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281 You have another 9-10 months for school
282 Report Cards V 4 Comments
283 Princess Bitches V 1 Comment
284 Pickles

I bet you don't have this at your school. Pickles is where you pick questions then research them then fill it in your packet. There are 100 in all. There isn't a lot wrong with it but, you need to get 35 done! And you only get 3 weeks! Whew but, luckily I got 35! But my friend only did 6 right now...oh ya and if you don't get 35...our teacher said your going to be inside for 10 days owing the time! 0.0 But, really you don't get invited to a "party" the party is just bringing in food that starts with a P. Wow that's kinda scary. 0.0 - spodermanfan1000

I saw Angelica Pickles on a door in the hallway. The school had no rights from Nickelodeon or Klasky-Csupo to use her.

V 2 Comments
285 Not able to use Google

Damn this is annoying! At school you need to use like the terrible websites like world book online! DAMN! They want us to be more stress. Google can just give us the answer quickly! - spodermanfan1000

We can only use Managebac at my school. If you get caught making comments on YouTube(even if at home) then you're in big trouble. - njalabi63989

My school let the kids go wild with the computers so they just play slither io while me and my squad laugh at memes

286 Fat people

I bet that son of a gun Nicole Arbour put this on ehre

Who put tjis up - Ihateschool


Ugly - Hspencer

287 Haters
288 That one kid who always whistles in class V 1 Comment
289 DBQ Essays V 1 Comment
290 Dramatic teachers

I literally slapped MYSELF and I got in trouble like WHAT!

291 Conferences
292 You're forced to use Internet Explorer V 3 Comments
293 too much writing
294 S.A.T Exam
295 Teachers watching cool videos while the students are doing work
296 That one day where you have 2-5 tests
297 Showing your work
298 That one teacher who likes to give you a lot of homework
299 Teachers who are a sexist

A kid in my class said only male people should be leaders and he also said females can't do anything right because they are weak I'm a girl so of course this offends me - Ihateschool

I guess he never heard of Joan Of Arc, Amelia Airheart, and other women who are strong

300 Lunch time
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