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101 Random person forces you to go in a group

Don't listen to these people that forces you to go in the group that you want, why? There just Noobs and all they do is message to make you got forced to a group. - bugger

Yeah I am pissed of having 7 messages of the orion offensive

These group invite messages drive me crazy.

No, I don't want to join your war clan.
No, I don't want to join your bad clothing group. - wrests

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102 Bad Controls

I have so many control problems on my ipad and my computer

Same it took me a month to master an still have problems

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104 Retextured Hats

One day, ROBLOX updates one of my favorite hats with more realistic textures. Great! I look in my Avatar page to put it on! What do I see? The retexture is only for new buyers. The people that bought your hat from the beggining and stuck to it just have the old, horribly textured version. It has not been updated in the player's inventory.

105 V3rmillion hackers

Not all people on v3rmillion hack roblox they also make logo's and hack other games like Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, etc,

Heard of a hacking forum called v3rmillion? They are hackers, They even phish people's accounts, using fake robux websites if you see a scam saying free robux link DO NOT TRUST IT.

Zacharysuperdude, it's your fault you lost your password. You're just being plain salty about it. Stop whining about it.

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106 JuliusCole Followers

He claimed models as his own even if they were 1dev2's and he made death threats to ROBLOX.

If you don't know who they are let me explain. JuliusCole was banned (I don't know why) so then people started to maked accounts and they had JuliusCole. I think Julius was banned for hacking? - spodermanfan1000

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107 Bereghost Fans

He IS a good YouTuber but his fans are always crowding him spamming him annoying him and wear his shirt. - spodermanfan1000

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108 Anti-Scammers

The kid below me is probably too young to have an opinion of their own or at least expressing it properly.

Boo any type of scammers are super duper duper evil

109 Keep doing Attempt failed ID=17
110 Losing Connection
111 Error starting game
112 Little To No Mobile Support

This problem has gotten a little better but seriously, a lot of adopt and raise a baby/town of robloxia games have the morph magic and sometimes even the role play name boxes off screen on iPhone, and some other games offer no warning that they will crash roblox on my iPhone 5S, and some games look so cool but I can't play them because no one bothered to make a mobile version. Not a huge problem, used to be in the top 10, top 15 easily, but it's still at least in the top 25. - Yaboistingy

113 People Who Spam In The Chat

Example: I once saw this roleplayer (who was a baby) who spammed WAAA! and 40 times in the Boys And Girls Dance Club chat, I had to report him, I don't care if your a baby in game, DON'T SPAM! - Yaboistingy

114 Driving on Xbox

Driving on Xbox is so broken now on some games because I need to hold down the right trigger and the Left stick forward just to drive. - QuickMan

I don't play the game on Xbox 1 because I don't have one - NamiKazePants08

115 Friend and Follow Hackers
116 Badges

My friend on roblox always shows off badges and says "I HAVE MORE BADGES THAN YOU" - TeamRocket747

117 Shedletsky Trades
118 Snobby Rich Players
119 Catalog Heaven Copycats
120 Sex Parties on MeepCity

Lol, I remember when these parties would be called "have six"
It was so pathetic. - wrests

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