Worst Things About School

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1 Homework

They basically force you to work on schoolwork outside of school... homework is actually a PUNISHMENT, so why should we have to get it? Pointless, and there's no evidence to support the claim that it helps. So, if anything, homework is a joke, whoever thought it was a great idea to create it is a clown, and our country's education system is a circus.

School is a CIRCUS.

Did you know that homework was originally a punishment for students? I kid you not, teachers would punished kids who dozed off or skipped class by making them take the lesson home. But one day, some teacher said: "Homework? That's nice! But what if we do it to all students for no reason at all?"

Complaints about homework may sound like they're only made by narrow-minded little kids, but if you actually think about it, homework truly does more bad than good. You already learn throughout your school day, teachers tell you to study to make sure you're ready for tests and quizzes, you occasionally have projects dumped on you, and you think you're already thoroughly stressed out. You'd think schools have given you enough responsibilities, but nope-you get an ultimately pointless assignment for homework. Homework does nothing but cause stress and ruins plans of many students outside of schools. I see absolutely no purpose to it.

They already make you do hours of work in school without homework, so why do they take up your own time at home, too? Honestly, I want to make a petition to end homework in schools across the country. And I wanna give a shoutout to anyone who stood up to the teacher about homework.

2 Bullies

I remember this one girl in sixth grade and ever since she moved to the same table in English and reading class, she started making fun of me because I was shy. In math, she would shout "Don't talk to her, she's shy". I hated sitting at the same table as her because she was at a table where it was me and her two friends. They always tried to complain about class and try to use me as there calculator. It sucked especially because they all were stupid popular girls. She even was moved next to me in science and we were lab partners. I remember how she embarrassed me in front of her friend by complaining "I can't work with her she's too shy." Finally, I decided to tell my friend. My friend wanted to text her from the girls Facebook. I was scared because I thought the girl who was bullying me would see the message and get mad and tell everyone rumors about me or try to hurt me more. Soon after my friend told me she did message the bully. I was scared but the girl who was bullying me ...more

Bullying has ruined my school life, as well as hundreds of other people's. I always have to feel nervous about how to survive without having a crying fit in the bathroom. They always call me things, make sexual comments, touch my stuff. I really, really hate it when people, with VERY few exceptions, touch me or anything I own. I even hate it when I have to hug family members I'm not comfortable being hugged by, even though I love them, so being touched by my bullies is like getting dropped into a pit full of maggots and flies. Also, they spread lies about me and I don't have enough friends to tell everyone it's false. School is like torture for me since I have to spend my day with people who drive me insane.

What were they thinking? I mean, why would you want to treat another student like crap? God, this is getting so repetitive. I remember one time when I was in 7th grade, that boy named Thomas and even his friends kept on calling me other names for no good reason.

Bullies can just be nuisances, but some people have cut and/or commited suicide because of bullies, or gone into depression. And bullies aren't only limited to being kids around your age they can be teachers, way older than you, even your own parents or family members... Which is extremely sad. What I find sadder, is when the bullying is so obvious in school, but the teachers don't do anything or don't seem to pick it up. Tons of people have been bullied, and it effects their grades, their self-body image, the way they percieve being in public, or just their daily life. I wish schools/parents/teachers/even friends would be more aware of bullying, because it'd help the world.

3 Annoying kids

"Uuughhhh I hAvE All tYpEs of CaNcER And eBoLa bEcAuSe I'm So QuIrkY AnD eDgY!"

No one cares, and that isn't just annoying but VERY disrespectful to people who actually have cancer and Ebola, so shut up. No, you're not quirky or edgy, you're an arrogant, egotistical, pompous narcissist who only cares about yourself. That's what I think of annoying kids.

