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Me: Oh boy! I'm finally home from school where I've been nonstop learning for 7 hours time to FINALLY relax.

Mom: No! First you need to get started on that 3 hours of homework

Me: Kill me now!

I have 8 hours of school please save me when you done your homework :/

Ugh! I hate homework. Do the teachers even think we have a life outside of school? It takes up all your time. Every teacher usually gives it, and then the next day their like if you didn't do it "why didn't you do your homework? " It's like they don't evan think you have homework in other classes. Math is close 2nd

Were are out of school we shouldn't have homework

The point of homework is to revise what you have learnt in lessons.

Am I really doing this? Do I really need to spend my time doing this when Homework is undeniably the worst thing about school? I am focusing away from the teachers who try not to give us a lot of homework as they are forced to give it. I will be looking at the teachers that give you more homework than you are ready for. The ones that give you assignments you would need a couple DAYS to complete if it were done in class. Studies show that THREE out of FOUR American families have children who play organised sports. I used to play lacrosse and I quit because I hated my coaches but more importantly I was not dedicated enough to sports to be up till 10 doing homework. And to those who do, I salute you as much as I feel sorry that you don't have the time to do other things like relaxing after a long day. These teachers are inconsiderate to those who do not eat, breathe, and sleep school. Especially in middle school if you get a teacher like this the worst thing this does is effect the the ...more


Bullying just ruins your life, it lowers your grades, it makes you mental, just horrid, I get bullied and look at me now, I'm in the lowest set in every lesson! It makes me ANGRY!

Those bullies will end up working at McDonalds. Focus on your work and get the diploma while the bullies starve

Bullies are the reason I don't even go to school anymore. Now I happily homeschool :) Anyway, yup, bullies pretty much suck. As soon as you pass the kid who bullies you your smile fades, heart beats faster, you tense up. Plus when you go to the teachers they don't do bull about it, even though they say they will

I remember this one girl in sixth grade and ever since she moved to the same table in English and reading class, she started making fun of me because I was shy. In math, she would shout "Don't talk to her, she's shy". I hated sitting at the same table as her because she was at a table where it was me and her two friends. They always tried to complain about class and try to use me as there calculator. It sucked especially because they all were stupid popular girls. She even was moved next to me in science and we were lab partners. I remember how she embarrassed me in front of her friend by complaining "I can't work with her she's too shy." Finally, I decided to tell my friend. My friend wanted to text her from the girls Facebook. I was scared because I thought the girl who was bullying me would see the message and get mad and tell everyone rumors about me or try to hurt me more. Soon after my friend told me she did message the bully. I was scared but the girl who was bullying me ...more

Bullies always get me depressed and suicidal. There was one kid in my class in grade 8 who always bullies me because of my accent (I can't pronounce "r") every time I said something, he will always repeat what I said in an annoying voice. He always hit my ears brakes my stuff. I wish he goes to hell. I also had a bully, my worst bully, who makes false facts about me and spreads it to everyone, making many people in my school conspire against me. The thing is, my bullies are stupid and has an average grade of 50-60

I have a feud with this person on via Instagram and he was in my class in third grade. I'm gonna go into 8th grade. He said that my dad is a rapist and that my mom is a stripper which isn't true at all. He called my friends fat and called my Black friend a slave. He even said that Slash and all the members of Poison are rapists also. I hate him and I fired back. He even claimed that he was the victim. We called the cops on him and now he is in trouble!

Annoying kids

Why do kids in school act this way? Seriously, someone give me a brilliant explanation on why! We all have to go to school, it's a requirement in life to get anywhere, so why do these little maggots think it's a good idea to make comments, and chat constantly during the very little and valuable time we have in those classrooms? I mean, don't get me wrong, I hate school as much as the next soon-to-be ninth grade girl, but I still understand that it's important, and that we would get nowhere in life without it. And always hearing "What are those? " "Dez nuts! " and other things isn't really helping anyone get through what already can get pretty boring. I feel bad for the teachers who have to shout at these students all the time, and always get pushed to their breaking points. It's not fun to watch, and is basic bullying when you think about it, even if they are teachers. I just wish all annoying kids would be suspended, but then, if they were, THERE WOULD HARDLY BE ANYONE LEFT!

