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21 teachers

Oh my god, these heartless excuses for human beings are the biggest hypocrites known to man. Say for example, a teacher is explaining some rules to a bunch of year 8 s on the first day of school, they told the students not to shave their hair off, the teacher's hair is clearly shaved off for everyone to see. - ArpstaAmy333

Not all teachers. My new upcoming teacher for 4th grade, Angela, is so nice. She doesn't yell like my teacher from last year. MY LAST TEACHER YELLED AT US ON OUR BIRTHDAY! FOR SOMETHING LIKE 5 KIDS DID! If I could curse in another language, I would.

Oh man, one time my language arts teacher we were doing damned poetry and I din't know what she was talking about and I got yelled at me and almost got fired by the principal

It depends, some teachers are super cool and make the class fun. But some teachers can be a real pain in the butt and make you not want to go to school. - AnimeDrawer

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22 Homophobic kids

There was a kid who hated gays so me and my friend made a club against him. One day I asked him why. He said "The bible says so" and than I was like "THE BIBLE SAYS TO BEAT WOMEN FOR BEING BAD! " The teacher was all like "Oh your such a good student Name Withheld! " REALLY?!?!?! HEY PUNCHED MY FRIEND IN THE STOMACH! Hey starts crying if he gets a B+. In conclusion, I HATED HIM!

"Homophobic" is a made-up term to describe people who speak up for what they believe in... just like the LGBT community is doing! I'm not saying that gays are bad or anything, I'm just saying that speaking out for your beliefs shouldn't be considered "homophobic". - Patty_C

That is why I hate the bible, it tells you to be homophobic and it's very offensive. We should let homosexual kids happy. And what if we are Bi, HUH?!

Do not judge god will sort them out later

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23 arrogant rich kids

A kid in my class named Jaye is annoying me or everyone if they do something to him on accident no he must have drama cause he is an arrogant rich kid don't believe me he goes to China or Japan about 3 times a year. Oh yea he can go to bunch of other places to. Like jet/plane shows he goes to those 7 times a year! - spodermanfan1000

I also hate it how they are always gone somewhere and say they're sick but they're actually in places like VEGAS OR HOUSTON OR Thailand!

They can be real jerks.
Rich kids are very selfish and don't care about anything or anyone.

I want 2 steal all their money and things 4 their attitude - Ihateschool

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24 Mondays

Monday is like that episode from Gumball. It is depressing. So very depressing. - Captaincrunch2015

Monday is the absolute worst day of the week ever Uh. Seriously I stay awake very long on Sunday night cause all I wanna do is envy the time I've got left!

Mondays are so boring and annoying because you have to look forward to a stupid five days of FUN! Obviously sarcastic

Oh this is the day I hated: MONDAYS! - TopLucas

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25 music class

My music teacher is so lazy we to do this Christmas and spring show every year so she makes pick the song and the dance steps and sometimes we look like retards and I hate singing and dancing in front of huge crowds and just want to help backstage but no. She has this art and performance club who get all special treatment

My music teacher makes us sing loser songs like the kindergartners. I hate my music teacher. - EpicJake

New music teacher: * locks all electric guitars acoustic guitars, keyboards, violins, flutes, trumpets, drums sets, and microphones in a cupboard*

Ok kids we are now going to be doing dancing. A form of sport.

Music class is boring as heck. I don't enjoy it, then why do I have to do it?
I don't care about dotted half notes and eight notes! - CEEJAY1214

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26 Can't run in the hall way

I kind of agree with the fact that you are not supposed to, but here's the thing you have just came back from creative arts (specials) and you got to deal with a bunch of other kids in your way and only having 5 minutes to get your crap and get to class I mean you'd literally have to push people out of the way or tackle someone in order to get to where you need to go


6th graders is the most running in the hall ways!
But 6th graders didn't listening to walk
6th graders doesn't how to learn to walk - SpencerJC

27 only two months for summer vacation

That's stupid. And you know what else is stupid? Summer break is not even the whole summer season. Who come up with these rules? Gosh.

Agree it should be six months cause 2 months goes by to quick

Guess how long our holidays in Australia are? 2 weeks or a month long!

I think kids should get more vacation time to rest and reset there brain.

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28 how subjects are taught

I type MUCH faster than I write, so it would be easier if we could take notes on laptops like in University - Harri666

UPDATE: Now I think that writing is better since we muse laptops way too much in school now - Squirrel719

Once I was writing notes but after the first few words I started making graffiti but when the teacher came around I braced myself but then she walked right past me and punished another kid who also did graffiti instead! - Captaincrunch2015

Why can't we just watch a video instead of reading about stupid stuff? And have thirty minute breaks between classes?

