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1 Taking Forever to Get Home

My primary school bus sucked on my bus there was a after school program. Which they had to get out on most there were little kids but there so annoying sometimes the counsellors don't come out. Another bus top we have is on a busy road and we had to wait for this kid every time for her mom to pick her up. Once we had to wait at least 30 minutes for her.

The 8th grade boys on my bus swear a lot, and one of them actually swore to the driver. Then the driver will yell for them to come to the front of the bus. But they don't. So he parks the bus and waits for them to come sit up front, and they are so stubborn! They refuse, and I'm 10 minutes late coming home.

My bus driver takes the most roundabout route possible to get home. Once, we were only a few blocks from my house and he drove right by it on a 10+ minute detour to drop off some girl. It's so bad that I usually try to get picked up even though I often get home later than if I took the bus; it's just unbelievably tedious!

The sad thing about my bus is I'm THE LAST STOP! It takes 45 minutes to go to school on a BUS because mines is the first stop and 50 Minutes to get home... You will last seen me puking :( -Jeff Mba

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2 Bullies

There was this jerk who looks 14 years old even though he was in 4th grade when I was in 1st grade which was when he started to bully me. It went on until 5th grade which I guess he started driving. He made my life a literal hell. I hated the bus because of him. The guy let everyone sit in the back, even little kids and he wouldn't let me sit in the back. He let all my friends sit in the back and called me horrible names and convinced my friends to bully me. I hate him so much! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I'm 14 years old so I can scare him off for you though I'm quite short - AlphaQ

If I ever got seated with some bully, I would've ended up throwing that person out the window within 3 minutes

Bullies are the worst. I said it

These 3 people are mean. One hit me, one called me names and one called me the n word!

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3 No Electronics

The bus driver will suspend you from the bus if he sees you with your phone honestly I go on my phone anyway. I'd rather be kicked out of the bus for a stupid reason then not texting my parents for an urgent reason. - KittenCat

Really your not aloud to have fun on your electronics after.7 hours of schoo

I feel bad for people with this rule. On my bus we can use our electronics but we have to turn off the volume or use earphones.

No, this is not true in usa - EliHbk

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4 The Bus Driver Will Not Let You Put Down Your Window

We don't have a bus at my regular school but when I go to summer school (no, I'm not an idiot), we have to take the bus and it's hot on that bus. There are 2 tiny fans and they're BOTH pointed at the driver, talk about selfish. We can put down our windows but it's still hot. Especially since I live in Chicago the weather gets fierce.

I agree. At least three of the seats on my bus have one or more (notice I said "or more", which is actually the case) nasty stains that someone sits on. My crush sits almost right across from me, and her seat has five nasty spots from a brownie that is at least five years old.

My bus driver yells at us to keep the windows up, but sometimes she lets us put them down as long as we put them back up. Like if you aren't allowed to put the windows down, why do the busses have them?

Heard a story about a kid that collapsed in the bus due to the heat, and the bus driver refused to let the kids open the windows because they would "set off the alarm." - naFrovivuS

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5 Gang In the Back of Bus

There is this black group in the back. I have nothing against black people. They are just as good as white people and it's not fair that they had to discriminated. But it turns out that the black people I see...well...they are wild. And the group talks about sex and stuff like that. Girls are in the group too. They throw stuff at people out the window. I ALSO RECKON THAT I GOT HIT IN THE HEAD AT LEAST 20 TIMES A YEAR BECAUSE THAT GROUP THROWS STUFF.

I don't know why this isn't higher; my bus has all the bad kids on it, and they like smoke on the bus, they pass weed around and the bus driver pretends not to notice. One time, we went to sit in a seat that they typically sit in, and they literally headbutted my friend until she fell over. And they play rap music loud enough to drown out every conversation on the bus and talk over it.

This is true in my bus. Our city has a stipulation for being innocent and spoiled, but the back of the bus is the opposite of the "innocent" part. - Turkeyasylum