So you're standing in line, waiting for lunch. Suddenly, the guy behind you pokes you. You turn around and he says, "It wasn't me! " and points to your very best friend. Happens all day every day.

Some of the kids that were at my public school were obnoxious and annoying as hell. They'd spit, shout, use swear words in every sentence, intentionally burp or fart, tell dirty jokes, try too hard to be funny to the point where they would laugh and make a joke out of literally everything, make jokes about mental illnesses or act depressed and psycho (probably because they think it makes you "cool"), write inappropriate things on the bathroom stalls, blast loud, annoying music across the classroom at unnecessary times (such as "gucci gang" or "I be flossing"), and that's not even all. Whenever I politely asked them to stop their uncouth behavior they would just continue on being rude and repulsive. It was just unbearable.

This can be annoying (no pun intended) but it ties with bullies kind of

Mean teachers

Today when I was in math class. I was doing some work in my notebook so when I got up my teacher asked where you going? I said I was gonna go get a drink of water because I was thirsty but my math teacher said no I can see your journal from here. TYPICAL! I had to erase my work I was all like ughh! ' But then my math teacher came up to me and said excuse me really loud that maybe the next door class might here it. My math teacher said you don't give me an attitude young lady get to work NOW! You don't talk to me like that! My math teacher said it really loud that I can feel my classmates behind me laugh at me because I was getting scold. I was looking down at my notebook looking at all the horrible math I done while getting scold at. I was mad it's no fair. And plus my classmates from math kept on annoying me I said I hate the building stuff and then they told on my math teacher my classmate told my math teacher that I said I hate them. That's a lie! I did not say that! But then my ...more

The teachers that give out to you over issues, the teachers that talk in an ANNOYINGLY loud voice, teachers that can't teach better than my mom, you name it! I got a note in my journal for looking at history after I finished my Irish work! That teacher made me cry and I got bullied for that! Way to go for punishing me for doing extra work but not punishing a student for chewing gum during class! Also, I hate the teachers that are literally yelling all the time! It should be me yelling, not you! I have to put up with idiots and bullying and exams! But most of all, I hate teachers that can't teach for. My English teacher literally just gives us a PowerPoint presentation, makes us watch us a YouTube video summarizing Romeo and Juliet and gives us either a summary of the act/scene or a letter/diary entry for one of the characters in the play for homework! EVERY SINGLE DAY! Also, I sit in a position where I can see what she does on the computer, and I see stuff like relaxation websites, ...more

Well, most of my teachers have been luckily good or at least nice. I have heard some bad stories about certain teachers. Now, I have had some bad substitutes. One I knew of was usually substituted in Music class in elementary and a few times in the regular classroom. She would reply songs the whole class and call people out for things like smirking, lip singing, and sining off key. Just the middle of the song would just start banging on the key board and scream. Worse she would blow her whistle in the middle of class and leave mean notes to the teachers. Then the regular teachers would get us in trouble and ruin our pizza parties that we would have if we got so many compliments. I remember her name was Mrs. California. She would also eat the teachers stuff and blame it on students. Another, was this lady who was a nice enough lady but was super strict. She would make you redo a science paper because of bad spelling. When the report was good. I can go on and on but she was super ...more

This happened to me myself numerous times my science teacher and my math teacher embarrassed me in front of the damn entire class. I was so hungry during class and we were taking a stupid ass exam so I decided to get a apple from that big jar my science teacher has in the rear back of the class. I was so hungry I couldn't wait till lunchtime and ate a apple and my science teacher gave me an evil stare and said do we eat in class? And pointed to the trash can while I was in the middle of eating I didn't want to do it because I was in the middle of eating that stupid fruit. I thrower it away anyways. RiDICULOUS! When we went out to lunch time I was gonna get another one because I was so hungry, however my science teacher said keep walking nope your not gonna get an apple you blew it up. I was really mad! I hate teachers like this!