This place in the cafeteria is a grog shop. When I sit there there would be this kiddo screaming offensive words, yelling things they shouldn't be, and getting more shame and regret filled in their heads, seriously, they are going to die. And I get lots of respect from kids, but here they treat you like trash, like some loser, but they don't do it to me because I never DO anything. These poeple are fans of some guy named David who's perhaps against bad things! Which is good! These guys also next to some vultures who are 20% just like them oh my goodness, shame shame shame! I dare to go there and spat, "shame on you! ". Just disgraceful, disrespectful and they like hate life and they seriously want to die? No, DEaL WITH IT!

Personally, I may fall into the annoying kid category to a few people in my History class, but that doesn't stop me from hating the annoying kids. These kids in the grade above me idolize me for no reason at all, always yelling my name whenever they see me in the halls. Recently this kid at my lunch table kept interrupting me while I'm talking to my friend. I wanted to go grab a teacher to get it to stop. My lockermate is also indirectly annoying to me. According to my friend, my ELA teacher, who is like the best teacher in the world, snapped at my friend's hour due to annoying kids, and also completely favors my hour due to the annoying kids. (Our hour's share of annoying kids are kinda more behaving in class). Case in point, half the school gets on my nerves.

They always ask me stupid questions and asking for advice about things that should be obvious what they need to do, why can't they think for themselves once, are they doing this on purpose and testing my limit?

4 Mean teachers

My meanest teachers were my Kindergarten and first grade teachers. Once I was pushed down a hill at recess and I cut my hand open on the pavement when I fell. I was crying and my Kindergarten teacher yelled at me to quit acting like a baby. She made a lot of people cry in my class that year. My first grade teacher wasn't any better. One moment she would be all happy then she would start screaming at you from out of nowhere. I'm pretty sure she was bipolar or something. We were taking pictures one morning and she yelled at me to get back into the classroom because I didn't know how to smile right. I hated her class so much I pretended to be sick several times.

This happened to me myself numerous times my science teacher and my math teacher embarrassed me in front of the damn entire class. I was so hungry during class and we were taking a stupid ass exam so I decided to get a apple from that big jar my science teacher has in the rear back of the class. I was so hungry I couldn't wait till lunchtime and ate a apple and my science teacher gave me an evil stare and said do we eat in class? And pointed to the trash can while I was in the middle of eating I didn't want to do it because I was in the middle of eating that stupid fruit. I thrower it away anyways. RiDICULOUS! When we went out to lunch time I was gonna get another one because I was so hungry, however my science teacher said keep walking nope your not gonna get an apple you blew it up. I was really mad! I hate teachers like this!

Today when I was in math class. I was doing some work in my notebook so when I got up my teacher asked where you going? I said I was gonna go get a drink of water because I was thirsty but my math teacher said no I can see your journal from here. TYPICAL! I had to erase my work I was all like ughh! ' But then my math teacher came up to me and said excuse me really loud that maybe the next door class might here it. My math teacher said you don't give me an attitude young lady get to work NOW! You don't talk to me like that! My math teacher said it really loud that I can feel my classmates behind me laugh at me because I was getting scold. I was looking down at my notebook looking at all the horrible math I done while getting scold at. I was mad it's no fair. And plus my classmates from math kept on annoying me I said I hate the building stuff and then they told on my math teacher my classmate told my math teacher that I said I hate them. That's a lie! I did not say that! But then my ...more

Man my teachers were mean in elementary school. One time me and some other kids were playing by the garbage bins (which were just right on the edge of the gravel field). Then a teacher saw us and made us all stand against the wall for the rest of recess because we were out of school bounds (hardly). But I didn't know about the bounds and they never told us, but she just said "Well now you know." How was I supposed to stay in the bounds of they never told us!?!? Another time I sat down 2 seconds before the end of O Canada and I had to miss recess. Every week or something we walked around the field a couple times for exercise and I walked with my best friend. When we passed the place where the teachers were sitting one teacher Mrs. Walker who was especially mean said we couldn't walk together for no reason. But I thought "screw that" and as soon as she couldn't see me I walked with my friend again.

