Top 10 Worst Things About Rock and Metal Haters

I'm REALLY getting sick of these kinds of people they literally drive me inasne with all the false, Ignorant, Hypocritical statements they make about rock and metal music so i have bad enough this list needed to be made so here are the worst things about Rock and Metal Haters

The Top Ten

1 They judge the whole genre of rock and metal just by a few songs and bands

Just because one artist makes a song you Don't like DOESN'T mean the whole genre is like that for example Death Metal isn't just songs that are about Killing People your only assuming that from Cannibal Corpse - christangrant

A lot of people think that all rock and metal are screaming songs which isn’t true. It’s a big difference between all the rock and metal genres and bands.

2 They always blame rock and metal for things they didn't do

Example In 1990 Judas Priest was accused of putting subliminal "Do Its" in the song Better By You, Better Than Me (Which is a Spooky Tooth Cover and they didn't put subliminal messages in the song) and their music was accused of causing the suicides of two people this case was eventually dismissed (Thank God) but this just proves that the haters blame rock and metal music for things they never did - christangrant

3 They think rock and metal is satanic

This is a statement is so overused and not true at all and yet rock and metal haters keep using it when they have no valid evidence or Reasoning as to why and plus theirs Christian Rock and metal bands So if Rock and Metal is Satanic then why are their Christian Bands? and Rock and Metal haters can't Answer that without Bias - christangrant

4 They are hypocrites

Oh yes they are they claim that rock and metal are about drugs love sex Etc and yet the love Pop and Rap Music where that lyrical theme is used more often in those two genres than Rock and Metal so they are indeed Hypocrites - christangrant

5 They can't respect opinions

If you say you like rock or metal music they will say you are a devil worshipper or you shouldn't be listening to that well at least it's better than hearing loads of songs about Love Sex Drugs Money Etc - christangrant

6 They never have valid claims to backup their claims

This is so true they can't backup anything without Bias - christangrant

7 They say rock and metal are talentless

Oh really well Rock and Metal is more talented than your Precious Pop and Rap music say what you want but its true - christangrant

8 They think rock and metal are "fake music"

OH PLEASSE! Rock and metal is music in its purest form! Fake music is using you little tablet to make some little sounds to put behind someone singing about how bad they are! Aka pop music! -Avery

False both rock and metal are indeed music and theirs no such thing as "Fake Music" - christangrant

9 They are immature

Some rock and metal fans can be immature But the haters are even more immature because they claim things like all rock and metal ar Satanic and the devils music which is clearly false - christangrant

10 They think rock and metal fans are the reason rock and metal sucks

False just because you don't like Fans of the genre DOESN'T mean the music is bad by that logic I would say Pop music is awful because of the fans (I don't hate Pop music but I hate some of the fans of it) - christangrant

The Contenders

11 They haven't heard enough rock and metal
12 They think rock and metal are for people living in the 1980s or before
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