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1 Homework

Me: Oh boy! I'm finally home from school where I've been nonstop learning for 7 hours time to FINALLY relax.

Mom: No! First you need to get started on that 3 hours of homework

Me: Kill me now!

I have 8 hours of school please save me when you done your homework :/ - spodermanfan1000

Ugh! I hate homework. Do the teachers even think we have a life outside of school? It takes up all your time. Every teacher usually gives it, and then the next day their like if you didn't do it "why didn't you do your homework? " It's like they don't evan think you have homework in other classes. Math is close 2nd

Were are out of school we shouldn't have homework - chivasboy3

My teachers don't understand that I have a social life out of school and a you tube channel and sports so giving me minor infraction because I missed 3 TRF's (only AVID students understand) and that I didn't do 15 Cornell notes this week. I'm sorry I don't wanna take another 5 hours with the 7 hours I'm in school to do homework.

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2 Bullies

Bulling just ruins your life, it lowers your grades, it makes you mental, just horrid, I get bullied and look at me now, I'm in the lowest set in every lesson! It makes me ANGRY!

Bullies are the reason I don't even go to school anymore. Now I happily homeschool :) Anyway, yup, bullies pretty much suck. As soon as you pass the kid who bullies you your smile fades, heart beats faster, you tense up. Plus when you go to the teachers they don't do bull about it, even though they say they will - dragonfly99

I remember this one girl in sixth grade and ever since she moved to the same table in English and reading class, she started making fun of me because I was shy. In math, she would shout "Don't talk to her, she's shy". I hated sitting at the same table as her because she was at a table where it was me and her two friends. They always tried to complain about class and try to use me as there calculator. It sucked especially because they all were stupid popular girls. She even was moved next to me in science and we were lab partners. I remember how she embarrassed me in front of her friend by complaining "I can't work with her she's too shy." Finally, I decided to tell my friend. My friend wanted to text her from the girls Facebook. I was scared because I thought the girl who was bullying me would see the message and get mad and tell everyone rumors about me or try to hurt me more. Soon after my friend told me she did message the bully. I was scared but the girl who was bullying me ...more - NightmareIsHere_

There is some bully at my school that is new to the school, and he brags about being superior to everyone. He brags about being rich and having girlfriends and always puts down others. Yet he cheats on all his girlfriends, is homophobic, and a bully. He thinks he is strong and athletic but he can’t even beat me at tug a war. And he hates anyone who is bisexual (homosexual in general)likes rock music, skateboard stuff, someone who is slightly different, etc. He called me hairy, yet he is not even in the slightest attractive, at least I get some compliments on my looks (positive ones), he gets nothing. When my friends roasted him, he got easily butthurt. He barely has any real friends and nobody likes him, the popular people don’t even like him because of his douchebag attitude, even if he has the same interests as them.

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3 Mean teachers

Today when I was in math class. I was doing some work in my notebook so when I got up my teacher asked where you going? I said I was gonna go get a drink of water because I was thirsty but my math teacher said no I can see your journal from here. TYPICAL! I had to erase my work I was all like ughh! ' But then my math teacher came up to me and said excuse me really loud that maybe the next door class might here it. My math teacher said you don't give me an attitude young lady get to work NOW! You don't talk to me like that! My math teacher said it really loud that I can feel my classmates behind me laugh at me because I was getting scold. I was looking down at my notebook looking at all the horrible math I done while getting scold at. I was mad it's no fair. And plus my classmates from math kept on annoying me I said I hate the building stuff and then they told on my math teacher my classmate told my math teacher that I said I hate them. That's a lie! I did not say that! But then my ...more

The teachers that give out to you over issues, the teachers that talk in an ANNOYINGLY loud voice, teachers that can't teach better than my mom, you name it! I got a note in my journal for looking at history after I finished my Irish work! That teacher made me cry and I got bullied for that! Way to go for punishing me for doing extra work but not punishing a student for chewing gum during class! Also, I hate the teachers that are literally yelling all the time! It should be me yelling, not you! I have to put up with idiots and bullying and exams! But most of all, I hate teachers that can't teach for. My English teacher literally just gives us a PowerPoint presentation, makes us watch us a YouTube video summarizing Romeo and Juliet and gives us either a summary of the act/scene or a letter/diary entry for one of the characters in the play for homework! EVERY SINGLE DAY! Also, I sit in a position where I can see what she does on the computer, and I see stuff like relaxation websites, ...more - ArtyLily

This happened to me myself numerous times my science teacher and my math teacher embarrassed me in front of the damn entire class. I was so hungry during class and we were taking a stupid ass exam so I decided to get a apple from that big jar my science teacher has in the rear back of the class. I was so hungry I couldn't wait till lunchtime and ate a apple and my science teacher gave me an evil stare and said do we eat in class? And pointed to the trash can while I was in the middle of eating I didn't want to do it because I was in the middle of eating that stupid fruit. I thrower it away anyways. RiDICULOUS! When we went out to lunch time I was gonna get another one because I was so hungry, however my science teacher said keep walking nope your not gonna get an apple you blew it up. I was really mad! I hate teachers like this!

