Annoying kids


Story time! So I was in art class and there is this really annoying kid who is always talking very loudly and being a jerk to everyone. So one time I went to wash my bowl out in the sink and he starts spraying water at some other kid and me. Mind you, we are in 8th grade. 8TH GRADE. so I tell him to stop but he does it again! By now I've had enough so I go to the art teacher and told her that he was spraying water at me. She yelled at him and he down. I continued painting. He then turned in his seat and said to me "tattletale" I shrugged at him and continued doing my work. Then later he did it again but said it like this: " tattletale! " So I say back " idiot! " And someone says "that's a roast." A few seconds later my friend had had enough of him so she sprayed water at him with a paintbrush. It was only a little bit but he got up and thought it was ME who did it so he told the teacher. Me and my friend didn't get in trouble but STILL. He annoys me so much.

Also another time I ...more - wambamkam

You what types of kids at my school pisses me off do?

They always play with you and be like
“It’s just for fun”

Some of them are so gay!

When your friend becomes so petty and be a bitch with you!

When you try to go near your friends or talk to your crush, there’s this idiotic kid in your way and say “your not skipping me in the line”! And an other person comes by and the kid that’s in your way let’s THAT person pass by! They are such cleany bitches!

Students in your class that complains, argues, and insults over everything. Even over dumb crap!

Students in your class says something offensive about you and get mad at you for no reason. Like what did I do to you!?!?

I dread every school morning just because of the asses that infect that place. I thought high school is when students start acting like adults. Nope, of course I was wrong. Freshmen and Seniors are both equally immature and annoying at my school and as a result, our teachers treat us like middle school students. I sorta understand them if your students have the mental capacity of a Nike shoe.

Personally, I may fall into the annoying kid category to a few people in my History class, but that doesn't stop me from hating the annoying kids. These kids in the grade above me idolize me for no reason at all, always yelling my name whenever they see me in the halls. Recently this kid at my lunch table kept interrupting me while I'm talking to my friend. I wanted to go grab a teacher to get it to stop. My lockermate is also indirectly annoying to me. According to my friend, my ELA teacher, who is like the best teacher in the world, snapped at my friend's hour due to annoying kids, and also completely favors my hour due to the annoying kids. (Our hour's share of annoying kids are kinda more behaving in class). Case in point, half the school gets on my nerves.

Where to start the stupid popular group full of kids. The really annoying people in lower years who chat because they know if you hit them you get into far more than you deserve. What about that one guy in every year who really thinks he is hard stands there and threatens you but never actually does anything.

Ok, I have recently started 8th grade, about 2 weeks ago, & there's a group of kids in my choir class and they never ever stop talking, even when the choir teacher constantly tells them to stop. When I turn around to see what there doing, there like "what", this Wednesday, one of them through a rubber band at me & I told him to stop, and he acted like he didn't do anything, before that happened, the same one constantly kicked my chair. One of (if not the) most annoying kids I've ever met in my entire life

A friend of mine was sitting and I guess he was sad cause next time I was sitting with my friend and the person comes up and says, "Why didn't you care that I was sad earlier? " I was complex. IT WAS YOuR FAULT! I yelled at him cause he was saying rude things at us. - spodermanfan1000

This is by far the worst thing about school. Education is invaluable, and I can see a use for every subject, but being around retarded brats is NOT my idea of education, and I think the teachers agree with me, being strained to their limits.

A kid when I was in the library kept stealing my pencils and papers. I like him, because he's really nice, but sometimes he fools around with me. THAT was kinda annoying. The librarian had to move where I was sitting and doing work and thought I was goofing off.

This happened in 4th grade my class is watching a movie. so then this kid taps my shoulder and starts saying HEY HEY! HOW MANY FINGERS AM I HOLDING UP? and then at a random part he starts laughing and its not even a real laugh. he just goes "eh"

The popular kids are probably the most annoying types of students in my opinion because a lot of them think they're a gift from god when in reality, they're just like every other school kid. - 3DG20

I agree, there's a rich kid (I'm richer than that kid though) that can't stop annoying me. He snitches on me all the time and he kept pushing me when we're in a queue. - 50

Sunny (7th grade), Zion (elementary developmental) and Sophia/Sofia (middle school developmental) are these! I hate their guts! I should punch their faces so hard! - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

I hate school. It's not because of the homework, and it's not because of the tests. It's because of the people.

I knew some annoying fifth grade girls who ALWAYS caused some stupid crappy drama about some stupid crap. It happens to the fourth graders too.

This person in my science class keeps screaming out stuff about Caillou. - NoodleRidley

(happens everyday) Me: *Stands in line* *feels someone poke my butt* My mind: IS HE DOING THIS ON PURPOSE?!

Like what SpongeBob was in Boating Buddies. That stalker face... (shudder) - Garythesnail

I hate annoying kids, I mostly have them in my public classes and they swear left and right while thinking they are cool. - Call

This is one of the worst things in school. There is this one kid in my class, and he annoys EVERYONE IN THE CLASS EVERY DAY!

You think that's even worse! A bunch of kids talk nonstop at my class even when there's a movie!

The kids in my class are idiots! I'm in 9th grade and so are they! They're supposed to be mature!

I would rather be homeschooled than sit by these blockheads. - HelloWhyImHere2

I can't stand the kids at my school.

True I had a very annoying kid in grade 9 it really sucked and he was in 3 of my classes