Am I really doing this? Do I really need to spend my time doing this when Homework is undeniably the worst thing about school? I am focusing away from the teachers who try not to give us a lot of homework as they are forced to give it. I will be looking at the teachers that give you more homework than you are ready for. The ones that give you assignments you would need a couple DAYS to complete if it were done in class. Studies show that THREE out of FOUR American families have children who play organised sports. I used to play lacrosse and I quit because I hated my coaches but more importantly I was not dedicated enough to sports to be up till 10 doing homework. And to those who do, I salute you as much as I feel sorry that you don't have the time to do other things like relaxing after a long day. These teachers are inconsiderate to those who do not eat, breathe, and sleep school. Especially in middle school if you get a teacher like this the worst thing this does is effect the the ...more

I think homework is pointless. You spend 7hrs in school and then you spend another 1-3 hrs doing more work at home for no reason. When the kids do homework they don't learn a thing. The words go in one ear out the other that are on the homework, but in the classroom kids pay attention. Also kids get medical problems with it like stomach, sleep loss, headaches and mental issues. So if you agree with this leave a thumbs up.

School is built by the government to brainwash kids into robot slaves to fear society and the government. School doesn't make you smarter and cooler because the government wants us to be robots instead of free, smart, and free-thinking people.

The teachers ain't teaching and entertaining the student into fun learning time instead they give us homework which is complete useless and has useless information that we ain't using everyday lives. Kids have commit suicide of too much stress and less free time and resting.

School doesn't prepare you for life but Pre-K through 2 is the good grade but teaches you like how to read and write. How to clean up the toys and teaches you how to respect. Middle and high school is completely useless but nothing to teach life skills to think and how to adapt societies.

Here is my story :

Me : Oh Yeah! I finally finish 7 hours of hell and finally to play Team Fortress with my best friend!

Teacher : you must do science ...more - InfernoTopTenners

Complaints about homework may sound like they're only made by narrow-minded little kids, but if you actually think about it, homework truly does more bad than good. You already learn throughout your school day, teachers tell you to study to make sure you're ready for tests and quizzes, you occasionally have projects dumped on you, and you think you're already thoroughly stressed out. You'd think schools have given you enough responsibilities, but nope-you get an ultimately pointless assignment for homework. Homework does nothing but cause stress and ruins plans of many students outside of schools. I see absolutely no purpose to it. - Garythesnail

It has been scientifically proven that homework does nothing. - coolguy101

I absolutely hate homework! I mean we go to school sit in our chairs and stay there more than 3 hours! We go to school 5 days a week and Fridays count as weekends. So I get homework on a darn Friday while all the kindergardeners and 1st graders and second graders are lucky ducks cause their supernice teachers do not give them weekend homework it is not fair that older kids do. And it is because the second graders, first graders and kindergardeners are little and their teachers think that they behave well at home. So teachers let us spend our day relaxing without stupid damn Homework! I don't think the teachers understand and I get a bunch of homework. When the dang weekend is over we wake up on a stupid Monday coming to school and we learn a lot of things and all teachers across the world give us work to do at home. I hate this! I wished homework never existed. The inventor must have been drunk when they came up with this stupid crappy work! The word is homework which does mean work ...more

First of all, it does nothing but waste your time. You already go to school for half your darn day, and then you just spend a few hours (Not on what you love or makes me happy, but on work! ) Also, it was made to punish kids when they are bad, but these idiots decide to give it out to all the innocent kids every night! Why can't school just let me enjoy my childhood without sucker punching me in the face and saying "No, your life cannot be the way you dreamed of it to be. Now stop resting and slave your rear end off! "

Even last time for our winter break our teachers gave us a reading log to read a book, and whoever completed it will get to go to six flags but they never announced the people who got to go to six flags! Plus we came back from winter break in January and as of now it already past three months and they never announced it dumb! They just made us do the stupid reading log for nothing

God, what is the use of homework, I will never understand. Teachers think all we are supposed to do is study study study until we're dead, while they sit in class, smiling their evil smile and polishing their nails! Well, we have a life outside school, sports and entertainment is equally necessary as studies. If you put a lot of pressure of students then they eventually start hating every subject which leads to low performance, but the moronic hags don't understand! All they care about is their salary and giving us homework!