Can't eat in class even when your lunch is the second last thing you do that day... - Doggus

I had a mean teacher who didn’t let us move to work in groups, and literally said she hated us. I also had another one that made us run way too much unlike what the teacher normally makes us run, and she accuses a student for no reason, I roasted her in class and everyone laughed, I did not get in trouble though. I made fun of both of them in a comic that I wrote. - AnimeDrawer

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4 Tests

Teacher: Don't rush in the test
Student: Why?
Teacher: Because if you do, you have to do it all over again
This is the reason why I hate tests. Once, I made a mistake by not saying "done" I made a mistake. JUST A MISTAKE! So my LA teacher, was frustrated at me for not doing what I need to do, so she said, " Look at my grumpy face! " And that face made my temperature really high. So guess what? She made me LATE, for my next class. Like COME ON! How come you can't just tell me to leave my iPad and go to my next class. She usually didn't want to make me late, but DAMN NO she did! When I went to my next class, I was so behind. Thank god my teacher told me what to do. So yeah TESTS RUIN EVERYTHING FOR YOUR CLASSES!

The best factor to put grades down. No finals + no exams + no SAT = Best present ever.

Why the hell isn't it at number 1 - silverfish238

I hate these, so much work. We have to memorize everything and it takes a long time. - AnimeDrawer

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5 Annoying kids

Why do kids in school act this way? Seriously, someone give me a brilliant explanation on why! We all have to go to school, it's a requirement in life to get anywhere, so why do these little maggots think it's a good idea to make comments, and chat constantly during the very little and valuable time we have in those classrooms? I mean, don't get me wrong, I hate school as much as the next soon-to-be ninth grade girl, but I still understand that it's important, and that we would get nowhere in life without it. And always hearing "What are those? " "Dez nuts! " and other things isn't really helping anyone get through what already can get pretty boring. I feel bad for the teachers who have to shout at these students all the time, and always get pushed to their breaking points. It's not fun to watch, and is basic bullying when you think about it, even if they are teachers. I just wish all annoying kids would be suspended, but then, if they were, THERE WOULD HARDLY BE ANYONE LEFT!

So you're standing in line, waiting for lunch. Suddenly, the guy behind you pokes you. You turn around and he says, "It wasn't me! " and points to your very best friend. Happens all day every day.

Some kid in my social studies class gave away my locker combination to everyone and the next day my locker had been broken into. He still won't accept that he's in the wrong here. He keeps on calling me a snitch for telling my teacher.

Wait, is this annoying kids like u annoy a kid, or an annoying kid

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6 Coming back to school on Mondays

Worst day of the week if you have school that day. It's time for another groggy, misfortunate, abysmal day on school Mondays. It's no wonder I only change clothes early on Saturday. Because its the same routine every day. It hurts when I have to leave the house just for this misery.

Give me the gun. I actually am happy when I'm ill cause I can stay home. - PotBellyPup

I hate that because all we want to do is to enjoy a nice and a sunny day but no instaed we have to go into the house of miserie which is school and I hate mondays because you have more work then ever and your classmates are even more shrill then before and your teachers are meaner then before.

I hate this, especially in winter. I am comfy in my soft covers then all of a sudden I have to think about waking up to go to school the next day. - AnimeDrawer

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7 Waking up and realizing you gotta go to school

ahh you wake up birds chirping
sun's shining
the bus waiting
wait?what? NoOoOoOoOOOOOOOESSSSs - Rocky5

Every time my alarm rings... My head goes on a swearing spree. I start to hate everyone around me and I tighten my grip. - BlackDeathCode

argh I hate that so much! - idolangelx13

The sun is shining, the bird are chirping, school is starting - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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8 It's boring

Oh why why would they send us to a wad of crap named school! Seriously we stay there for seven hours! Then after school they give us torture called homework which is referring that the school district is trying to stress us out with that stupid work! Seriously we come to that drop dead place Monday-friday every darn week! Oh and my teachers decided to make an event for kids called science Saturday! It's only four Saturdays! Then in fall break, winter break and spring break they offer us to go to those camps during the break and I was all like hell no! Then after the whole school year August -june they offer us to go to summer school and I was like hell no I went to school for 11 months almost a whole year I don't want to go to half june and August school and I don't even wanna go to july school school is typical torture!

It may not seem fun, but school is vital for your education and well - being. - Ku

I hate when teachers teach boring stuff and give out homework and it's even worse when probably a few people payed attention in class and know what to do on the homework and get it done really fast while the others including me didn't pay attention at all and had no clue what to do on the homework and have to look it up and spend more time! It's Ridiculous - BigButtCracker

I just can't sit there its just so stupid I wish I would kill the one who made these

You can say that 7.4 billion times!
Wait...saying the same thing over and over again...THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS AT SCHOOL! - lovefrombadlands

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9 Math/geometry/algebra/etc.

Math is the worst subject ever, if it were areal person I would punch it in the face. - C-BEAR

I HATE MATHS! And not only maths, I hate my entire school. If it was possible, I would've voted for every single thing on the list.