Can't eat in class even when your lunch is the second last thing you do that day...


Teacher: Don't rush in the test
Student: Why?
Teacher: Because if you do, you have to do it all over again
This is the reason why I hate tests. Once, I made a mistake by not saying "done" I made a mistake. JUST A MISTAKE! So my LA teacher, was frustrated at me for not doing what I need to do, so she said, " Look at my grumpy face! " And that face made my temperature really high. So guess what? She made me LATE, for my next class. Like COME ON! How come you can't just tell me to leave my iPad and go to my next class. She usually didn't want to make me late, but DAMN NO she did! When I went to my next class, I was so behind. Thank god my teacher told me what to do. So yeah TESTS RUIN EVERYTHING FOR YOUR CLASSES!

We had a spelling test and I drew all over it cos I finished early and I got a lower grade! I got 23/24 right and it was ONE DOODLE of my NAME!

This is the best thing actually because it's the only thing that really tests your skills.

I have test anxiety and I completely forget everything when I have to take a test

Coming back to school on Mondays

Worst day of the week if you have school that day. It's time for another groggy, misfortunate, abysmal day on school Mondays. It's no wonder I only change clothes early on Saturday. Because its the same routine every day. It hurts when I have to leave the house just for this misery.

Give me the gun. I actually am happy when I'm ill cause I can stay home.

I hate that because all we want to do is to enjoy a nice and a sunny day but no instaed we have to go into the house of miserie which is school and I hate mondays because you have more work then ever and your classmates are even more shrill then before and your teachers are meaner then before.

I hate mondays waking up and relizing you need to finish that math project so your crazy math teacher doesn't give you more homework for everybody and the whole class hates you.

Waking up and realizing you gotta go to school

ahh you wake up birds chirping
sun's shining
the bus waiting
wait?what? NoOoOoOoOOOOOOOESSSSs

I hate this so much! I have to wake up at the 6:10 AM just for an "education". When I arrive at that prison, I have to see people we hate. And then I spend 7 hours stuck in a building learning lessons that 90% of won't benefit in real life. And then I get sent home with 5-6 more hours of homework! Seriously?! You first make me wake up at the crack of dawn just to make me in a sit like a caged animal in a building for 7 hours. Then you extend those hours?! I really despise all the people who made schools a hellhole! I hope they are all rotting in hell!

Every time my alarm rings... My head goes on a swearing spree. I start to hate everyone around me and I tighten my grip.

Me (waking up): No I've go to go to school.
Oh, its Saturday get in!
Then I realise its only Friday:

It's boring

Oh why why would they send us to a wad of crap named school! Seriously we stay there for seven hours! Then after school they give us torture called homework which is referring that the school district is trying to stress us out with that stupid work! Seriously we come to that drop dead place Monday-friday every darn week! Oh and my teachers decided to make an event for kids called science Saturday! It's only four Saturdays! Then in fall break, winter break and spring break they offer us to go to those camps during the break and I was all like hell no! Then after the whole school year August -june they offer us to go to summer school and I was like hell no I went to school for 11 months almost a whole year I don't want to go to half june and August school and I don't even wanna go to july school school is typical torture!

It may not seem fun, but school is vital for your education and well - being.

I'ts so boring that I swallowed an entire bottle of pills and was rushed to the hospital and stayed there for 2 weeks. I risked dyeing just to get away from school

I hate when teachers teach boring stuff and give out homework and it's even worse when probably a few people payed attention in class and know what to do on the homework and get it done really fast while the others including me didn't pay attention at all and had no clue what to do on the homework and have to look it up and spend more time! It's Ridiculous

Learning comes from discovery and creativity, not by sitting on chairs and staring at papers for years.


Math is the worst subject ever, if it were areal person I would punch it in the face.

