Cafeteria food


It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get good school lunches from your school's cafeteria. Lunch ladies say eat healthy, while the food they give to kids (bored kids that want to relax) is greasy as hell. Let me explain a simple and short everyday scenario: You are standing in a line, guy/girl pokes you, you peek back, boy/girl points at your best friend. This happens very commonly. If you find a GOOD school lunch from the cafeteria, give it to a museum, they will be impressed with what you found. Lunch ladies also can be rude at times.

Now to the long lines. The lines are very long and you wait there like 30 mins minimum, 4 hours maximum, I would rather starve then wait 2 hours for a greasy pizza that I won't eat anytime soon. If you have a lucky day, there is no line. It can be really rare. I don't understand this, but 1st and 2nd graders can make a simple line, while the older classmates make a mess and it is like a 7 person wide line.

Now to the other classmates. The 8 person ...more - MinecraftHater

I hate cafeteria food! You know we have breakfast right so today we had yogurt but vanilla yogurt. Then we had in a bag granola mixed with cranberries or raisins. Bluck! The red raisins make me approach vomiting. In lunch we have nasty tamales sometimes. For breakfast we sometimes have cookies but not regular ones. They are stuffed with raisins and what else just spoiled. Cafeteria food is just not healthy at all! Lunch ladies in every school district think we can have milk everyday really spaghetti and meatballs with milk. Lunch ladies probably poison our food hmm no wonder why some kids vomit in school. Lunch ladies be in your guard you cook us food poisoning!

In elementary school, I used to think that most of the food weren't that terrible, but some were. I tried their Texas toast and got a mouthful of grease, which tasted rather disgusting. The mac and cheese was fine, the chicken nuggets were okay, the spaghetti was fine too, etc.

Another time, I tried brunch-lunch (which included mini pancakes and a few mini sausages) they were pretty good. Then, I tried their cheese-stuffed bread-sticks, they were fine.

Then, I tried the nachos, they were delicious. Whenever someone forgot to pay for their lunch (after the bill runs low), they get a cold-lunch instead. One of my friends HATED cold lunches.

The only thing I HATED was the Texas toast. - ILoveCodySML

I don't get why the lunch ladies at my school tell us to eat healthy even though the food they give us is greasy, fattening, and just plain crap! I never get lunch from school, I usually just bring my own lunch as does 90% of the middle school. I actually haven't had school lunch in 2 years and before that, I would only get school lunch if we ran out of bread or whatever. By the way, did I mention that the milk IS EXPIRED!

In England cafeteria food isn't that bad. Mainly because of food and hygiene critics take measures if the hygiene rating is low. Get ratings like 4-5 you're off the hook. ratings 1-3 they're going to start taking serious measures. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

This is one of the worst. They one time sold something that is like Hot Pockets, except in the shape of a quesadilla and worse. There was way too much marinara sauce in it, yuck(one of the reasons I lost my appetite in spaghetti) and there was too much nasty cheese as well. Everyone hated it, it was so bad they never put it on the menu again. The chicken nuggets are soggy too, so are the chicken patty sandwiches and cheeseburgers. The breadsticks look raw and so does the sauce. School food sucks, us students work hard, we deserve to be well fed to focus in school. - AnimeDrawer

I had maggots in my beans. I will never forget that moment and don't mind paying for expensive freshly made college food because at least there are no maggots. - Rue

My mom makes me have school lunch. In 4th grade, I asked if I can bring a lunch box as nicely as I could and she said no. The I said that school lunch sucks and she still said no. - EpicJake

I live in Aus so I don't have to put up with cafeteria food but there are these jelly cups at the canteen that nobody buys and I swear I saw mould on a couple of them - SugarcoatShadowBolt

My mom's food is much better than the cafeteria food.

I'm glad I don't go to the school that makes the students get cafeteria food ALL THE TIME. To be more "healthy."

I take back what I said about school food being decent. Because my school food caused a bunch of students to get food poisoning. Not to mention the pasta in my school is grotesque. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

The only way to keep up with my friends and family members is to make a difference in my personality and I don't think I have the ability to do that because I have no pets

In south Africa we don't have cafeterias. We bring our own lunch or money to buy lunch at school.

The food at my school is actually REALLY good! My only complaint is the pizza. It could have a bit more flavor to it.

The worst, I bring my own food in a lunch bag instead, the food in my school is so bad, that it makes me disgusted. - AnimeDrawer

The food at the cafeteria of my school is pretty good. But in many other schools, it's terrible! - anonygirl

That is why homemade foods are the best options for school lunch. - MrCoolC

Feed us this crap make us do gym how cruel - Hspencer

It used to be good" Thanks Michelle Obama "

At my school we bring food from home, but somethimes the counsellor there give's us the most nasty Bread and Milk. The Milk was Plain and Stinky and the Bread once I discovered a lump of bacteria on it and threw it - TheTopTenVoter

Today we all signed a petition to make the school lunch better. I hope they listen... - cosmo

I like the breakfast, but I hate the lunch at my school.

That's why I take my own lunch. It's mostly little Caesars pizza but it is clean. - Captaincrunch2015

At my school, its great, every day we have awesome foods like chicken alfredo for 2 dollars but when I was in middle school, it was 8 dollars for a salad, 4 dollars for a bottle of water, then 1 dollar for a 2-foot long freezie and popcorn - randomaccount