Mean teachers


I was laughing while my mean spoiled history teacher was talking to one of my classmates and I just laughed my mean history teacher said you are going to another class if you keep it up. I kept basically laughing and my history teacher saw me laugh. She pointed her finger and said this GO TO ANOTHER CLASS NOW. Which was totally embarrassing I felt like everyone was laughing at me. What is so wrong about laughing you teachers should learn can someone arrest mean teachers already. My history teacher almost made me cry. Now who invented behavior charts? Really behavior charts in like every grade grades kinder-4th get behavior charts. Grades 5th -12th point deduction clipboards. The person who invented behavior charts I seriously want to kill. We should not be having behavior charts. Kid acts foolish and silly in class teacher punishes the child and says this go to yellow go to orange go to red way to go you are in red I will be contacting your parents soon! Behavior charts are stupid. ...more

Man my teachers were mean in elementary school. One time me and some other kids were playing by the garbage bins (which were just right on the edge of the gravel field). Then a teacher saw us and made us all stand against the wall for the rest of recess because we were out of school bounds (hardly). But I didn't know about the bounds and they never told us, but she just said "Well now you know." How was I supposed to stay in the bounds of they never told us!?!? Another time I sat down 2 seconds before the end of O Canada and I had to miss recess. Every week or something we walked around the field a couple times for exercise and I walked with my best friend. When we passed the place where the teachers were sitting one teacher Mrs. Walker who was especially mean said we couldn't walk together for no reason. But I thought "screw that" and as soon as she couldn't see me I walked with my friend again. - SammySpore

In second grade, I didn't have a necessarily 'mean' teacher, but she sure was the strict. She'd make the whole class sit down, right in the middle of the hallway, if even just one person made a sound, and yell at us. Once an entire class passed by us, and I just wanted to curl up in a little ball, but I managed to make a joke out of it. Then, in class, she always screams at me for every little thing. Her nickname for me was "CHATTERBOX! ". And the thing I clearly remember her for (besides saying 'idear' instead of 'idea') was when the class was sitting at the carpet, and I was in the front row of desks. I was doodling, and it was like a twelve-page little book I'd put together that I was drawing on. I know I shouldn't of been drawing, but she came up to me, snatched my book away, and PRETENDED to throw it out---I believed her. And she yelled at me to sit at the carpet, and I did. And then she SCREAMED at me, in front of the whole class, "YOU ARE THE MOST DISOBEDIENT KID I HAVE EVER ...more

My social studies teacher has this life long vendetta against me, which I know nothing about. Her voice sounds like a lullaby so most of the kids sleep in her class. But she has her eagle eyes locked on me and whenever she finishes reading the chapter, she will tell me to stand up and answer all the questions she is gonna ask. I am pretty smart(not boasting) so I get most answers correct, but whenever I get an answer wrong, she launches into a long speech about how I am the most uncooperative child she has seen, and how I am dumb which reflects how much she hates me. Seriously, if I met her outside my school, I will bury her alive. Teacher are supposed to teach, so teach me and get the hell out. If you hate me and wanna fight then meet me outside my house, let's see who wins. Teacher take advantage of us and pick their not-so-favourites and insult them all year! Such teacher shan't exist!

One time my teacher caught someone talking in class, so she gave us a 20 minute rant on "wasting time". Teachers like that make me want to burn down schools.

Grade 10 I had a really rude math teacher. Mr. Wiebe. He just wasn't kind or friendly at all. He was probably in his mid-late 50s, he was pretty overweight and had a huge moustache. He just didn't care about his students one single bit. At the beginning of every class, he would explain what we're doing, then he would tell us to solve it on our own, then he would go on his computer the rest of class. His teaching was very confusing, he explained things in a very perplexing way and he was very disrespectful when somebody didn't understand something or needed help. He would say to them "Well it's you're fault, you should have paying attention" and he would give no help at all. I finished his class with the final grade of C. He wrote in my report card how I "barely paid attention" blah blah blah. He retired that year, thank god. Couldn't stand him.

Where do I even begin with my 4th grade teacher? Once my teacher brought up yoga, but really meant meditating. I guess one of kids figured that out because he corrected her and she yelled at the top of her voice... NO YODA IS MEDITATING. You should have seen the kids face, later she wrote the answer to a problem on the whiteboard, the number was 24, but she said it was 48. One of the kids was confused and corrected her and yelled the following...

YOU ARE THE RUDEST GROUP OF CHILDREN I HAVE EVER MET! (i'm in a gifted class) JUST BECAUSE YOUR GIFTED DOSE'NT MEAN YOU HAVE THE GIFT TO BE RUDE! She then left the classroom, told us to put our heads down, got another teacher to come in for 25 minutes. And that's just the beginning, I really wish I could make a deal with the devil or something, anything! - toptenzen

What your going to read is NOT FAKE! A kid in school blocked up a toilet and made it overflow. A mean teacher then asked him to get the gunk out WITH HIS BARE HANDS! To make it worst. The teacher threaten the kid to use his teeth the next time it happens. After that the teacher made everyone in his classroom chat out "sissy hands" to him on purpose. What happened next was that the teacher was arrested.