Ugh I hate it so much I am always getting B's or B+'s and last week I got a D on my test

WHO likes Volume, Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike deniminators and DIVISION?

I HATE MATHS! And not only maths, I hate my entire school. If it was possible, I would've voted for every single thing on the list.


My whole life is depending on letters and numbers. nice to hear

Hell yea, I agree with you homework is like hell, but not as worse..

Well, if somebody says "I got an A+! and you got a C-". That shouldn't be allowed I mean... REALLY!? By the way home work is terrible 7 hours of school. When you get home YOU HAVE 3 HOURS OF HOMEWORK!?

In elementary school, it used to be about learning. Now in middle school, it's just about passing. I slept 5 hours last night because I was trying to do some dumb social studies project and I'm still not done!? Is that really what I get for taking a BREAK for once!?

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? Plagiarism

It is really bad for copying someone’s essay work in English/Literature class. You’ll get in trouble by the English teacher or worse, get suspended.

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You're not allowed to chew gum

What is so bad about this!? You just chew something in your mouth, THAT IS IT! God, you teachers are the ones that should learn!

They are afraid you would put the gum under the desks or something

Think that's bad? Come to my school, you are not aloud chocolate or sweets!

my best friend that went to the middle school I was supposed to go said they swap food and act like they are like drug dealers when doing it

Yeah REALLY! It's so annoying! Kids will be chewing gum in my class and not even blowing bubbles, and the teacher will still demand that person to spit it out.. Such a dumb rule. Like, if you're just chewing something as small as gum, you can STILL do your work and focus. DUH. And some kids want to chew gum as relaxation or for something else. Teachers are EVIL!

The thing is people put chewing gums under the desk in my school. In my opinion, chewing gum can be disgusting.


I hate projects. But not art projects, art projects are lovely and fun!

Ugh I hate group projects! I always end up doing all the work! Like, last time we did one of these I did almost all of the research, notes, and majority of the information slides, meanwhile, this kid in my group is pasting turtle memes onto the back of our slides! This is exactly why I prefer to work alone!

What's worse is when it's a team project of 2 people... Usually one does everything and one does nothing...

For the one who does everything it's bad because they know the other one is gonna write on the project so you end up doing everything if you wanna get a good mark

And for the one who does nothing they either feel bad, just want to help & doesn't understand why the other doesn't let him do work or either he/she/ doesn't care.

Or even worse, the teacher puts you with your enemy. I hate that so much!

My social studies teacher gave us stupid projects like a damn state report a family tree project for our winter break like who would want to know when was our family born what are there names and stuff similar like that?! Also my science teacher gave us a science fair project to do over our spring break! It takes us time to do it and we only had a week and three days of our spring break!

Your doing your own family tree your lucky you don't have to do Greek mythology

Learning about things you shouldn't have to learn

You are right. I hate how we learn stuff in school we won't have to learn. I wish school would only teach kids necessary things. Like paying your taxes paying bills and learning how to look after your house in the future. But no. You also have to learn what 100 plus 250 is. You will not have to learn that in the future. School should only teach important things. Another stupid school rule is not being allowed to defend yourself from jerks and bullies. No. t hanks to some ass in today's society we have to cower into a little ball and let them punch and kick at us until the teacher notices. Like screw you teacher. We can defend ourselves. Is self defense even aloud anymore? Not in schools rules of today.

100+250? Of course it needs to be learned! Think big bucks, people! Money? Yeah, you gotta learn the money!


*sarcasm* Oh yeah, because in order to live, you HAVE TO know the daily life of a Prokaryotic Cell...

When I was 9, my class learned about... you'll not believe. SEX! Why should a 9 year kid learn about sex in science class? Now people ask why porn exist. Why should I learn about a useless, troublemaker, (kind of, according to studies) DRUG?!?!?!?!? And is also something I am never gonna do!

