Top 10 Worst Things About School Tablets

The Top Ten

1 You might not be able to use your phones
2 The company the school bought from may be bad

Well I'm Unlucky - Oliversky

We have chrome books and they are terrible. The Internet is also so slow at our school. It's useless and they teachers aren't even teaching us anything while we are using them

We are getting Chrome Books next year. Not excited at all. - Turkeyasylum

I got school iPads. I got lucky. - Minecraftcrazy530

3 There may be charging problems

My school has tablets, practically everybody has charging problems, except me - RustyNail

4 We might not use them all the time
5 You might get detention if you don't have it with you
6 You can't keep them forever
7 Internet issues in school or home
8 Exceptions

2 words:My Brother.

9 Certain websites get blocked

But not TheTopTens! That's why I enjoy this site even if I'm in school!

Same, I go on this site at school because I get bored easily. (�'∇')

10 You have to carry it in every class because you won't have any idea if we are going to use it

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11 You might break it and you have to get a new one

Get your school to use Lenovos instead of iPads. They're cheaper and more robust. - PositronWildhawk

12 Having them leads to kids feeling entitled
13 Preloaded educational crap
14 Trusted sites crap
15 Incredibly bulky case, and you still get mean looks when you drop it
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