That reminds me of this one kid who took the largest dump in the world and didn't flush it (because that's how special it was to him) and when I went in there you flushed it as the toilet overflowed then it flushed again and poo got on me

Yeah I heard of that too. School is a horrible place. I hate mean teachers with a passion. They think they are the ruler of the world and are better than you so they can tell you what to do any time anywhere. - SammySpore

I have this really mean art teacher and she told me off for not doing my artwork properly. I mean, what the heck? Shes telling me off for something I don't even need to learn! She also said it really loud so the WHOLE CLASS of 32 kids stopped working and stared at me! SO embarrassing! And she can't even do art herself. Her hair's not dyed properly...

TRUE STORY! My sister's friend Lydia was in 3rd grade and she had a RUDE teacher named Mrs. Johnson. On a test she couldn't figure out a problem so she had to cry a BIT. Like 2 drops. 2 days later they were doing a writing thing and Lydia didn't know what to write about. So, Mrs. Johnson said in a VERY loud voice and the door was opened...and I bet you can guess what she said...she said, How about you write about the time you cried on the test? - spodermanfan1000

Some teachers just wine and complain about EVERYTHING! I don't get some teachers period though. No wonder people hate school. The teachers lessons are so BORING! If I ever found the person who invented school (alive), I WOULD TORTURE THEM TO THE POINT WHERE THEY ARE JUST BARELY ALIVE AND THEN SLOWLY AND KILL THEM IN AN EXTREMELY PAINFUL WAY!

One day, I was in my english class, we were doing a test, so I opened my pencil case, to get my favorite ball-point pen, but you know what the teacher did! He saw me and instead of telling me nicely to use a fountain pen, he threw my ball-point pen out of the window, on the street (I retrieved it, afterwards in recces). Man I am glad he got fired - RobloxBFDIPoke223

Once in math class this one girl would say yah in a weird voice and we would say it because it was funny and one day I said and she was like you like her and everybody laughed and then I got embarrassed and said oh hell no and got a detention for it but I told my mom and she was able to get it taken away so that teacher can kiss my ass

My teachers forced me, a bloody 6th grader, to play a crappy game where have to hold hands with boys. My so called "friend" told the teacher that nobody had held hands with me yet and the teachers forced me to hold hands with some random guy I hated. Worst. Experience. Ever.

I had a teacher named Mr. Johnson, I'm so glad he's gone now. He was such a foolish jerk who always yelled at students for the smallest things. One time a kid tackled me down and repeatedly punched me so I defended myself by fighting back. That kid who attacked me got no trouble at all while Mr. Johnson gave me trouble, I tried to explain that the other kid attacked me first and he replied to me "Oh so now you're making excuses, huh? " I DESPISED HIM, the moment he left my school I was jumping with joy

To be honest, mean teachers (especially biased or hypocritical teachers) are worse than bullies. When you get bullied, you get punched once, or get called mean names, You wont feel as bad if you had to be pointed out to in front of the entire class and then get shouted at for not doing your homework, and then they let your parents know. I'm in high school and I know. - wren6

I have to go to math. Then, I have to walk across the school, put away my math things, get my science things, and walk back across the school, and my school is huge. Then, my science teacher yells at me for being late. Blame the architects!

Mean teachers are corrupt and fi most of my school had mean teachers then I would start my own political party and we would have a revolution and we will declare war. Mean teachers will face my power a revolution will come a new face of power. No one can stop us.

This is why I started an organization called The Unity to takeover school using force and violence. Mean teachers will face our revolution and the guns will pound on the forts

Imagine what they go through ever day. Teaching snobby kids. And they don't even pay attention! The worst thing a teacher has ever done to me, in class is pay absolutely NO attention to the kid that is bullying me, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER FACE! And then I'm to shy to speak up! So yeah. Forget the first part.

In fifth grade my teacher kept embarrassing this girl in my class and she couldn't learn. Now in sixth grade she is doing much better and the teachers are nicer. Mean teachers are one of the reasons why kids can't learn.

I was at first scared my sixth grade teachers were going to be mean, but they are actually one of the nicest teachers I've ever met, especially my homeroom teacher because she doesn't yell at you and really helps you when you need help.

I hate it when this happens. You have one bathroom pass per day and you really have to go. You have the bathroom pass and you ask the teacher if you can go use the restroom. Then they say "why". To slay the dragon why do you think I have to go!

One teacher told my friend she was a a horrible human being and wished pain upon her! - baconyum

I really hate my geography teacher! She always screams at me for every little thing! She even made me cry one day but did she care? NO!