Arrogant rich kids

A kid in my class named Jaye is annoying me or everyone if they do something to him on accident no he must have drama cause he is an arrogant rich kid don't believe me he goes to China or Japan about 3 times a year. Oh yea he can go to bunch of other places to. Like jet/plane shows he goes to those 7 times a year!

I also hate it how they are always gone somewhere and say they're sick but they're actually in places like VEGAS OR HOUSTON OR Thailand!

Yeah one time in drama we played a game where we had to say two truths and a lie, and someone said, I've been to vegas 8 times, california 4 times and new york 7 times, and then someone guessed california and she said, yep I've been to california 6 times.

This is the worst in private schools. People complain how rich others are

There was a rich girl in my year at primary school, she was a spoiled brat, and she was mean to me and my friends, so there was some pretty bad blood between us. However, she moved to a posh private school. I was glad about that. However, she lives near me. I am afraid to walk down her street in case I see her, and I have seen her once. She lives in this huge white castle of a house. My family still sometimes see her at church. It was a nightmare. My mum was friends with her mum.

Bitchy popular girls

Haha there is one in my class and she has gone through puberty already and she acts better then the rest of the girls

And they always walk around talking about how broke they are while holding the newest iphone

And they're very weak as well, they'll start crying when you hit them.

They are just terrible excuses for human beings they think they are above and are worth more than you

Your crush invites everyone in class except you

That would absolutely kill me so bad. I would not like that. I'd ask why I wasn't invited. Anyway, my crush doesn't know that I like him, and we are basically best friends, so he probably would invite me... So, there's nothing for me to say. BROUHAHA! -/O. O-

I have a crush on a girl in my grade. I started liking her in 5th grade, but it was just small. It got bigger in 6th grade, but I kept it secret. In 7th grade, I was bragging about it a lot. During the summer to 8th grade, I started realizing that this might be embarrassing her, and I realized what I did was wrong. So I lowered down on it in 8th, and kids liked me for it. They were happy I was being smart about it, and not bringing it up every day.

My crush wasn't in any of my classes, but if this happened it would of been upsetting for sure

My crush invited me to the park and no one else lol, this is the opposite. I hugged him lol

Cafeteria food

The cafeteria food at my school tastes horrible They serve 1% regular milk and chocolate milk. I tried the chocolate milk... It tasted like a mix of animal intestines.

The only cafeteria food I do like at my school is Brunch Lunch. They give you a small serving of pancakes and sausages. But, the rest of the food tastes like garbage. In Elementary school, whenever I forgot to pay my check for lunch, the lunch lady gave me a "sack lunch". It contains 1% regular milk and a grilled cheese sandwich. I took a bite of the sandwich... it tasted soggy and gross. I didn't even bother drinking the 1% milk, so I threw it out.

In my middle school years, I always brought a lunch to school, because my mom couldn't afford me to buy lunch at school. I assumed bringing my own lunch at that time was a better idea than having to eat soggy cafeteria food anyway.

By the time my freshman year started, I noticed that they were serving pizzas. I tried a pepperoni pizza and got a mouthful ...more

I've never liked cafeteria food. My first day at school I tried the pizza- this was in fifth grade- it was greasy, but smelled OK. I saw some kids patting off the grease but didn't take a hint. I took a bite and got a big mouthful of greasy, flavorless cheese. I picked a piece of pepperoni off the pizza and it tasted fatty and thin. The crust was soaked with grease. After that, I knew it was inedible. I was a bit of a picky eater, but this was pushing me to far. The next day, I tried some chicken nuggets and noodles. The noodles were overcooked and dry but I could deal. The chicken was OK, and tasted good with ketchup. Until, about a week later I found a random hard lump of fat in my chicken nuggets. After that, I was DONE with chicken nuggets. I chucked in the trash. Luckily, at my old school, they have a wall between the lunch ladies and the eating area. I tried a hot dog. The bun was dry, but the hot dog was OK. The ends were burnt beyond belief however. DONE. By then, I was ...more