5 Tests

Tests is the main thing that stress me out of school. Every moment I hear stuff like "We're going to put you in a tuition so get up early and go" or "hey here is 100 pages of homework you have to do for the test tonight." Just No, I'm tired of doing useless tests that shouldn't even exist with no explanation. I'm tired of staying up late, just to do dam homework that doesn't help me with the test on an entirely different subject. I want to scream in my house so loud that every window shatters. School is useless, period.

Tests aren't even how much you learn! It's about how good your memory is! We're not IPHONES, we don't all have the same memory capacity! Plus, as a "nerd" myself, as people call it, I have always had unrealistically high expectations for myself ever since I could remember. I've tried to lower it numerous times, without succeed. Because I have them, I get extremely anxious about test results. I don't want numbers and letters defining my self esteem. If I do worse than I expected, even if it is a B, I have to try not to break down in class because I don't want to get bullied more than I already am. Tests are ruining my self esteem and giving me anxiety. Thanks for reading.

Teacher: Don't rush in the test
Student: Why?
Teacher: Because if you do, you have to do it all over again
This is the reason why I hate tests. Once, I made a mistake by not saying "done" I made a mistake. JUST A MISTAKE! So my LA teacher, was frustrated at me for not doing what I need to do, so she said, " Look at my grumpy face! " And that face made my temperature really high. So guess what? She made me LATE, for my next class. Like COME ON! How come you can't just tell me to leave my iPad and go to my next class. She usually didn't want to make me late, but DAMN NO she did! When I went to my next class, I was so behind. Thank god my teacher told me what to do. So yeah TESTS RUIN EVERYTHING FOR YOUR CLASSES!

Teacher: *teaches us about crackers*
Teacher: Okay, here's a test!
The test: *about dog tails*
Student: Uh, this has nothing to do with what we learned in class.
Teacher: Shut up.

6 Coming back to school on Mondays

I go to class in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The rest of my classes are online and I refer to my instructors as professors, given that I'm a college student and college is much different than high school.

Worst day of the week if you have school that day. It's time for another groggy, misfortunate, abysmal day on school Mondays. It's no wonder I only change clothes early on Saturday. Because it's the same routine every day. It hurts when I have to leave the house just for this misery.

I'm always so tired on Mondays because the weekend is way too short! 2 days off compared to 5 days at school is NOT a fair split! Seriously, who came up with the idea of making the weekend 2 days long? I'm not impressed, whoever it was

It's like living in heaven and suddenly get it
Snatched away from you! Monday is the worst day ever, you are so sleepy you can't concentrate, and the teacher children hate level is at its highest

7 Waking up and realizing you gotta go to school

I hate this so much! I have to wake up at the 6:10 AM just for an "education". When I arrive at that prison, I have to see people we hate. And then I spend 7 hours stuck in a building learning lessons that 90% of won't benefit in real life. And then I get sent home with 5-6 more hours of homework! Seriously?! You first make me wake up at the crack of dawn just to make me in a sit like a caged animal in a building for 7 hours. Then you extend those hours?! I really despise all the people who made schools a hellhole! I hope they are all rotting in hell!

I woke up to a bad morning and got a bloody nose in the bus and nobody knew because I was hiding it with my shirt which is now has a spot of blood on my shirt. What is life.

I swear, I hate this. One day I woke up (it was Monday). I was like:
I'm going to sleep for a few more hours.
Mom comes and says:
It's time for school, get up!

I wake up dreading the day I'm gonna have at school. My day starts with me sitting next to the kid with anger issues that I hate (he thinks we are friends) then I spend 8 hours learning a stupid lesson that I will never apply to life

8 It's boring

Science is interesting if they talk about UFOs, space, the human body, or something interesting like that, but all we talk about is the boring stuff like rock cycles and cells, that is for falling asleep. Social studies is the same repetition over and over again, a civilization fights with another, they farm land, they get water, they get a government, boom, that's all there is. Math is fun when easy and competitive, but when hard, it's stressful and confusing, I used to do something where you would write multiplication problems in the lowest amount of time, like a competition kind of, and it was fun since I like being competitive. Reading depends on what novels you read, if you get a good novel, you look forward to this class, if not, you fall asleep and fail tests. Language Arts is interesting if you write about cool topics, which makes it the best subject for me, but I don't like workbook pages, that's boring. PE is the most fun class unless you have to do the mile or push ups. I ...more