That's me, I have lke a 3-5 man gang - EliHbk

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6 Mean Bus Drivers

Most of the bus drivers I get are sexist. Most of the friends I have on the bus are boys, but girls have to sit on the right and boys on the left. He even does that with siblings! The girls like me have better seats, too, so the boys feel angry that they don't get respect. Whenever the bus driver let's us off, if she's a woman then she says, "GIRLS! GET YOUR BUTTS OFF OF MY BUS AND BE SNAPPY! BOYS, YOU STAY 'CAUSE THE GIRLS GET MY RESPECT, BEING YOUNG LADIES! " As this girl who goes unnamed walks by, she says, "... AND YOU SHUT UP YOUNG LADY! I'VE HAD ENOUGH WITH THIS FILTHY SCREAMING OF YOURS! I'M NOT LETTING NOBODY SCREAM IN HERE! " even when SHE'S screaming too. When someone tells her that she was screaming too, she says that she won't take a nasty, liar's attitude. Also: One time there was a kind bus driver. The bus monitor lady watched the bus driver like a hawk witch. When he accidentally missed a turn, she started saying really loudly, "SEE?! WE MISSED A TURN 'CAUSE ALL YOUSE ...more

Same thing! Whenever we go on field trips the girls have to sit on the right, while the boys sit on the left! I mean, I don't like sitting with girls. They always want my stuff. The boys are hilarious. I want to tell my bus driver that I'm a tomboy, so too bad! - HyenaLover

All of the bus drivers I've got since 2nd grade were mean. The one I have this year I probably the meanest I can ever have. First of all, she tells us where to sit. The first few days of school she was nice and let us sit where we wanted. She must have memorized which people were friends and separated the. Me and my friends used to all sit in the last seats, but now some of us sit in the front, some in the middle and I sit in the back. Second of all, she won't let us talk no matter what. My bus got in a crash yesterday and I needed to borrow someone's phone to call my mom and let her know I was ok but the bus driver didn't let me because there was no talking allowed. Third of all, she threatens to report everyone to the school if they do any minor thing like whispering. Forth of all, she comes at different rimes everyday, seriously. One day, my bus came at 7:45 to pick us up and the next day she came at 8:15. The day after that, she came at 7:30 so you never know when the bus is ...more

My bus driver is sexist to the point where she has gone in front of the school board for it, but got rewarded! Most of the guys on my bus stopped taking the bus because of it. She will yell at me (a 4.0 grade average junior taking college level classes that hasn't been in trouble in 3 years) because I'm "being unruly". She also yells at guys for being in the middle of the bus so she can't see, meanwhile the back windows of the bus are fogged over. When I was trying to be nice to her and wipe the fog off the back window of the bus so that she could see better (I was in the back most seat) she tried to make me (again, a 4.0 grade average junior taking college level classes) go up in front of the school board for somehow "trying to make her wreck the bus" and almost got me suspended! The school will not do anything about her because they won't punish a woman! I'm looking foward to getting my car so I don't have to deal with her anymore.

I had a mean bus driver on my morning bus in grade 4 and 10, my grade 4 bus driver always yelled at me and my friend, the grade 10 one would get mad if high school kids sit in the front and make us sit in the back and get mad if you sit in front or sit by elementry kids, one parent was upset about high school kid sitting in front and then she god mad at us

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7 People Eating On the Bus

Two 7 year olds in my school bus wont stop EATING!

In my bus you're allowed to use phones and computers and play music but you are not allowed to eat/drink unless its water - Lunala

What would happen if the bus made a sharp turn? The food would fly everywhere!

Once my friend's sister got to eat on the bus because she was running late. - Spirtfall

8 Missing the Bus

Uh-huh. yesterday I got a new bus driver and he skipped my stop and we had to go to the very last bus stop in our neighborhood.

My bus is supposed to come at 6:51, and I go out 15 minutes before it comes. But it sometimes comes 10 minutes EARLY, and every single day I have to run like heck just in case it happens.

Almost missed it 2 times last week... In the morning they couldn't enter my street, and in the afternoon I got to the bus RIGHT when she shut the doors, then opened them - kaitlynrad11

Always late

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9 Germs

I know how you feel because once when I was on the bus I was sitting in the best seat and this little kid named Daniel was sitting next to me and next thing you know he wiped his boogers on the seat and ate them so when I had the chance I moved to the next best seat and try to avoid Daniel and my new seat has a swear on it which is honestly funny as heck. - QuickMan

YES little nasties be wiping their boogies all over the seat and putting their muddy shoes everywhere! And people taking off their shoes AND SOCKs! ew

YES little nasties be wiping their boogies all over the seat and putting their muddy shoes everywhere! And people taking off their shoes AND SOCKs! w

Talk! In my old lost property, there were used ladies pants, and I'm not even joking. It was so gross, I was looking for a jumper, and I found used gronts instead!

