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201 Word limits
202 Running in the hallways

6th graders is running in the hallways everyday! - SpencerJC

203 Jealousy
204 book reports
205 wanna-be's
206 ID

My school id is probably in a box full of toys and crap. - Captaincrunch2015

207 time management
208 long line of people during paying days like enrollment, tuition, etc
209 cell phones turned off during class

These teachers should really know what is best for the students.

210 sitting in classes all day

Once my foot started tingling and it was so hard to move I almost fell... LOL!

The chairs start to make my butt feel numb. - Spirtfall

211 Gym Class

It would be even worse if we mixed in with the girls and had to change. - Captaincrunch2015

My PE class is not mixed, as the teachers don't want us to see the sweaty girls. No, it's not sexual. Stupid teachers. - PizzaGuy

What's wrong with that? - njalabi63989

Ours is sexist we only do yoga and the voys get to do all kinds of things - Ihateschool

Its excersize

212 teachers nonstop talking
213 getting sent to the principal's office

Get's sent to the principal's office just because you yelled out the correct answer to the problem when the Teacher and the other student were spending 5 minutes trying to figure it out!

Get sent to the principal's office just because you posted something on Facebook or YouTube even if at home. - njalabi63989

Haven't in a very long time but I does suck and scary feeling because you know you will get into trouble

214 getting framed by your best friend

One of my friends betrayed me by calling me ninjack just becuase my name was jack and the I was going to dress up as the green ninja (lloyd) for hallowen

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215 morons
216 being innocent and polite to teachers

You act nice to teachers... Only to get sent to the office.

Why do we have to be inocent and polite to the people who make us do hard work and they don't even reward us. They even punish us for nothing

And you get in trouble anyway.

I'm that one student who is basically every teacher's worst nightmare because I am the only student that hates every teacher

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217 It starts too early

Well the earlier you start school the earlier it will end. That is why I both hate and a tiny bit like getting up because that means I will not have to stay at school as late as other schools do around the world.

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218 watching the teacher evaluating your papers and grading on how much you wrote

Folks from India know what I am talking about

219 people lying behind your back

I know the feeling! One kid said that I peed my pants once even though I clearly didn't, and now everyone thinks that he is the funniest thing alive! I REALLY want him to get his come-uppance.

You talk crap behind my back acting like I didn't hear but you better watch yo back before I'm CUTTING OFF YOUR EAR :D - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

220 teachers steal your electronics even though they didn't pay for them

I got the whole entire 7th grade against this one phone thief teacher who should be arrested.

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