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241 A kid taking a temper tantrum in class

Once this Caillou-Like kid who was in my brother's class had to go in my cousin's class and she was throwing things I AM NOT KIDDING! She whines.

This happened in my first five years at school not kidding

They are distracting others from doing work. - njalabi63989

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242 Kids who slap you with a book

It hurts
I want to kill the kid who slapped me

A kid slapped another kid with a book and got detention. Lucky teacher. - Captaincrunch2015

Uh.. I almost spewed snot out of my nose when I saw this... am I a bad person?

If someone does that to you tell the principal - Ihateschool

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243 School books

I always get the old nasty books

244 You can't drop out of math V 1 Comment
245 Teachers who don't teach

One of my coaches is the good kind of not teaching teachers. The other is the bad kind. The good one lets us play on our phones while the bad one takes phones. I cussed at the bad one and he just went back to his seat and angry stared at me. I angry stared at him. - Captaincrunch2015

Well, at least you don't have to learn!

246 Smelly kids V 1 Comment
247 Rough toilet paper

It's funny how us student's get the hardest, crappiest toilet paper ever imaginable. While the Teachers don't have to yell AH every time they wipe their asses!

The students get sandpaper and the teachers get quilted toilet paper. Ugh, why do the students get sandpaper?

Might as well just give us a slip of sandpaper. - Dman1972

This is hilarious. No offense

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248 Science fair

The best way to get through these is to get with your squad and decide a project that is easy and anyone can do so then you get at least passing grade even though a lot of people do that exact project

I had nothing to do so I just ripped a lava lamp project off a group of nerds but I still passed even though EVERYONE knows those nerds made the original.

Although I love science I hate science fair because you will have to build real science stuff just to win. - njalabi63989


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249 Lunches

We ditched cafeteria food and ended up bringing pizza every day. It's better than slime and slop. - Captaincrunch2015

It is always a surprise

Ew That's all I have to say really

250 Uniforms

Again, ditched uniforms for my group. - Captaincrunch2015

The uniforms at shizaoka amazing school look pretty nice just a few black clothes and highlights in their house group color

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251 Spanish class

My Spanish teacher speaks English openly in class so it makes Spanish tons easier to understand

How is Learning Spanish Going to Have Any Significance For A Kids Future - Himalayansalt

I don't have an opinion on this class - mayamanga

I love it.

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252 Learning things you don't want to learn

Yeah like the one time I had to take sex education, it sucked I was dissapointed when I found out I had to take that in grade 10 - flaggy0666

253 Lockers

My lockers are no lockers. It's a tiny space to put your stuff on. Everybody hurts you.
I hate it

They are so dirty. Why would I want to put my neat supplies in that ugly thing?

Because my locker is next to the most popular girl in the grade a ton of girls are always at that locker so I can't even get to my locker. - SamTheAwesome

I feel bad for the one kid who gets the unlucky broken locker.

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254 Substitute teachers talking about their life rather than teaching

There was one that talked about life while we play on our phones. - Captaincrunch2015

Accually I would rather that than learning. To get out of learning, I'll do almost anything. - Jetticus12

If I had a substitute that was talking about their life I would be like just shutup and get with the teaching I wan't this peice of hell out of the way already.

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255 People taking selfies during class V 1 Comment
256 Kids who can't stop burping or farting

Once in computer class this kid sneezed and farted on another kid at the same time.

This nerd is Andrew Claypool in my school

These kids will never get married - Ihateschool

Sorry for having poisonous farts ☣💨☢

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257 Point sheets

I go to a special ed. school for autistics. They give you those sheets called "point sheets". You get a "0" when you "bad" or late, you get "1" when your good. And you get "reward time" which is basically relaxing. I hate it makes me feel like a preschooler and it haunts me, it makes me feel like I'm a bad girl.

258 Someone breaks into the school

I am in Dubai and I have lots of threats saying they will kill all Muslim from the YouTube comments. I am absolutely terrified. The best part is I can lie to them making sure we're not their targets. I would save the school and everybody will be my friend. I'm scared of a terrorist attack that might happen this year. - njalabi63989

I'm absolutely terrified of this happening

I'm scared of a terrorist attack. Luckily my school is in the Upper East Side, when we're second safest in violent crime in NYC out of 69. Woo hoo!

There is this urban legend that crazy clowns will break into the school sometime this year.

259 People saying 'ripped out'
260 Waiting in lines
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