Damn, I think everyone agrees with me when I say homework is the #1 worst thing about school, hands-down, 3x worse then #2, bullies. - EmceeBlood

Instead, the teachers should be more teach kids faster, then we will have less homework. Too much homework = To much stress = Careless mistakes on assignments = Bad Grades = Terrible life in the future = Chance of divorce (Or no wife at all) = Bad job (Or no job) = Even worse life. End of story.

I hate homework. My teacher assigns hours of it. I remember one project in which my 5th grade teacher sat right next to me watching me finish up my project. She says it looks fine. I go home and work on it and the next day I get in trouble for not coloring it and she calls it a piece of crap. I was really mad but because I'm the student I can't say anything. That is fair (sarcasm)

I actually appreciate homework, because it helps build your work ethic later on in life. Additionally, the 'three hours of hell' you guys go through is so bad because it will mean so sleep and no fun! However, if you think about it logically, you can manage your time wisely, get tutorials, help from your reliable friends and teachers, and ultimately succeed! All of this doesn't mean you like homework, it means you get it done and away. However, pushing homework away is not good because a lot of K-12 school knowledge comes solely from homework and projects. So stop whining that homework sucks, because you will have a whole lot worse when you become an adult! Besides, you are learning... learning marvels of the world in history, numbers in math, and so many other awesome things! Start punching the books, y'all...

We practice different subjects enough at school, why should we do it at home? Home is for relaxing and doing whatever you want, it's not a second version of school! Don't get me wrong, I do my homework well and turn it in when it's due, but isn't 6-8 hours enough practice time? Ugh and don't even get me started with summer homework.

So basically the teacher writes your homework down on the board and says your homework for tonight is... it is not TONIGHT we get out the damn AFTER NOON! If we did get out tonight like at 9:00pm we would finish our homework like around midnight or at 3:00 in the MORNING! We do not finish our homework in the dang NIGHT TIME! Those are dumb idiotic fool kids that wait till the last minute to do their homework. Or wait till it is due, homework is just a waste of time! Homework is getting on my nerves.

While I understand that homework is necessary for us to learn in school, it still pisses me off that whenever you have homework in the weekends, you basically don't get a lot of time to relax. I'll admit that you can have that time if you work hard, but the truth is, it's so tempting to not do homework and instead relax. Some homework is very fun, but other times, it just pisses me off and drives me crazy. Besides, aren't weekends supposed to be days of rest?

One thing I don't get is that when you're in a real job, you're instructed to do work DURING work hours. In school however, you do it in both "work hours" (with all the crappy lectures and work we have to do), AND at home because of homework (where you can relax and get prepared for the next day). I can't believe the current education system does and STILL does it, but it seems unreasonable to do this after children are exhausted.

I agree, what's the point in homework? We do work at school so why should be have to do any work (besides revision) at home? It's our one chance to forget about school and we get work to do! :(

I hate homework! It's the main reason I don't have time to go anywhere fun! I'm only in 7th grade, and I have an average of 4 hours of homework. Sometimes, I feel like I'm going to explode. Homework is ruining my life! I want to jump off a cliff just so I won't have to deal with homework! Homework is HELL!

Warning: Homework is very bad for you, it stresses you, and stress is a bad things, people should live with less worries. Stress can lead you to diseases such as heart disease, the main reason why school should stop giving us homework. We are 7 hours in school sitting in a chair doing paper work, we do not need more. - AnimeDrawer

School is so boring! I HATE SCHOOL!

I'm 19 and out of school, but The person that came up with the idea from homework, obviously really hated kids.

So, teachers think that, after a long day of learning, you should come home and relax, right?

Nope. Seven hours of school, and then I have to work on homework for the next three-four. I sleep for ten hours, so technically, I have not even five hours to myself, and to do what I WANT TO!

Every start of the new year I tell myself I want to get good grades this year. I listen, take notes and do everything I can in class, but then I just get exhausted from the homework. I don't do it and lie to my parents. I hate homework. If homework was a optional thing, I would have way higher grades.

My English teacher who is a idiotic fool gave me 31 words, and I have to make a sentence for each of these words for homework. I wish I never had that stupid fool of an English teacher teach English. He is so brainless.

There are 4 periods in a day at my school. On Fridays, each period lasts 82 minutes. That's right! 82 minutes for each period at school.

When I get off the bus, I decide to relax in my room, but I'm forced to do my homework, especially if it's a 6 hour report that is due the next day.

Homework Sucks!