Worst Things About School Lunches


The Top Ten

1 The health factor

It made my friend go home sick. Enough said. - Scr3aM

2 The taste

I like School Lunches. - PatrickStar3

At my old school the meals were a nightmare come true. Screw dry chicken, sloppy coleslaw, green bean mush and stale cake - packed lunches for the win! - Entranced98

It also made my friend throw up, that should tell you something - Scr3aM

3 The smell

Every day it smells worse than the boys bathroom in my lunch room - Scr3aM

4 It makes you feel sick

See my first comment on this list and you'll know what I mean - Scr3aM

5 It looks gross

Pure Crap enough said

My old school had this meat with orange and green streaks on it. Some kids actually though it was Ok to eat it. - CartoonCriticizer

My school had this gross rice pudding that was so unnaturally bright white it looked like something you'd find in Chernobyl. - Entranced98

The gravy looks like puke - Scr3aM

6 They expect you to buy it

It's so annoying. The lunch lady's expect you to buy every day, and eat every bit of it. - Scr3aM

7 The line is always too long

By the time the line is done, we only have two minutes, TWO MINUTES! - Scr3aM

8 It's cold for some reason

This is why I pack - Scr3aM

9 They expect you to like it

They expect us to like the crap they serve us! - Scr3aM

10 They advertise it as healthy food when it isn't

Breakfast has over 20+ grams of sugar per serving, it does not count as being healthy.

Who knows what mystery meat and carcinogens are in it? - Entranced98

Even faker then mcdonalds

The Contenders

11 The mystery meat
12 They make you eat it all
13 They make it in a cheap way
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