Math is horrible at my school. My class consists of some of the most annoying people in my grade. Plus, my teacher talks/teaches so loudly, I can hear the damn teacher from all the way down the hall and around the corner. Plus, on days we don't have gym, they replace it with Math Applications, the stupidest class in all of history. All it is is math + a different way to do what you've been doing correctly for a while + a complaining teacher = MATH - kaitlynrad11

I am doing this right now and it’s hell. It’s so confusing, nothing is understandable. - AnimeDrawer

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10 Annoying classmates

Last year in 3rd grade a bunch of talking kids when there is a MOVIE on! And they annoy my best friend by bullying her and being racist and those were blacks being mean to my WHITE friend. Move on. And a bunch of kids were OBSESSED with Harry Potter how DARE you mention it I hate him and his movies and a girl in my class forces me to like for NO typical reason. And they put a Fruit By The Foot and Call it Fruit By The Finger on their finger. I am like "ACT YOUR AGE! " but not that loud. And some kids in my class say the C words when some of them are only 8 or 9 years old! HOW JUVENILE IS THAT? And some girls talk in a babyish tone! And a girl bullies me for no reason. And they laugh at farts I use to laugh so hard but now it just annoys me that a boy in my class does fake farts. I hope I survive fourth grade! The only thing I like about my class is my FUN teacher I even cried when I would never see her this much. And next year when I am in fourth grade it's gonna be her last year. NO! ...more

Same there are these ULTRA annoying kids in my class, they are all babies and sad. They have all been friends ever since they were in nursery, and what makes them so sad is that they do not want anyone to join their baby gang of make anymore friends cause they are too scared of rejection. MAN I can't wait to see how they will make new friends once they get to high-school!

I have an annoying classmate in my home room, ( and almost the same classes) and he always says "WHAT ARE THOSE?! " And he said that for 3 or more months. In my social studies class like always, he tries to scare people. PEOPLE don't FIND THAT SCARY AT ALL! So one of my social studies classmates said, " Your not funny, your ANNOYING! "

My classmates can be annoying when too loud. And they always talk about the same thing over and over again, basketball, random stories of people on Snapchat that I don’t even know or give a f about, and Fortnite, nothing outside of that box. They are friendly and nice, but there needs to be more diversity though. I want people who love punk music and skate and love art, sort of like me, or at least something different. - AnimeDrawer

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? People who kiss in the hall

They are always holding hands, walking an inch an hour (like my friend Christian says.) And kissing. Oh and don't forget making me LATE! - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

In high school, kids do these. But, yeah. Pretty gross. Most people do NOT care if a boy and a girl are in a romantic relationship. - ILoveCodySML

In reality no one wants to see it - Dvafan2

High school only

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11 Projects

I hate projects. But not art projects, art projects are lovely and fun! - DapperPickle

My social studies teacher gave us stupid projects like a damn state report a family tree project for our winter break like who would want to know when was our family born what are there names and stuff similar like that?! Also my science teacher gave us a science fair project to do over our spring break! It takes us time to do it and we only had a week and three days of our spring break!

Your doing your own family tree your lucky you don't have to do Greek mythology - Ihateschool

What's worse is when it's a team project of 2 people... Usually one does everything and one does nothing...

For the one who does everything it's bad because they know the other one is gonna write on the project so you end up doing everything if you wanna get a good mark

And for the one who does nothing they either feel bad, just want to help & doesn't understand why the other doesn't let him do work or either he/she/ doesn't care. - MaxPap

Or even worse, the teacher puts you with your enemy. I hate that so much! - 3DG20

I am working on one now, and it sucks, I am on break. At least I was lucky to have a week to work on it instead of two days like everyone else. The project is long. - AnimeDrawer

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12 Learning about things you shouldn't have to learn

You are right. I hate how we learn stuff in school we won't have to learn. I wish school would only teach kids necessary things. Like paying your taxes paying bills and learning how to look after your house in the future. But no. You also have to learn what 100 plus 250 is. You will not have to learn that in the future. School should only teach important things. Another stupid school rule is not being allowed to defend yourself from jerks and bullies. No. t hanks to some ass in today's society we have to cower into a little ball and let them punch and kick at us until the teacher notices. Like screw you teacher. We can defend ourselves. Is self defense even aloud anymore? Not in schools rules of today.

100+250? Of course it needs to be learned! Think big bucks, people! Money? Yeah, you gotta learn the money! - Untildawn8

Guys, I want to learn only neurology in biology, but only because of the rubbish syllabus of school I have to waste my precious time on other subjects those I do not want to explore.

*sarcasm* Oh yeah, because in order to live, you HAVE TO know the daily life of a Prokaryotic Cell... - NoodleRidley

Math and reading+language arts are definitely important, you need to learn to calculate things such as money, being able socialize with others, and write. Science is needed too in daily life, like if you want to cook, you need to know science. PE is not that pointless since there is too many lazy people these days that don’t excercise at home, so that is needed. The most pointless is history, except for the significant events. - AnimeDrawer

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13 You're not allowed to chew gum

What is so bad about this!? You just chew something in your mouth, THAT IS IT! God, you teachers are the ones that should learn! - airplain313

They are afraid you would put the gum under the desks or something - MaxPap

Think that's bad? Come to my school, you are not aloud chocolate or sweets!