When I go to related arts, I start having fun with my friends and then 50 seconds later, I have to go to speech class. WHY!?! Ugh I hate going to speech class cause mostly, my speech teacher is annoying. She's says stupid questions like
"What did you did on the weekend"
Then I said nothing, then she said what did you did? Also my speech teacher has got pregnant and when I come back to my related arts class, I also come back running and my friend says
"Why are you gasping"?
I said "I was running"
Then a couple of weeks later.
My friend has noticed that my speech teacher is pregnant. Now he says
"Why is the speech teacher pregnant"?
Then I said
"I don't know"
He said
"Did you did something with her"?
I said "nothing"!
"Then he said, did you had sex with that teacher"?
I SAID "no"!

Then he now starts teasing me about that cause he thinks I maid the speech teacher pregnant and she says my name incorrectly

School is the worst. It reminds me of disease and death. I am currently sitting in personal finance thinking about what I could have done in a past life to deserve this unfair treatment. School causes great sadness in me, but more than that it makes me feel like my organs are shutting down usually. I literally have to hold my eyes open sometimes to avoid falling asleep. High school has turned my heart into a shriveled up raisin.

50% of adults miss school.
So growing up there must be something about school that you would miss.
Posh kids with the boarding schools - school was also like a home till holidays?
Home schooling well was there anything to miss?
Fave lesson.
I bet baby boomers don't miss the cane and had the blackboard duster thrown at them.
But they got free milk in primary school which is rather healthy. Till it ended in the 80s.

9 Grades

I get all A's on homework (which is something I also hate) my mom's going through my homework but then, a wild f appeared, mom: NOAH! Why the hell do you have all A's except for this one in Chinese social studies?!?! Me: but mom you're the one who put me in Chinese immersion. Mom: don't you talk back to me! (I'm of course exaggerating this)

In elementary school, it used to be about learning. Now in middle school, it's just about passing. I slept 5 hours last night because I was trying to do some dumb social studies project and I'm still not done!? Is that really what I get for taking a BREAK for once!?

My parents are absolute demons when it come to grades, they will yell an=t you and punish you for having a C, A GOD DAM C. They will do anyhing to find a reason to punish me. And a C is a passing grade for gods sake!

Honestly, a pass/fail system would be soooo much less stressful. D's are seen as "bad grades", but a D is still a pass where I live. As long as you passed, who cares what your grade is?

10 Math

I wish math was an optional school subject, or a grade that doesn't count. I never get all A's anymore because of it. I know there are jobs that require math skill, but because I don't have any, I won't do them. From 7th Grade and up, math is practically useless. It's also the only class (usually) that I get homework for. They expect you to do things in one hour that could take up to 3. Simple math is essential (money, regular numbers, proportions, etc.). But the math that you learn after that is just not helpful in the slightest. I think the school system ran out of subjects, so math was the last option, and people made up random things that they called "math." It also doesn't help having a math teacher that CAN'T EXPLAIN IT WELL.

It's so hard for me. I especially hate it when teachers act as if math is everyone's subject. They always say to study, and it never helps me. I was just never a math person to begin with.