Honestly, the food needs to be more healthier. Pizza, corn dogs, no seriously, we need to eat healthier. We also need to be more tidy in our schools too. In fact, everywhere needs to be tidy. Sometimes I see food on the floor, and the janitors didn't even clean it up! Like seriously, please add more responsibility in schools! We can't just let somebody do all the cleaning for us! We need to learn how to be more independent because when we are in college we won't be depending on people to clean our mess, we have to clean up ourselves! Unfortunately, parents would be like "CHILD ABUSE! " because kids are actually cleaning up, and then when kids throw trash, curse at people, bully people, harass people, and do all the other terrible things, then they wonder why they do all of these things. This is why we need to be a little more strict. Not too strict to the point you can't do some cool things like having fun with your friends, but strict to the point when kids know how to look after ...more

It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get good school lunches from your school's cafeteria. Lunch ladies say eat healthy, while the food they give to kids (bored kids that want to relax) is greasy as hell. Let me explain a simple and short everyday scenario: You are standing in a line, guy/girl pokes you, you peek back, boy/girl points at your best friend. This happens very commonly. If you find a GOOD school lunch from the cafeteria, give it to a museum, they will be impressed with what you found. Lunch ladies also can be rude at times.

Now to the long lines. The lines are very long and you wait there like 30 mins minimum, 4 hours maximum, I would rather starve then wait 2 hours for a greasy pizza that I won't eat anytime soon. If you have a lucky day, there is no line. It can be really rare. I don't understand this, but 1st and 2nd graders can make a simple line, while the older classmates make a mess and it is like a 7 person wide line.

Now to the other classmates. The 8 person ...more

Don't stop bullies and if you fight back you get in trouble and the bully does not

Any teacher who allows this rule should be fined a million dollars. "TEACHER, I GOT PUNCHED IN THE FACE, MY EYE IS BLEEDING"! Detention for you! (That never happened). If that happened to anything, there teacher should go to hell. The Buddhist kind.

My teacher always says I said something which made him do it he literally beat me for loving my country like what

There was this kid and he bullied me and my friend stopped him fron kicking me by punching him and my friend was suspended and the bully got nothing.

One of the main reasons why kids don't speak up or stand against their bully. The schools don't do enough and when they do, it's against the person who's being bullied.

Waking up early

Waking up at a time I don't want to wake up is really tiring. I go on the couch EVERY week to get some rest until breakfast is ready.

I'm tired, let me sleep longer..

I loose about 5 hours of sleep every 5 school days.

I always wake badly in 5:00 and we have to rush

Proper uniform

I don't really mind the uniform but would much rather wear normal clothes because not matter how hard teachers try, there will never be a day when all the boys have their shirts tucked in and the girls have knee-length skirts! It makes us look like grannies! But I hate it when there's those try-hards that have their skirt so short you can see their butt! No body want to see the thing that produces poop! My high school also has the poop rule about hair and how you can't colour it and stuff! And it has to be above the eyebrows! You look like a complete retard if you run around with a fringe that comes halfway down your forehead! All these rules are pointless because nobody is gonna look at the school and find someone with coloured hair then say- "oh they can colour their hair! I'm not sending my child there! " NOBODY DOES THAT!

If you want to use a uniform with long sleeves even when it's 30+ degrees outside, go to England. They have the best schools with terrible uniforms that they force you to wear everyday.

I live in UK. It can get up to 26c in summer and were stuck in Black Blazers, Ties that strangle you, Thick tops, Stupid trousers and Uncomfortable shoes. I hate it

Where I live it gets to 50 DEGREES and they still think it's NORMAL to force us to wear dark annoying Blazers outside. It's like they only care about looks. 2 A-students, me and this girl, have both boycotted the stupid rule by not wearing them and cutting the skirt, respectively. And half my school avoids Blazers. So detention is a normal thing at my school. I even "threw my toys out of my cot" where I threw out my school tie. So, yeah, uniforms are useless and make the school chaotic. I hate it.