I never chew gum but my math teacher can see you chew gum when she is at her desk and you are at the back of the class - Awesomedogg

I've got braces on, so I go for mints instead - ILoveCodySML

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14 Proper uniform

I don't really mind the uniform but would much rather wear normal clothes because not matter how hard teachers try, there will never be a day when all the boys have their shirts tucked in and the girls have knee-length skirts! It makes us look like grannies! But I hate it when there's those try-hards that have their skirt so short you can see their butt! No body want to see the thing that produces poop! My high school also has the poop rule about hair and how you can't colour it and stuff! And it has to be above the eyebrows! You look like a complete retard if you run around with a fringe that comes halfway down your forehead! All these rules are pointless because nobody is gonna look at the school and find someone with coloured hair then say- "oh they can colour their hair! I'm not sending my child there! " NOBODY DOES THAT!

I live in UK. It can get up to 26c in summer and were stuck in Black Blazers, Ties that strangle you, Thick tops, Stupid trousers and Uncomfortable shoes. I hate it

Where I live it gets to 50 DEGREES and they still think it's NORMAL to force us to wear dark annoying Blazers outside. It's like they only care about looks. 2 A-students, me and this girl, have both boycotted the stupid rule by not wearing them and cutting the skirt, respectively. And half my school avoids Blazers. So detention is a normal thing at my school. I even "threw my toys out of my cot" where I threw out my school tie. So, yeah, uniforms are useless and make the school chaotic. I hate it. - PizzaGuy

I live in London and I'm in primary school we have to were ties that strangle you and our skirts are so long and big and it makes you fat

In America, most schools don't do it. I live in America. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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15 Your crush invites everyone in class except you

That would absolutely kill me so bad. I would not like that. I'd ask why I wasn't invited. Anyway, my crush doesn't know that I like him, and we are basically best friends, so he probably would invite me... So, there's nothing for me to say. BROUHAHA! -/O. O-

I have a crush on a girl in my grade. I started liking her in 5th grade, but it was just small. It got bigger in 6th grade, but I kept it secret. In 7th grade, I was bragging about it a lot. During the summer to 8th grade, I started realizing that this might be embarrassing her, and I realized what I did was wrong. So I lowered down on it in 8th, and kids liked me for it. They were happy I was being smart about it, and not bringing it up every day.

that is the most annoying thing I have seen - ronluna

I don’t have a crush but this boy likes be and LITERALLY brags and tells everybody about it every day. It’s horrible. Everybody teases us but I am to embarrassed to talk to him or anybody about it. I wish he would just stop but it’s been super awkward and we used to be good friends but we don’t talk to each other anymore now...

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16 Don't stop bullies and if you fight back you get in trouble and the bully does not

Any teacher who allows this rule should be fined a million dollars. "TEACHER, I GOT PUNCHED IN THE FACE, MY EYE IS BLEEDING"! Detention for you! (That never happened). If that happened to anything, there teacher should go to hell. The Buddhist kind.

There was this kid and he bullied me and my friend stopped him fron kicking me by punching him and my friend was suspended and the bully got nothing.

One of the main reasons why kids don't speak up or stand against their bully. The schools don't do enough and when they do, it's against the person who's being bullied. - Rue

Same here, this fat ugly boy named Gaten was bullying my friend the whole entire lunch time and he grabbed her butt twice and the teachers didn’t do nothing. She then slapped him twice and she got a week in in school suspension. - Lolbs

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17 Grades

My whole life is depending on letters and numbers. nice to hear

Well, if somebody says "I got an A+! and you got a C-". That shouldn't be allowed I mean... REALLY!? By the way home work is terrible 7 hours of school. When you get home YOU HAVE 3 HOURS OF HOMEWORK!?

In elementary school, it used to be about learning. Now in middle school, it's just about passing. I slept 5 hours last night because I was trying to do some dumb social studies project and I'm still not done!? Is that really what I get for taking a BREAK for once!?

The most boring thing is kindergarten school is really boring - Lordvader3500

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18 Public speaking

I really hate presenting book reports in front of people. If they laugh when I crack a small joke it makes me feel better. I told everyone to stop staring and they laughed and I felt a bit better. But I still hate it anyway. :(

I make public speaches. I got in trouble for making a speech in the gym during a ceremony saying these words "A new order will rise to power. The old power will fall. God is helping us. We are doing justice. The school will be ours. Our army will use force to win this school. The Unity will takeover." basically saying The Unity (my organization) will takeover the school. I got kicked out and I said that in EVERY class

It's so awkward, especially when your crush is in front of you while you're presenting. I mean who wouldn't get distracted, he is just so cute. And then even if he knows that my presentation was bad, he'll say it was excellent. It makes me think that he likes me, but too bad, he already has a girlfriend.