1. A subject you'll take all year long every year
2. Most of it's completely pointless
3. Math teachers are usually the meanest in my opinion
4. Math homework takes forever especially if you don't have someone to help you
5. Forgetting everything math related you learned last year
6. Math teachers expecting you to remember everything you learned last year
7. Those tests where everyone is done and your still on the first problem
8. Algebra
9. Your gonna forget it all anyway
10. Having no idea what the teachers talking about

Math is horrible at my school. My class consists of some of the most annoying people in my grade. Plus, my teacher talks/teaches so loudly, I can hear the damn teacher from all the way down the hall and around the corner. Plus, on days we don't have gym, they replace it with Math Applications, the stupidest class in all of history. All it is is math + a different way to do what you've been doing correctly for a while + a complaining teacher = MATH

The Contenders
11 Projects

I absolutely hate group projects. You get thrown into a group of people that aren't willing to put in any effort so you have to do most of the work. If one person messes up then everyone's grade suffers.

Projects are way more stressful than tests. I'm not trying to brag but I mainly ace tests and don't need to study for most of them, but Projects you really need to put work into and they take ages, plus it's extremely stressful if you need to present them

My social studies teacher gave us stupid projects like a damn state report a family tree project for our winter break like who would want to know when was our family born what are there names and stuff similar like that?! Also my science teacher gave us a science fair project to do over our spring break! It takes us time to do it and we only had a week and three days of our spring break!

Group Projects are the absolute worst. They suck because 10% of time my groupmates act like they actually care about the project and the other 90% of the time they talk about random crap that doesn't even remotely relate to the project. So I just end getting ticked off and doing the project while they chat away.

12 Learning about things you shouldn't have to learn

Yeah. Why do I have to learn things that I hate and don't get the time to learn what I want to do? If school's purpose is to prepare children in the future, than WHY aren't they learning the things that they don't feel like learning. The problem is is that every student is required to follow the same standards even though they are different.

You are right. I hate how we learn stuff in school we won't have to learn. I wish school would only teach kids necessary things. Like paying your taxes paying bills and learning how to look after your house in the future. But no. You also have to learn what 100 plus 250 is. You will not have to learn that in the future. School should only teach important things. Another stupid school rule is not being allowed to defend yourself from jerks and bullies. No. t hanks to some ass in today's society we have to cower into a little ball and let them punch and kick at us until the teacher notices. Like screw you teacher. We can defend ourselves. Is self defense even aloud anymore? Not in schools rules of today.

Math and reading+language arts are definitely important, you need to learn to calculate things such as money, being able socialize with others, and write. Science is needed too in daily life, like if you want to cook, you need to know science. PE is not that pointless since there is too many lazy people these days that don't excercise at home, so that is needed. The most pointless is history, except for the significant events.

Why do the teachers bother wasting their time 'teaching' us maths that is really hard and we just can not understand when they could just show us how to use a calculator. Another thing is that we can just go onto the internet and type in the things we need to know. That is all we will do when we are older so we may as well learn important stuff like how to live by ourself and look after ourselves and how to save money to live off.

13 You're not allowed to chew gum

Oh my God yes it's so freaking annoying! When I was in middle school, you would get silent lunch if you were caught the 1st time, a call home a 2nd time, and detention the third time. SO ANNOYING

Yeah REALLY! It's so annoying! Kids will be chewing gum in my class and not even blowing bubbles, and the teacher will still demand that person to spit it out.. Such a dumb rule. Like, if you're just chewing something as small as gum, you can STILL do your work and focus. DUH. And some kids want to chew gum as relaxation or for something else. Teachers are EVIL!

My teacher said if you chewing gum at class. They'll be suspicious that you are talking with no voice asking for answer and impolite because of the noise you made from chewing

come on teachers! Scientist said when you chewing gum. Your brains are getting smarter! Probably not yours, teachers

I had substitute teachers that give out gum in class. Idiots... This is a good thing because it would be annoying to hear chewing sounds, and people stick gum to lots of things. That is just disgusting, and disturbing.

