Top Ten Worst Things About Sam Raimi's Spider-man Trilogy

This is a list of the bad things in the Spider-Man trilogy.

The Top Ten

1 Spider-Man 3

This list is stupid

2 Sandman Killed Uncle Ben

Affects Spider-Man's origin doesn't it?

3 Supervillains Killed Off At the End of Every Film

Come on man they at least should at least be in comma of some sorts

How was Green Goblin supposed to kill Gwen Stacey if he is dead? - pilgrimated

Ummm what about sandman?

4 New Goblin Instead of Green Goblin II
5 The Black Suit in Spider-Man 3

Same costume except black. - pilgrimated

6 Web Shooters From Spidey's Wrists

Web shooter were from the the amazing spiderman movies not the raimi movies idiot

7 Costume Design

Okay, so not everything they made was crap, but the Green Goblin outfit, New Goblin, Venom, Black Suit and Sandman? - pilgrimated

8 Not Enough Time Spent In High School
9 Emotional Peter Parker

Andrew Garfield didn't cry all the time my ass, What about in the scenes where he was arguing with uncle Ben and aunt may, the scene where Gwen's father died, the scene where Gwen died? Explain those

Andrew garfield is better because he doesn't cry every 5 seconds - zanertv

They make fun of Toby McGuire perfectly in Spider Man 3-How it should have ended

This is a good thing. It shouldn't be on this list. - keyson

10 Emo Peter Parker

Should be number 1! Lol

Just... no. It was so painful.

The Contenders

11 Tobey Maguire Tobey Maguire Tobias Vincent "Tobey" Maguire is an American actor and film producer who gained recognition for his film roles in Pleasantville, The Cider House Rules, Wonder Boys, Spider-Man, Seabiscuit, Spider-Man 2, The Good German, Spider-Man 3, Brothers, and The Great Gatsby. He was nominated for the Screen Actors more.
12 Flash Thompson/Bullies
13 The Dance scene from Spider-Man 3

It was horrible and the dumbest thing ever in this trilogy!

14 Venom was played by Eric Foreman

No he wasn't it was Topher Grace

No he wasn't, it was Topher Grace

15 Same General Story

Spider Man struggling with powers, villain created by accident, villain goes insane, villain threatens Spidey's girlfriend, villain finds out who Spidey is, villain kills himself

16 Spider Man always has to save Mary Jane over and over
17 Venom was played by Topher Grace
18 Venom Isn't Showed Enough

We need to know something about venom

19 Mary Jane

She's feels like a damsel in distress, it's annoying.

20 Peter becomes a dick in Spider-Man 3

Peter was a dick the whole time in both amazing spider-man movies

21 Andrew Garfield is lame
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