I am not afraid to speak if I know what I am going to talk about. But I am scared to speak if I don’t even know what I am gonna do, I tend to stutter a lot. - AnimeDrawer

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19 Cafeteria food

I've never liked cafeteria food. My first day at school I tried the pizza- this was in fifth grade- it was greasy, but smelled OK. I saw some kids patting off the grease but didn't take a hint. I took a bite and got a big mouthful of greasy, flavorless cheese. I picked a piece of pepperoni off the pizza and it tasted fatty and thin. The crust was soaked with grease. After that, I knew it was inedible. I was a bit of a picky eater, but this was pushing me to far. The next day, I tried some chicken nuggets and noodles. The noodles were overcooked and dry but I could deal. The chicken was OK, and tasted good with ketchup. Until, about a week later I found a random hard lump of fat in my chicken nuggets. After that, I was DONE with chicken nuggets. I chucked in the trash. Luckily, at my old school, they have a wall between the lunch ladies and the eating area. I tried a hot dog. The bun was dry, but the hot dog was OK. The ends were burnt beyond belief however. DONE. By then, I was ...more - glowingstar

Honestly, the food needs to be more healthier. Pizza, corn dogs, no seriously, we need to eat healthier. We also need to be more tidy in our schools too. In fact, everywhere needs to be tidy. Sometimes I see food on the floor, and the janitors didn't even clean it up! Like seriously, please add more responsibility in schools! We can't just let somebody do all the cleaning for us! We need to learn how to be more independent because when we are in college we won't be depending on people to clean our mess, we have to clean up ourselves! Unfortunately, parents would be like "CHILD ABUSE! " because kids are actually cleaning up, and then when kids throw trash, curse at people, bully people, harass people, and do all the other terrible things, then they wonder why they do all of these things. This is why we need to be a little more strict. Not too strict to the point you can't do some cool things like having fun with your friends, but strict to the point when kids know how to look after ...more

I hate cafeteria food! You know we have breakfast right so today we had yogurt but vanilla yogurt. Then we had in a bag granola mixed with cranberries or raisins. Bluck! The red raisins make me approach vomiting. In lunch we have nasty tamales sometimes. For breakfast we sometimes have cookies but not regular ones. They are stuffed with raisins and what else just spoiled. Cafeteria food is just not healthy at all! Lunch ladies in every school district think we can have milk everyday really spaghetti and meatballs with milk. Lunch ladies probably poison our food hmm no wonder why some kids vomit in school. Lunch ladies be in your guard you cook us food poisoning!

In elementary school, I used to think that most of the food weren't that terrible, but some were. I tried their Texas toast and got a mouthful of grease, which tasted rather disgusting. The mac and cheese was fine, the chicken nuggets were okay, the spaghetti was fine too, etc.

Another time, I tried brunch-lunch (which included mini pancakes and a few mini sausages) they were pretty good. Then, I tried their cheese-stuffed bread-sticks, they were fine.

Then, I tried the nachos, they were delicious. Whenever someone forgot to pay for their lunch (after the bill runs low), they get a cold-lunch instead. One of my friends HATED cold lunches.

The only thing I HATED was the Texas toast. - ILoveCodySML

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20 Detentions

I hate detention. Like seriously I got detention because. I got hurt what the heck!

WHY ISN'T THIS IN THE TOP TENS?! I hate detention. The most reason why I get it is because I forget to do my homework. That doesn't even make any sense! I get three hours of homework for like five subjects, and they punish you for forgetting one of them! This should be number one at least.

I remember I got detention twice. It sucked especially because when I would complain to the teachers about it was not my fault for being late to class, the would still say it was my fault. I remember the second time I could hear the teacher mocking me with the class (I was getting my library books out of my locker, which happened to be by that class) But yea. It's embarrassing especially after I promised my family I wouldn't get another.

I got detention 2 months ago and I still face the punishment because my parents grounded me from my phone - idksoleavemealone

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21 Bitchy popular girls

They are just terrible excuses for human beings they think they are above and are worth more than you

They always end their word with an ah

They should all be either expelled or killed in a disaster. - Captaincrunch2015

Thank god, there are no girls at my school that use way too much makeup and are rude. The popular girls are actually nice to me, and most of the time don’t even dress too fancy, or are cake faced they make great conversations. Only one or two of them are mean, but the rest are nice. - AnimeDrawer

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22 Homophobic kids

There was a kid who hated gays so me and my friend made a club against him. One day I asked him why. He said "The bible says so" and than I was like "THE BIBLE SAYS TO BEAT WOMEN FOR BEING BAD! " The teacher was all like "Oh your such a good student Name Withheld! " REALLY?!?!?! HEY PUNCHED MY FRIEND IN THE STOMACH! Hey starts crying if he gets a B+. In conclusion, I HATED HIM!

I know plenty of people in my class that are respectfully bisexual and gay, and I completely support them. When a homophobic said he did not like gays or bisexual, everyone in the class ganged up and got mad. - AnimeDrawer

"Homophobic" is a made-up term to describe people who speak up for what they believe in... just like the LGBT community is doing! I'm not saying that gays are bad or anything, I'm just saying that speaking out for your beliefs shouldn't be considered "homophobic". - Patty_C


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23 Arrogant rich kids

A kid in my class named Jaye is annoying me or everyone if they do something to him on accident no he must have drama cause he is an arrogant rich kid don't believe me he goes to China or Japan about 3 times a year. Oh yea he can go to bunch of other places to. Like jet/plane shows he goes to those 7 times a year! - spodermanfan1000

I also hate it how they are always gone somewhere and say they're sick but they're actually in places like VEGAS OR HOUSTON OR Thailand!

Yeah one time in drama we played a game where we had to say two truths and a lie, and someone said, I've been to vegas 8 times, california 4 times and new york 7 times, and then someone guessed california and she said, yep I've been to california 6 times.

I heard a kid say "I come from a rich family I have swell grammar." in my class.