14 Waking up early

I am in university and I am writing this during Coronavirus. Some of my classes start as early as 8:00 am in the morning, and previously in high school, I was lucky to have classes starting at 9:15 am. And at the time, it was mostly in person and I lived close to my high school. And that gave me enough time to wake up at a reasonable time (like around 7:00 am), have time for breakfast, and reach school on time. So now, I usually wake up at 6:30 am to get ready, then I get breakfast ready, and log into Zoom and do my classes. And at least this year, university is online and not in person, because I could imagine having to wake up really early, eat breakfast early, and catch the train really early in the morning and have to reach there at 8:00 am. And since I am a deep sleeper, sometimes I end up getting up around 7:00 am, but I was lucky enough to get breakfast ready and join my Zoom class on time. And I am not alone, other students feel the exact same way, and one of my profs was even ...more

I have to everyday I get insomnia easily. I could just check the time and not be able to sleep but on the good days, my sister be going... Isabella... Isabella...

My sleep schedule is a little better now and much better when I was much younger, but a few years ago, I had a bit of a hard time getting up early because I wasn't able to sleep until well past midnight. I still have those nights, but not like before.

I literally get up at 6:00 to leave at 6:45 and that's long as the class periods I have. I feel terrible when I wake up when finally feeling relaxed. Class periods feel like 3 hours long. But when I wake up to get to the bus stop it's like 10 minutes.

15 Arrogant rich kids

A kid in my class named Jaye is annoying me or everyone if they do something to him on accident no he must have drama cause he is an arrogant rich kid don't believe me he goes to China or Japan about 3 times a year. Oh yea he can go to bunch of other places to. Like jet/plane shows he goes to those 7 times a year!

Yeah one time in drama we played a game where we had to say two truths and a lie, and someone said, I've been to vegas 8 times, california 4 times and new york 7 times, and then someone guessed california and she said, yep I've been to california 6 times.

I don't get Ipads so everyone at my school is like what.
I don't have an iPhone everyone is like what.
I don't have a flat screen T.V. there like what.
I don't get everything I want and there like what.
I don't get to be a brat.

When I was in elementary, people made fun of me for having a $50 black friday android tablet when they have $300 iPads or iPods. That just shows they like wasting money. I have an iPhone now but I still remember the android tablet.

16 Bitchy popular girls

Most of the popular girls in my school are nice and not rude and gossipy. There are two popular girls at my school who are smart and get good grades, they are nice to everyone, popular or unpopular, and joek around more than gossip about other people. This is an example of what popular girls should be.

Thank god, there are no girls at my school that use way too much makeup and are rude. The popular girls are actually nice to me, and most of the time don't even dress too fancy, or are cake faced they make great conversations. Only one or two of them are mean, but the rest are nice.

God, I hate those kind of girls! They are annoying, rude, stuck up, snobby stupid, spoilt and arrogant as heck and they keep making a big deal out of everything. Just screw them so bad!

I wouldn't call her popular, but one classmate of mine kept saying "GO" or "MOVE". Geez, would it hurt to say "Excuse me"?

17 Your crush invites everyone in class except you

That would suck. I never had classes with my high school crush, but if I did and she invited everyone in the class but me, I would of been upset.

Invites them to what? Firstly, why should she do that? If you're gonna invite all but one person to a party, which makes no sense, why not just invite that last person too? Also, what in the world does it have to do with school?

I have a crush on a girl in my grade. I started liking her in 5th grade, but it was just small. It got bigger in 6th grade, but I kept it secret. In 7th grade, I was bragging about it a lot. During the summer to 8th grade, I started realizing that this might be embarrassing her, and I realized what I did was wrong. So I lowered down on it in 8th, and kids liked me for it. They were happy I was being smart about it, and not bringing it up every day.

I don't have a crush but this boy likes be and LITERALLY brags and tells everybody about it every day. It's horrible. Everybody teases us but I am to embarrassed to talk to him or anybody about it. I wish he would just stop but it's been super awkward and we used to be good friends but we don't talk to each other anymore now...

18 Being ignored

I raise my had when I know the answer and the teacher doesn't call on me. But when l DON'T know the answer he calls on me, even when I'm not raising my hand!

This is what makes me really hate 6th grade, I was SO ignored. Not even my teachers would talk to me! Not even kids who are also ignored want to talk to me!

