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301 Teachers watching cool videos while the students are doing work
302 That one day where you have 2-5 tests
303 Showing your work
304 That one teacher who likes to give you a lot of homework
305 Teachers who are a sexist

A kid in my class said only male people should be leaders and he also said females can't do anything right because they are weak I'm a girl so of course this offends me - Ihateschool

I guess he never heard of Joan Of Arc, Amelia Airheart, and other women who are strong

306 Lunch time
307 Poor schools are underfunded
308 No food in class V 1 Comment
309 Sensitive people

There are poor kids in Africa starving and people just kill themselves over a boyfriend grow up - Hspencer

310 English classes

We have to read Shakespeares A Midsummers Night Dream andm the names are ridiculous there's Thesues which is a weird name, there's Egeus which if someone had that name today people would call her Eggy, there's Snug which id make fun of him and call him Blanket Nerd, basically Shakespeare is good at creating names for bullying because they are so damn ridiculous
and - Ihateschool

311 People pushing each other
312 Not being a cool kid

So true - SapphireStar

313 Too much work makes you forget about other important things
314 Having a test the day before break

I hate this so much! Tomorrow is my last day before a 5-day break and I have 2 tests. Why can’t the teachers just wait till AFTER break to have the test! - Aha223

315 Students that bully you for liking a certain thing

I AGREE, I even wanted to commit suicide because of the bullying I had, all my students called me a childish bastard just for liking Mickey Mouse, I bet they have only heard about Mickey Mouse Craphouse and they forgot about Steamboat Willie, one student even bullied me just for liking The Loud House, and the reason was because it features gay things, come on, everybody is homophobic in my school (except me and the principal), but the worst was that I have suffered bullying because I love Mario, FOR 2 WHOLE YEARS! They say Zelda is the king of games when that isn't even true! MAN I WISH I HAD TO POWER TO SHUT THEM UP AND TO KILL FORCE THEM TO LIKE WHAT I LIKE TO STOP MY BULLYING! - GumballWatterson

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