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24 Being ignored

Oh my God even my friends ignore me! Like they always say "Oh go away we're not being rude but we want time to ourselves" or whatever... and everyone else always regards me as "that kid with that beanie" (because I always wear a fox beanie) ;-; - WhamBamPineapples

Yes the kids ignore me and once at the last day of the 2nd quarter a close friend asked who I was and was serious.

I raise my had when I know the answer and the teacher doesn't call on me. But when l DON'T know the answer he calls on me, even when I'm not raising my hand!

I Get ignored by my teachers, I always put my hands up and they feckin ignore me - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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25 Teachers

Oh my god, these heartless excuses for human beings are the biggest hypocrites known to man. Say for example, a teacher is explaining some rules to a bunch of year 8 s on the first day of school, they told the students not to shave their hair off, the teacher's hair is clearly shaved off for everyone to see. - ArpstaAmy333

Not all teachers. My new upcoming teacher for 4th grade, Angela, is so nice. She doesn't yell like my teacher from last year. MY LAST TEACHER YELLED AT US ON OUR BIRTHDAY! FOR SOMETHING LIKE 5 KIDS DID! If I could curse in another language, I would.

Special ed teachers are worse than regular ed teachers. I had special ed teachers, and they were all cruel to me. They drag me in the school's halls, blame me for nothing, and get me in trouble for stupid reasons all the time. Sure I have had some mean regular ed teachers, but my most of them were nice to me.

My math teacher is pretty cool and patient for the subject being pretty hard, at least he isn’t so strict. So is my LA and Reading teacher, who actually likes Blink-182 and loves the fact that I am artistic(musically and in other forms). My social studies teacher ignores me and never likes to talk to me. And my science teacher is okay. - AnimeDrawer

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26 How subjects are taught

I type MUCH faster than I write, so it would be easier if we could take notes on laptops like in University - Harri666

UPDATE: Now I think that writing is better since we muse laptops way too much in school now - Squirrel719

Once I was writing notes but after the first few words I started making graffiti but when the teacher came around I braced myself but then she walked right past me and punished another kid who also did graffiti instead! - Captaincrunch2015

This is the main issue with Science. I like the subject, but the way they teach us is boring. At least we get to do group experiments now to at least brighten up the dull class. - AnimeDrawer

Some teacher, are not that good and supportive - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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27 Nosy teachers

This is what happens to kids in my class everyday
Me:(whispering to my friend)
Teacher:Excuse me
Me:(whispers to friend again)
Me:(stands up) I was just saying to my friend that the teacher is really nice and sweet
Teacher: Thank you
Me: -whispers I didn't say which teacher to myself-

When you try to have a private conversation with your friends, Your teacher asks what you're talking about

My teacher once eavesdropped on my conversation in South Park, and tried to scold me. hate her.

Agreed. I hate it when they loud mouth you

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28 School shootings

When a teacher dies I am just normal but when a kid dies I'm like THINK OF THE CHILDREN - Captaincrunch2015

You would think after countless shootings, killings, and fights, schools can do better than put up a "No weapons on school property" sign.

Yes this is sad when I hear about school shootings like the one sandy hook elementary school on December 14,2012 it made me feel so bad - flaggy0666

This should be number 1. I am sorry for those who had to experience it. It’s a sad event for the students and their parents, as well as the staff and teachers. It’s especially awful when parents hear their children died during the shooting. - AnimeDrawer

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29 Waking up early

I'm tired, let me sleep longer..

I loose about 5 hours of sleep every 5 school days. - Spirtfall

I always wake badly in 5:00 and we have to rush

I'm a sophomore in high school right now, so I usually have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning and whenever I turn the lights on... my eyes!

There have been a few times where I slept until 5:30. I checked my phone and it said 5:32 AM. I woke up in a rush and unloaded the dishwasher as quick as I could. Luckily, I was in time for breakfast. - MangoFruitJuice

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30 Only two months for summer vacation

That's stupid. And you know what else is stupid? Summer break is not even the whole summer season. Who come up with these rules? Gosh.

Agree it should be six months cause 2 months goes by to quick

Guess how long our holidays in Australia are? 2 weeks or a month long!

Should be 4 or 5 months at least! - FloydtheCat

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31 Getting in trouble

This just makes you anxious as hell and your mind is just racing. - airplain313

I hate getting in trouble. This may sound crazy, but my fun life depends on no matter what bad thing I do.

Getting in trouble ruins your day

Sometimes this is pretty fun though! Depending on what it is! I got in trouble in PE for cussing and not following the rules and I sat out laughing the whole time. But I usually don’t get caught, even when I do something bad. - AnimeDrawer

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32 History lessons

The school teaches all religions except Christianity. They think its offensive for others to learn about God, but they think it's okay for kids to learn about Muslims. This is actually the only part of school I despise.

No really about my history lesson, but my mean history teacher. She told us to stand if you didn't have a history file with us in school. Then unexpectedly, she scold us for that reason and gave lame excuses.

These are the lessons are the ones that are going to put me to sleep the most.

History is fun also the drawings ancient people did are cool and the mythology is cool. also the egypt gods look like some sort of animal mask disco party. - Lunala

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33 PE

My PE teacher is a moron. Also, she expects ME, the girl who got the nickname "Noodle Arms", to do a full pushup.