Actually, I'd prefer if I was ignored, because if you get noticed, you'll probably become popular there, and then you'll get bothered all the time.

People don't respond when I talk to them most of the time, but that's probably 'cause they didn't hear me. I try not to think that they actually are ignoring me. :/

19 Don't stop bullies and if you fight back you get in trouble and the bully does not

The victim, for self-defense, is often punished with or without the attacker receiving equal punishment. In law, with sufficient evidence and reason, self defense is excusable. This makes no sense to me.

Same here, this fat ugly boy named Gaten was bullying my friend the whole entire lunch time and he grabbed her butt twice and the teachers didn't do nothing. She then slapped him twice and she got a week in in school suspension.

One of the main reasons why kids don't speak up or stand against their bully. The schools don't do enough and when they do, it's against the person who's being bullied.

There was this kid and he bullied me and my friend stopped him fron kicking me by punching him and my friend was suspended and the bully got nothing.

20 Cafeteria food

A brief history of my gross cafeteria food experiences:
- 4th-5th grade: These gross meat cubes on the pizza instead of actual pepperoni.
- 3rd grade: Rock-hard hot dog buns.
- 8th grade: The menu item said it was an "Ultimate beef burger." The only thing ultimate about it was the buns were white bread and slightly bigger.
I could go on.

Honestly, the food needs to be more healthier. Pizza, corn dogs, no seriously, we need to eat healthier. We also need to be more tidy in our schools too. In fact, everywhere needs to be tidy. Sometimes I see food on the floor, and the janitors didn't even clean it up! Like seriously, please add more responsibility in schools! We can't just let somebody do all the cleaning for us! We need to learn how to be more independent because when we are in college we won't be depending on people to clean our mess, we have to clean up ourselves! Unfortunately, parents would be like "CHILD ABUSE! " because kids are actually cleaning up, and then when kids throw trash, curse at people, bully people, harass people, and do all the other terrible things, then they wonder why they do all of these things. This is why we need to be a little more strict. Not too strict to the point you can't do some cool things like having fun with your friends, but strict to the point when kids know how to look after ...more

In elementary school, I used to think that most of the food weren't that terrible, but some were. I tried their Texas toast and got a mouthful of grease, which tasted rather disgusting. The mac and cheese was fine, the chicken nuggets were okay, the spaghetti was fine too, etc.

Another time, I tried brunch-lunch (which included mini pancakes and a few mini sausages) they were pretty good. Then, I tried their cheese-stuffed bread-sticks, they were fine.

Then, I tried the nachos, they were delicious. Whenever someone forgot to pay for their lunch (after the bill runs low), they get a cold-lunch instead. One of my friends HATED cold lunches.

The only thing I HATED was the Texas toast.

I hate cafeteria food! You know we have breakfast right so today we had yogurt but vanilla yogurt. Then we had in a bag granola mixed with cranberries or raisins. Bluck! The red raisins make me approach vomiting. In lunch we have nasty tamales sometimes. For breakfast we sometimes have cookies but not regular ones. They are stuffed with raisins and what else just spoiled. Cafeteria food is just not healthy at all! Lunch ladies in every school district think we can have milk everyday really spaghetti and meatballs with milk. Lunch ladies probably poison our food hmm no wonder why some kids vomit in school. Lunch ladies be in your guard you cook us food poisoning!

21 How subjects are taught

This is the main issue with Science. I like the subject, but the way they teach us is boring. At least we get to do group experiments now to at least brighten up the dull class.

Why can't we just watch a video instead of reading about stupid stuff? And have thirty minute breaks between classes?

I am expected to handwrite, in cursive, ten pages per minute. I can do cursive at 0.5 letters per minute, normal writing at 2 words per minute, and I can type at 50 WPM

Why do I have to keep all my hands on the front row? Like, not even in freakinghigh school, and they're about this crap?

