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201 Group projects

Just when you know you can ace this project, you get paired with a dumb person - animedreamer

I'm not exactly cooperative with others. I'm glad my world history teacher let's me work solo. - Turkeyasylum

This annoys me. sometimes I'm the one who does all the work.

It's always the same : One does everything, the other does nothing. For teams of more than 2 it's another story. But still, working alone is 100% better. - MaxPap

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202 Picky teachers

Me-I have my homework done and written well, maam
Teacher-not enough go do it again

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203 Lunch ladies

One of the dinner ladies at my school is sexist, she lets the girls go on the equipment and play with anything and the boys do nothing!

204 Wearing a gym uniform

Hopefully in high school there isn't a school uniform for swimming saying no goggles. I will refuse to not were goggles at school. It's my life with swimming. Also, swim-shirts are bad.

I normally wear it as an extra layer but sometimes you have to dress in your swim uniform (not at my school) and show your body in front of others especially girls in some schools" - Captaincrunch2015

Some kid cheated this rule by wearing it as an extra layer. Now about half the class does it.

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205 Having no friends

I am lucky I am hanging out with the popular group. - Captaincrunch2015

I have no friends and I'm having the time of my life. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I have no friends and do nothing at recess but everyone knows,me and thinks I'm cool

I got no friends in middle school beause I'm getting bullied for no reason - SpencerJC

206 Racist bullies

I'm tired of this. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

A group of kids at my school said Asians are creepy they said they freakist thimg about Asians are their eyes (I like Asians so I got pissed off) the kids didn't even get a detention - Ihateschool

One of them wanted to kill me just becuase I dint like star wars

One of my teachers said that every black child on earth should kill themselves or bleach their skin to look better racist ass bitch

207 Suspension
208 Teachers saying whatever they think is real
209 Kids that sing songs from awful shows

Does the Russian anthem count? It's amazing...

There are these random skrubs that sing the teen titans go song at random times

210 Overly-religious kids

They're everywhere where I live. I'm and atheist which makes it even worse

Well...I am not Overly religious..But I am Christian.

I respect Jesus

Evolution is real.

I don't care about your "Bible" crap.
You're hating on LGBT participants and claiming "evolution is false" because a random 1000 page book claims it is true. That book could've been made by a man who was bored on a Saturday morning.

Additionally, the Bible states that men shall not have long hair, but, counter-intuitively, states no one shall cut their hair, either.

And the worst thing is when you give people proof of evolution; like how we evolved wisdom teeth from our ancestors, or how we act strikingly similar to animals such as chimpanzees. And then some idiot will use the "What if it's just a coincidence" card.

Why did this so-called "God" give us useless teeth us pain throughout half of our life? Why does he give us random organs that could get infected and aren't necessary to our living, and need to get removed in numerous people?

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211 S.T.E.M. Class
212 Students saying you don't talk or you are shy but you are not

There is a difference between shy people and people who dislike talking

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213 Word limits
214 Running in the hallways

6th graders is running in the hallways everyday! - SpencerJC

215 Jealousy
216 Book reports
217 Wanna-be's
218 ID

My school id is probably in a box full of toys and crap. - Captaincrunch2015

219 Time management
220 Long line of people during paying days like enrollment, tuition, etc
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