Pe makes me think I'm useless. A football has more chance of turning into a unicorn than being kicked by me. And seriously? 5 minutes of running with out stopping for a sixth grader? Me and my friend would probably get a heart attack if we didn't walk the whole way. And so what if I can't hit a ball with a bat?
I can do at least 50 push ups and sit ups without a problem but I can't run for 5 metres without getting tired. My PE teacher is also so strict. We can't even sit down after we are finished running for an hour. At least I'm good at drawing and art.

PE sucks, I caught a horrible report card that made me sound like a moron just because of PE. I'm not allowed to wear pants I have to put on shorts in some change room full of other boys changing, usually when I'm in there they just laugh at me and tease me while I'm changing, it's just pathetic

I'm not a very "sporty person" if you want to call it that. The only sport I will EVER take part in is swimming, and also I'm not a competitive person either, so you can tell I TOTALLY enjoy this class...by the way why do you get graded in this class? Like to get an A+ I need to climb a rope...what? And, plus teachers do have to know that not everybody is the same and that is the problem with PE class. - tacoperson

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34 Show-offs

I have this friend who sometimes is a show off and shows my other friends and I weird stuff from the Internet that she thinks is true and every time we tell it isn't she gets mad at us. She is also really good at gymnastics so shows off and is like I am going to do gymnastics classes so I can teach you and I am like I don't want break my neck so NO! And my other 2 friends who did follow got in trouble. She also acts like she doesn't have mistakes and like she tells our mistakes and to stop and I am like what about you.

In my opinion, they do cool things to make sure they are popular. However, they have some bad character traits. I think the smart, nice people like me, all my friends, etc should be popular

Some of the kids at my school are teaching others how to hack and now that I think about it one dude in particular hacked every computer and basically showed off to the entire school how hilarious his hacks are.

A real show off break their Damn neck
Just for attention like the kid in my old landscaping class
the teacher said this a a dangerous class and he nearly broke his neck and he's askin why we ain't usin the tools. Ps he isn't in trouble but still

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35 Mondays

Monday is like that episode from Gumball. It is depressing. So very depressing. - Captaincrunch2015

Monday is the absolute worst day of the week ever Uh. Seriously I stay awake very long on Sunday night cause all I wanna do is envy the time I've got left!

Mondays are so boring and annoying because you have to look forward to a stupid five days of FUN! Obviously sarcastic

Oh this is the day I hated: MONDAYS! - TopLucas

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36 Fire drills

Yeah. I hate them but we do it once a month. And by the way, how come they are so loud and they say "may I have your attention please? " Here is my saying now:
Fire alarm: may I have your attention please. May I have your attention please.
Me: Would the real slim shady please stand up. Laugh out loud

They're so annoying! My school don't have them in the winter, but in the Fall and Spring, they can happen at any time and scare the crap out of you! Although the teachers tell you ahead of time at my school, they never tell you the exact time it will happen, so when you least expect it, BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! They also really think that if there was a real fire burning the school, we'd walk out calm and in an orderly fashion? How about no? Why, they might ask? We don't want to burn to death, thank you very much.

One time I was in the toilet and the fire drill went off I was so embarrassed. I hate fire drills because they're stupid and scare the crap out of you. No matter how many dumb drills they give us we're still gonna run out of the school screaming. Cause we don't want to die! It's not like we'd be like "Okay guys there's a big fire spreading in the school. Let's all walk in a calm orderly line out of the building." - SammySpore

Why do we have to practice these every month? Like literally we know what to do, in a slow orderly fashion walk out of the building...like I see you can do it like 2 times a school year, but every month?! - tacoperson

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37 There is a huge lack of funding

In our local area this school is getting rich over all the over schools (including my school) getting poorer, we do get pieces of money to help renovate the store and we have new Drama/RE/Computing rooms but all the other subject funding is left to rot - Harri666

My school makes at least 1,000 dollars just by lunch. Yet the school looks ghetto. I'm not being snobby I'm dead serious. There is trash everywhere are the portables are basically falling apart.

Literally my old school had like hundreds of fund raisers and events to get money, and guess what? Nothing happened to the school to make it better. Heck, it went downhill to be honest, what are the teachers even spending it on?...Crack. - tacoperson

My school looks like a ghetto. It wastes the money on these stupid slips you get if you're late, stupid higlighters and red pens they can't even afford to knock down a building that was meant to be up for 5 years which has been up for 39 years (which is literally on the verge of collapsing). They can afford to get our parents sent to court but not to knock down a building. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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38 Unexpected substitute teachers

What I mean by that is if you expect your normal teacher to be there, but there is a sub. - anonygirl

I hate these, they are mean, I made fun of two in a comic and roasted one of them. - AnimeDrawer

Yes this would drive me nuts even more if it was a substitute I don't like - flaggy0666

I love when this happens sometimes, but it depends on which teacher they’re covering for and if they themselves are nice. - 3DG20

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39 Gossips

NOW come to think of it, I was one in 5th grade.

40 Too much hypocritical beliefs

Everyone get's mad when someone says they hate Minecraft. I don't, but I love Minecraft. They don't know what "Freedom of Speech" means. Saying minecraft PLAYERS suck is a different story.