22 Proper uniform

At my school, we NEED a stricter dress code! Girls come in short-shorts, halter tops, and flip flops! I'm one of the only girls that doesn't wear short-shorts, have a halter top, or in general, give a care about fashion. I don't really give a care if I have to wear uniforms until I get out of high school! And then, the boys are fine. They wear shorts to about their knees, and t-shirts! I just feel my school has no clue what they're allowing. Luckily, in middle school, we have to have thick straps and shorts touching my fingertips. Well, at least I won't see someone's entire legs and back!

I don't really mind the uniform but would much rather wear normal clothes because no matter how hard teachers try, there will never be a day when all the boys have their shirts tucked in and the girls have knee-length skirts! It makes us look like grannies! But I hate it when there's those try-hards that have their skirt so short you can see their butt! Nobody want to see the thing that produces poop! My high school also has the poop rule about hair and how you can't colour it and stuff! And it has to be above the eyebrows! You look like a complete retard if you run around with a fringe that comes halfway down your forehead! All these rules are pointless because nobody is gonna look at the school and find someone with coloured hair then say- "oh they can colour their hair! I'm not sending my child there!" NOBODY DOES THAT!

The uniform system in my school is getting ridiculous. Thanks to our new heads, we are not allowed to wear coloured hair bands, just black or dark blue. We also have to wear black bags, nothing colourful. I want to express myself and feel free. In the UK, it can get up to 36 degrees Celsius and the teachers expect us to not fain't from the heat while wearing thick blazers. Feels more like prison than school.

I hate wearing uniforms, because it limits my self-expression. Teenage years are an important time to develop your style, and it's frustrating when you can only do that twice a school week. In my school we wear kilts, and there are girls who shorten it up to their knees, which looks absolutely ridiculous and awful, in my opinion.

23 Being behind on work

That's the worst

24 Detentions

Yeah detention sucks. But you can down vote this comment all you want, usually the kids that talk when the teachers talking and are a distraction and cause trouble kinda deserve it, don't you think? The kids that are late to class don't really deserve it unless there late a ridiculous amount of times. Maybe in your school it's different but in my school the kids that get detention get it for a reason but are to blind to see it. Just think about why you got detention before blaming everyone else. Chewing gum? Your not supposed to do that they say it a million times you did it for the thrill didn't you? I'm not a goodie goodie but I'm not a little brat that causes trouble just because I can. I'm prepared for the down votes.

Detention is useless and a waste of time. Even A dog poop can be useful for compost. I remember the day that I forget to bring an apple for art classes and I got detention and During detention I saw someone says that he got detention because he ate an apple

I remember I got detention twice. It sucked especially because when I would complain to the teachers about it was not my fault for being late to class, the would still say it was my fault. I remember the second time I could hear the teacher mocking me with the class (I was getting my library books out of my locker, which happened to be by that class) But yea. It's embarrassing especially after I promised my family I wouldn't get another.

No joke, one of my friends got detention for going to the bathroom in the middle of class because it was wasting time. My other friend got detention for coughing, because it was a distraction. And I almost got detention for reading a book because it was also a distraction. I mean, what?! What's next, a student gets suspended for hugging because it's sexual harassment?

25 Homophobic kids

There was this one boy who was threatening another boy for being gay. He said he wanted to kill the boy, just because the boy he was threatening is gay. It's okay to be gay, so don't make death threats, just because of their sexuality. We shouldn't make death threats anyway.

"Homophobic" is a made-up term to describe people who speak up for what they believe in... just like the LGBT community is doing! I'm not saying that gays are bad or anything, I'm just saying that speaking out for your beliefs shouldn't be considered "homophobic".

In my school, if you're gay everyone will immediately hate you and you'll be the least popular, unless there's another person who's more gay. I'm trans, and everyone in my school absolutely hates me for it. Everyone calls me disgusting.

I know plenty of people in my class that are respectfully bisexual and gay, and I completely support them. When a homophobic said he did not like gays or bisexual, everyone in the class ganged up and got mad.

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