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21 Stopped by a Train

My bus driver took a short cut and we took longer than what it would have if we waited

You have to be quiet. Um hello trains are loud and you can still see. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Only when it's your bus, it's retarded.

22 Same Stupid Pop Music Every Single Day

What the hell is wrong with those people, why won't they stop it. It's pure torture!

It's their taste of music. Everyone doesn't have to listen to rock. Go away if you're one of those crazy fans - JaysTop10List

In my bus, it's either broken radio or at best, just ads about dentists and economy. Boring. - Lunala

A kid on my bus listens to music that no one likes like old Justin beiber Nicki minaj - Ihateschool

Always country music on my bus. But I don't really care

23 When Your Bus Stops Next to Another and You Can Tell the People On the Other Bus Are Talking About You
24 Idling school buses dangerous to health

School buses are extremely polluting, diesel exhaust has been banned in some countries due to health risks

I wish diesel was illegal in the United States - Ihateschool


25 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian. He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. ...read more.

This doesn't even belong in here.

26 Bus coming late

It is only 2 months after the school year started, and 4 times the bus came one hour late. Enrichment classes were wasted because of this. The bus company cannot hire drivers and are running short on them. Thank goodness I drive in when the bus is over 25 minutes late.

So true especially in the winter when it is like -30 and you have to wait for a long time at your bus stop and you want the bus to hurry up so you can warm up

My bus is late for school EVERY DAY in the winter because of snow, even if it was one flake it's late

True when the bus makes you late for class because it is late and you miss the instructions

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27 Sub Bus Drivers

Sometimes (rarely) these guys are good. Here's my story. So one day my bus came kind of late (on a very rainy day). When it came, I got on. There was a sub. I was like "Ooh, sub! " The sub just started turning and stuff everywhere, taking us to where we weren't supposed to, and going to various stops late. Most of us figured out we could get this guy away from the school, and it worked. We were laughing our butts off until the bus came to a big street thing. If he turned left, it would go toward the school. If he turned right, it would get us away from it. But he turned left, getting us closer to the school. We tried to get him to turn back, but he found out the way to the school thanks to this other guy's GPS (he wasn't a kid, he was a bus monitor guy or something). We almost got to miss school, but good things never last forever.

One time I had a sub and he made a little girl cry because he missed her stop and kicked her off and sad she had to walk home he went the completely wrong route and made fun of one kid, sub bus drivers are the devils son

Once a sub missed my stop. Me and my brother were screaming at him, and he yelled at us because he couldn't hear us. Over the racket on that bus. Thank god I only have to go on that bus after school (Grandmas) and when I turn twelve we get off

I hate sub bus drivers because they never know where to go and a little kid had to help them go somewhere but the little kid made him miss most of the kids but at least I did not have to listen to sugar high kids :P - QuickMan

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28 Bus Crashes

My bus crashed a few weeks right next to the board of education building for my city. When it crashed, all the kids on the bus freaked out and tried to get out but the bus driver and bus assistant won't let us out. We had to wait in the bus in the same spot until the person from the board of education (which was right next to us) said if we can continue or if we had to go to the hospital. I mean, why do we have emergency exits if we are not allowed to get out of them.

I was on a bus that once and my teacher told me the bus were using to get to our field trip crashed into a accident once.

29 Not finding a seat

Not being able to find a seat and having to sit with some random person. Sucks

30 When the Bus Is Really Late When It's Cold or Raining

True once it was blowing snow with freezing cold wind and my face was freezing couldn't even look to see where it comes because it was so cold

Whenever it was raining, or when it wasn't sunny or just cloudy, my bus was always late. I hated that - 906389

True on the 1st day about 2 weeks ago I had to wait for a late bus and it was raining hard

You forgot snowing... She only comes early on good days but really late or never come

31 The Loud Noise the Bus Makes
32 Carrying a Large Instrument On the Bus

Well, before we I talk about the main topic, here's my short story about the bus. In California it took two hours to come home. Everyday. And also there's stupid annoying kids ruin it. Vancouver, Washington. Well things get a little better. Not really. There's a bus that would take me home in 5 minutes but the stupid school doesn't let me. Instead they make me go on a bus that takes 20 minutes to go home. And now to the story. Every morning on the bus 95% of the time I have to sit by someone with a large instrument sitting on my lap. What a fun miserable start to my morning. After school only gets worse. My science teacher makes everyone put their backpacks in their locker. I have to grab my instrument. And the bus is the second in line all the way across the school. Oh and I have 5 minutes to get there. Recipie for dissaster?

It is the worst

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33 When someone lies

On my bus there is this kid. I was on my phone, and he starts saying to me,"TAKE A VIDEO OF ME! " And I'm like no. So, he then takes my phone right out of my hands, and starts taking videos. I say,"GIVE ME MY PHONE BACK! " He did. Once he got off, he told his mother that I TOOK THE VIDEOS. NOT HIM! The next day, it was a normal day until after lunch. I was walking to my class, and when I got in, the announcement thing says,"can I please have Ava to the office? " (Ava is my name by the way) I then walk down and the principle says,"So. We need to talk about something that happened on the bus yesterday." And then I was terrified. The principle says,"Paul said you were taking videos on the bus! " And I said,"no! Paul took my phone and started taking videos! I can show you them! " And I show him the videos and he was like,"No. You could have taken those.i am going to be giving you assigned seats for the rest of the year! " I had to sit in the front of the bus. I now HATE my principle, and ...more

34 When the People Behind You Kick Your Seat

Once they kicked my seat so much I got a bruised back. But they got in trouble. Ever since the problem has been nonexistent. - Lunala

And they won't stop, no matter how many times you ask - Haumea

I know I know right

35 Sitting Next to Random/Mean People
36 Seats are scratched
37 Sitting On Seat 1

My cousin made me switched and hurt me and I scream but the bus monitor moved me instead of her. I was like so mad she was the one who could've move!

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38 It Looks Like a Prison Bus

It looks more like a character from a baby cartoon. I don't know why.

39 Catching Every Red Light

True every morning my bus seems to get every red light worse when your late for school because of the late bus

SO ANNOYING. I hate red lights so much. - Lunala

40 Being Assigned On the Dirtiest Seat On the Bus

A while ago, someone told me I was sitting in the "buttcrack seat". They said some kid pulled his pants down and rubbed his butt all over the seat. I don't know if it was true.. But we have different buses anyways now, though. - Spirtfall

One time my seat had cuss words all over it, plus graffiti.

I had to sit on a seat where someone once couldn't hold his and literally lost it and took a ginormous crap in the seat I had to sit in. There's still stains on the seat cause my school is too cheap to throw away that seat cover - SirSkeletorThe3rd


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