Certain religious and political beliefs shouldn't be placed on kids who don't yet know any better. Religion and political views are something to be taught at home by the parents, not by the teachers.

And yet, Christian schools exist. I was almost sent to one of these but did not get in because it took too long for me to do a test - Nanis149

Yeah! I mean, it's not like I go to school to be pestered with hypocritical rules while the teachers break them!

Let’s be honest here, we are all hypocritical at some point. But doing it all the time will make you a liar. - AnimeDrawer

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41 Bad substitutes

I had a bad substitute in grade 11 and 12 she would yell at you for stupid stuff and steal chairs, I remember I had her for 3 days in grade 12 in September she was getting mad at me when I was using my Google chrome extension speak it, and I was typing notes and she got mad because she thought I was playing a game during class, she almost took away my computer, then she got mad when she saw me using speak it she thought I was playing with it and told me to stop and read it, I had speak it read it to me because I like to hear a voice reading it, then she got mad at the hole class and said every time I look away you always sneak on something else, then she made me very upset that I told on her, then the next day she gets mad at a kid for finished his work, then, the day after was another class she got mad a kids having fun in the dark room I think they were recording a video for a class video project she made me so upset, then a month later th sub got fired for getting too many ...more - flaggy0666

I've only had good substitutes this year. One let us eat cake and free draw in class instead of write an essay! And they were all so nice. However, there was one called Daysha. She criticized us like "THAT CURSIVE LOOKS TERRIBLE! " My teacher would say "You have to work just a bit longer, otherwise nice job! "

Some teachers don't actually teach you anything. I'm not against this until the real teacher comes back and gives us a test and we all fail.

One time this sub made us run too much, she’s mean,and spent more time on her phone rather than teaching us, then I told her “Take her phone to the office! ” everyone laughed out of nowhere and congratulated me for that. She did nothing, ha! - AnimeDrawer

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42 Evil teachers

My Year 6 maths teacher. I got "A" on a test but this nasty witch only handed out lollipops to people who got "A+". I am not exaggerating! And she yelled at people for getting answers wrong. She yelled at me for being confused! (And I'm usually a Teacher's Pet even though I don't mean to be, so that says something! ) - Lunala

My life is ruined by one sadistic teacher

I had to deal with way too many of these in my life. - Nanis149

I hate my teachers the yell at me constantly they’re EL DIABLO

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43 Pointless topics and subjects

Instead of learning about how to make great movies I instead have to learn about the French Revolution which has nothing to do with my job *slow clap* nice job school on how you cause me to fall back on how I feel about my job

There are these days where I have to go on pointless websites that are CRINGE! But recently I joined a group of "editors" who teach students how to ruin websites. Well done school.

One disgusting example...learning about puberty - spodermanfan1000

Exactly! Like my teacher gave me a article about memorizing and it’s so stupidly pointless and repetitive. And she said it’s a damn grade! God dang that’s just dumb

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44 Hypocritical sluts

Ugh they are so annoying! They attract all the boys at school only because of their sexiness. In real life, they're stupid, rude, and will always betray you. - ethanmeinster

Stop being so stereotyped. Some girls are beautiful, smart, and kind. - PizzaGuy

Looks are their only good quality, otherwise, this type of girl is complete trash!

Meow - tearest7

45 Music class

My music teacher is so lazy we to do this Christmas and spring show every year so she makes pick the song and the dance steps and sometimes we look like retards and I hate singing and dancing in front of huge crowds and just want to help backstage but no. She has this art and performance club who get all special treatment

My music teacher makes us sing loser songs like the kindergartners. I hate my music teacher. - EpicJake

New music teacher: * locks all electric guitars acoustic guitars, keyboards, violins, flutes, trumpets, drums sets, and microphones in a cupboard*

Ok kids we are now going to be doing dancing. A form of sport.

Should be way higher than #63. I love music, but music class sucks so much. The teachers keeps making us sing pop songs which sucks terribly - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

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46 Bitchy classmates

I hate this then you want to tell NOBODY CARES

Trying to take a test and a girl yells out MY HEAD HURTS in whiny way

A girl in my class claims she has a twin and they take turns coming to school. She also has 5 names.

Like Justin Bieber fans - Kartman

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47 Only care about reputation

One time, during this field trip, my friend spilt plum sauce on her pants and after that everyone kept calling her plum sauce. So if I spill Mountain Dew on myself will everyone call me Mountain Dew?

I think most people at my school would refer to me as being angry, but they only ever see me at school. - 3DG20

I don't want to be cool, because it's too much pressure, us nerds have much more fun! - Flowerfriend4407

I have a bad reputation of getting Ds on every test and its only the beggining of December - Ihateschool

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48 Finals

there is nothing worse than finals.

Ugh, state testing in California, you worry about it all summer and you get the results back in September and if you don't do good, you get grounded for three weeks. - TopTenHaters

I want to kill myself every time the teacher says there is a final - Ihateschool

Finals are awful, especially your GCSEs, they cause you stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. They tell us not to worry about them and get a good night's sleep yet also they're bragging on about how important it is and the consequences of you failing, which helps keep you up at night. Good job -__- - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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49 Give you homework on a lesson you haven't learned yet.

That is basically my old online school in a nutshell. - tacoperson

50 So much work
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