I live in London and I'm in primary school we have to were ties that strangle you and our skirts are so long and big and it makes you fat

Being ignored

This is what makes me really hate 6th grade, I was SO ignored. Not even my teachers would talk to me! Not even kids who are also ignored want to talk to me!

Yes the kids ignore me and once at the last day of the 2nd quarter a close friend asked who I was and was serious.

Nobody ever talks to me they all know I have autism even though I am smart and am not a freak or a weirdo like most autistic kids

Freak and weirdo are not words to describe other autistic kids. I have high functioning autism, and "freak or weirdo" is called low functioning autism.

I raise my had when I know the answer and the teacher doesn't call on me. But when l DON'T know the answer he calls on me, even when I'm not raising my hand!


I hate detention. Like seriously I got detention because. I got hurt what the heck!

WHY ISN'T THIS IN THE TOP TENS?! I hate detention. The most reason why I get it is because I forget to do my homework. That doesn't even make any sense! I get three hours of homework for like five subjects, and they punish you for forgetting one of them! This should be number one at least.

I remember I got detention twice. It sucked especially because when I would complain to the teachers about it was not my fault for being late to class, the would still say it was my fault. I remember the second time I could hear the teacher mocking me with the class (I was getting my library books out of my locker, which happened to be by that class) But yea. It's embarrassing especially after I promised my family I wouldn't get another.

I got detention 4 times! all because I forgot my homework because I'm not organized
like its not fair! its nothing to do with my behavior ,its like homework is set to humiliate students ,because I have a phobia of being made fun of, one time the teacher said a had a detention in front of everyone and I started crying :(

Homophobic kids

There was a kid who hated gays so me and my friend made a club against him. One day I asked him why. He said "The bible says so" and than I was like "THE BIBLE SAYS TO BEAT WOMEN FOR BEING BAD! " The teacher was all like "Oh your such a good student Name Withheld! " REALLY?!?!?! HEY PUNCHED MY FRIEND IN THE STOMACH! Hey starts crying if he gets a B+. In conclusion, I HATED HIM!

This kid is a perfectly terrible salad of all the bad classmate types

In my school, if you're gay everyone will immediately hate you and you'll be the least popular, unless there's another person who's more gay. I'm trans, and everyone in my school absolutely hates me for it. Everyone calls me disgusting.

There was this one boy who was threatening another boy for being gay. He said he wanted to kill the boy, just because the boy he was threatening is gay. It's okay to be gay, so don't make death threats, just because of their sexuality. We shouldn't make death threats anyway.

"Homophobic" is a made-up term to describe people who speak up for what they believe in... just like the LGBT community is doing! I'm not saying that gays are bad or anything, I'm just saying that speaking out for your beliefs shouldn't be considered "homophobic".

How subjects are taught

Teachers always want us to pay attention to the class but then they teach subjects in the most boring way possible

I type MUCH faster than I write, so it would be easier if we could take notes on laptops like in University

UPDATE: Now I think that writing is better since we muse laptops way too much in school now - Squirrel719

Once I was writing notes but after the first few words I started making graffiti but when the teacher came around I braced myself but then she walked right past me and punished another kid who also did graffiti instead!

This is the main issue with Science. I like the subject, but the way they teach us is boring. At least we get to do group experiments now to at least brighten up the dull class.


some teachers are nice< most are mean and don't care about us individuals

Three should be homework,two should be this and one should be bullies.

Oh my god, these heartless excuses for human beings are the biggest hypocrites known to man. Say for example, a teacher is explaining some rules to a bunch of year 8 s on the first day of school, they told the students not to shave their hair off, the teacher's hair is clearly shaved off for everyone to see.

Not all teachers. My new upcoming teacher for 4th grade, Angela, is so nice. She doesn't yell like my teacher from last year. MY LAST TEACHER YELLED AT US ON OUR BIRTHDAY! FOR SOMETHING LIKE 5 KIDS DID! If I could curse in another language, I would.

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