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281 Field trips are rare

I rarely get field trips every 6 months while my brother took field trips every 2 weeks. - njalabi63989

And when they do happen its something educational - Ihateschool

My brother gets one almost every day

Yeah grade 12 I didn't get a field trip until the 3rd last day - flaggy0666

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282 Paddlings
283 Gum under tables

When you tap your fingers under your desk and your finger lands in a big wad of gum.. - Spiritfall

284 Assessment tests
285 Having to write about yourself

On the first day of school in every period the teacher will tell us to say about yourself and their was this kid who said the same thing every time

I like privacy. I don't like revealing my life to hundreds of people.

Then people will know who to hate and not to hate, hope they don't hate you.

One time in school I wrote about my self the thing I wanted to know about the teachers is why do u want us to sit for long anyway and how old r u I got sent 2 the principals office - Ihateschool

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286 Illnesses that go round

I was one of the lucky ones that hardly caught the illnesses at school, I did once in grade 7 I was sick for almost a month, the only thing I got was stuff nose, but I hardy ever had a day I was home sick form school because I was vomiting or had diarrhea, or had the flu - flaggy0666

I remember there was an illness going round the year group, then it went to my friends and then finally I was the last one who caught it :/ - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Once there was an outbreak of strep throat that caused half of the class to call in sick

There was this one girl in my class who came to school even though she had the flu because her parents didn't let her stay hom.ethats child abuse - Ihateschool

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287 Halloween parties

I dressed up as Lloyd the green ninja this year and the teachers were fine with it

I ditched the halloween party to go spook some kids and ask for candy.

I went to a school Halloween party where we couldn't dress as anything "inappropriate." So I got suspended for going in my Belarus cosplay.

I never have them at school but I went there once at a friend's b-day and his little sister's. They have the same b-day but not the same year they were born. Also it worships the devil I only went there because it's a party and it wasn't Halloween yet. I don't worship the holiday.

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288 No sex

Dude which jerk-ass idiot pervert put this here?!

Whoever put this here is either a pervert of extremely high. - mayamanga

Shut up! That's raping kids. - njalabi63989

What kind of messed up freak put this on the list?

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289 You can't sleep longer

I enjoy waking up 5 AM. But the problem is my PARENTS has to wake me up. - njalabi63989

I have to wake up at FIVE AM.I only get a few hours of sleep thanks to school being so early.-Spash

290 You have another 9-10 months for school
291 Report cards

This always made me nervous when I got it that I might have a bad mark or said I was failing or failed - flaggy0666

Getting a F is your worst nightmare

I’m probably going to badly.

They skip E

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293 Pickles

I bet you don't have this at your school. Pickles is where you pick questions then research them then fill it in your packet. There are 100 in all. There isn't a lot wrong with it but, you need to get 35 done! And you only get 3 weeks! Whew but, luckily I got 35! But my friend only did 6 right now...oh ya and if you don't get 35...our teacher said your going to be inside for 10 days owing the time! 0.0 But, really you don't get invited to a "party" the party is just bringing in food that starts with a P. Wow that's kinda scary. 0.0 - spodermanfan1000

I saw Angelica Pickles on a door in the hallway. The school had no rights from Nickelodeon or Klasky-Csupo to use her.

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294 Not able to use Google

Damn this is annoying! At school you need to use like the terrible websites like world book online! DAMN! They want us to be more stress. Google can just give us the answer quickly! - spodermanfan1000

We can only use Managebac at my school. If you get caught making comments on YouTube(even if at home) then you're in big trouble. - njalabi63989

My school let the kids go wild with the computers so they just play slither io while me and my squad laugh at memes

295 Fat people

I bet that son of a gun Nicole Arbour put this on ehre

Who put tjis up - Ihateschool


Ugly - Hspencer

296 Autistic kids

Hey I have autism you homo! I try my hardest yet I'm still annoyed by my social studies teacher (seriously when did they start calling it that it's actually history) who is a sadistic psychopath my friend actually undercover flipped her off I would do that to if I didn't fell like dropping her in a pit a vat of acid and then throw the possible remains in to a volcano so there such it losers!

Did these kids ever choose to be autistic? No, so don't hate on them. - HyenaLover

I feel bad for them

I Hope an Autistic Kid Finds This And Kicks Your Ass - Himalayansalt

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297 Haters
298 That one kid who always whistles in class V 1 Comment
299 DBQ essays V 1 Comment
300 Dramatic teachers

I literally slapped MYSELF and I got in trouble like WHAT!

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