P.S. I hate gum chewers who stick their used stuff under the seat. Chewing gum in our place is instant detention, and yet every table in the English and Science blocks are held together with the stuff! And you can't even eat in Science!

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10 Stupid Little Kids Screaming On the Bus Like Banshees

Why won't they shut up. It is pure torture.

The big kids were hollering in my stinking ear I wish I could swear but I can't. My cousin got a headache. I asked to never go on that bus again and still no.

Story of my life. I always just read a book on the bus or I stare at the fields, and some little kids literally scream in my ears! - DogsUnleashed

They wont just shut their trap.

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11 Traffic

That's RIGHT TRAFFIC SUCKS! First of all every time, every time I GO ON MY BUS, traffic happens.

I HATE TRAFFIC! Except in the car because its not that noisy.

I'm like move batch get out the way

12 Being the Kid No One Wants to Sit With

More like being the kid no one wants to sit with AND gets made fun of and ignored when you try to talk.

Well that's the opposite of what's happening to me. I'm the popular guy in the school but unlike some, I'm actually really nice and friendly and don't mind helping you - AlphaQ

I'm not exactly the kid no one likes to sit with but everyone on my bus in my grade has their own friends they sit with so I'm stuck all alone. It really sucks. - Spiritfall

I always sit alone and I want to.

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13 Smells Like Sweaty Gym Socks

Most bus drivers are overweight and single.

Ugh so many farting boys. Including my bus driver ugh.!

14 When your bus driver starts a long conversation with a kid's parents
15 No Seatbelts

School buses should have seat belts, I know it would cost money but imagine what would happen in the event of a rollover.

My bus driver doesn't even ware his seat belt endless we are on base. We need seat belts. My old one once crashed no one was hurt though.

In cars kids must always wear seatbelts, but when you stick 50 of them on a bus they don't need them. - Spiritfall

I want to die, no - EliHbk

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16 No Friends on the Bus

Nobody to talk to

I flucking hate my bus driver he is a smelly lazy bum. And I have nobody to talk to, just so you know m, his name is tom he works mid island taxi

17 Bus Evacuation Drills

The only good thing is you jump off the edge.

We need to learn about these thingies which break the window. All everyone wants to do is talk about Shoe Game. My class is gonna get hit by the bus and become human pancakes. - Lunala

Teacher " you have to slide off the bus not jump out of it, please go back on the bus"
Me. " if this was a real emergency wouldn't the priority be getting away from the bus? " - Frouze

18 Assign Seats With Random Kids/bullies

Every time I ride the bus I always make sure I brought headphones and my phone. So I can drown the horrible music, little kids, and stupid people out by lite ing to Slayer, Slipknot, Trivium, Korn, System of a Down, Whitechapel, Lamb of God, and Children of Bodom.

My bus driver memorizes who each persons friend is and separates them completely when they try to sit together quietly. I always have to sit in the last seat and my friend sits in the first seat. I hate the bus.

I'm 15 and my bus driver makes me sit with a 10 year old kid. He does this because I have trouble talking to the kids my age, mainly because their girls and I'm a guy, plus they're weird. And the 10 year old is a lil thuglet

Screw bullies even if they eat pizza too! - AlphaQ

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19 Bus drivers making you late purposely

Today, when I got off the bus, it was already form time!

Just the other day my bus driver came at 8:26 am and the bus is suppose to come at 7:47 she's always late and makes us late and my afternoon bus driver is suppose to be at the school at 3:10 he doesn't arrive until 3:30 and after

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20 Kids In Higher Grades Won't Let You Sit Where You Want

I was in the back one time and some 1st grader yelled "I WANT THIS SEAT! MOVE! " I told him to shut up and he punch me so I did my natural instincts and punched him straight in the nose. He started to cry and turns out I broke his nose. I got in big trouble and the kid got off scott free. Seriously. He even yelled so loud people in other cars could hear and they looked at the bus! Anyways I was the one who got in trouble, and I saw the kid smile when I got in trouble and I had to sit in the front for 2 whole years! That kid got to sit wherever he wanted! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Some ass wouldn't let me get in the back with my friends and he actually CARRIED me up to the front seat with the annoying little kids and the bus driver just thanked that kid! That older kid was rewarded! That's why I hate people

Once me and 2 other people in my grade had to kick some 4th graders out because they were sitting way back to the 11th seat. (my bus has everyone sit by grade level) I didn't want to kick them out, but the kids were sitting way too far back. - Spirtfall

Not to me, I bully higher up kids who are jerks - EliHbk

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