a scam saying free robux link DO NOT TRUST IT.

Zacharysuperdude, it's your fault you lost your password. You're just being plain salty about it. Stop whining about it.

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