Yeah, this is the main garbage! - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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29 teachers who don't make a big deal about you getting bullied

This should be up I reported a bully who the teacher took care of it but not the way it should have been
Me: sir he is bullying me torture and abuse him so he can learn his lesson
Teacher: let me take care of it
One hour after a talk
Teacher: he said he wont bully again
Me: did you torture and abuse him
Teacher: no
Me: well at least you stopped him sir thank you
Teacher: anytime
One day later
Me: he is bullying me again sir
Teacher (from the day before): what he broke the promise
Me: punish and abuse him
Later the teacher didn't torture and/or abuse him geez

This one time a kid beat me up and threatened to kill me. The teachers did NOTHING.

A kid almost strangled me in gym with the teacher watching

My third grade teacher in a nutshell. - AnimeDrawer

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30 nosy teachers

This is what happens to kids in my class everyday
Me:(whispering to my friend)
Teacher:Excuse me
Me:(whispers to friend again)
Me:(stands up) I was just saying to my friend that the teacher is really nice and sweet
Teacher: Thank you
Me: -whispers I didn't say which teacher to myself-

When you try to have a private conversation with your friends, Your teacher asks what you're talking about

My teacher once eavesdropped on my conversation in South Park, and tried to scold me. hate her.

Teacher:ok class fill out this paper about how break was
*raises hand*
Student:no comment, MIND YOUR BUSINESS
Teacher:you must do this for a good grade!
Student:I don't know about anyone else but I'm not doing this!
Teacher: fine then, GO TO DETENTION!

Word of the day... Overreacter: a person who overreacts, generally in a brutal or unfair way.

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31 waking up early

I'm tired, let me sleep longer..

I loose about 5 hours of sleep every 5 school days. - Spirtfall

I always wake badly in 5:00 and we have to rush

This isn't a huge deal for me, since I am not a heavy sleeper and I usually like to be awake. - AnimeDrawer

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32 Being ignored

Yes the kids ignore me and once at the last day of the 2nd quarter a close friend asked who I was and was serious.

I raise my had when I know the answer and the teacher doesn't call on me. But when l DON'T know the answer he calls on me, even when I'm not raising my hand!

He person who said this, that teacher must me one dumb idiot.

Some of my classmates do this because THEY BETRAYED ME! D:< - Lucy1402

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33 bitchy classmates

I hate this then you want to tell NOBODY CARES

Trying to take a test and a girl yells out MY HEAD HURTS in whiny way

A girl in my class claims she has a twin and they take turns coming to school. She also has 5 names.

Once a girl made fun of me for being short and was obsessed with her stupid snapchat and makeup. and her clothes were ugly, she dressed like a prozzie and she smelt like an old lady. sorry just venting :P - Lunala

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34 Kids that are tattle tales

At my school your not allowed to brings bags to class for some stupid reason so people usually hide them in the spare lockers or in the hallways. Lately the coordinators have been cracking down on this and if they find your bag they'll take it to the office and make you stay 15 minutes after school.Once my bag was taken but my awesome homegroup teacher went and got it for me so all was fine. The new strategy that me and my friend have been using is hiding our bags under our bulky spray jackets (neither of us use the school issue backpack). The boys knew about this and they just HAD to tell my science teacher, who told us off and made us go put them back in our lockers and even had them follow us just to make sure we didn't hide them in some bush or whatever - SugarcoatShadowBolt

I never really had to worry about snitches in my school, I had a lot of friends and along with a lot of sketchy people who have a zero tolerance policy for snitching, they go by the "snitches get stitches" code because nobody likes to be snitched on including me

I know exactly how this feels, I had a crush on this one girl then she was a snitch about something I said (no one told me why I was in trouble) after that I gave here forever silent treatment, I'm pretty sure one time she called me and I didn't say anything

In 7th grade I got stuck sitting next to this bitchy girl called Shaye and I swear she was Satan in disguise. She was one of those dumb "popular girls" and she was obnoxious, loud and annoying, always whining and tried to tattle on me for not letting her borrow my pencils. (She also smelt like an old lady.) - Lunala

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35 PE

My PE teacher is a moron. Also, she expects ME, the girl who got the nickname "Noodle Arms", to do a full pushup.

Pe makes me think I'm useless. A football has more chance of turning into a unicorn than being kicked by me. And seriously? 5 minutes of running with out stopping for a sixth grader? Me and my friend would probably get a heart attack if we didn't walk the whole way. And so what if I can't hit a ball with a bat?
I can do at least 50 push ups and sit ups without a problem but I can't run for 5 metres without getting tired. My PE teacher is also so strict. We can't even sit down after we are finished running for an hour. At least I'm good at drawing and art.

PE sucks, I caught a horrible report card that made me sound like a moron just because of PE. I'm not allowed to wear pants I have to put on shorts in some change room full of other boys changing, usually when I'm in there they just laugh at me and tease me while I'm changing, it's just pathetic

It should be an option in my opinion. Schools shouldn't be forcing non-athletic kids to humiliate themselves in front of others by sucking at sports. We can exercise on our own time thank you very much.

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36 Popular girls

There are so mean

Most of them are rich, spoiled brats - RobloxBFDIPoke223

Popular boys is better. - njalabi63989

At my primary school in 6th grade (It's called primary not elementary in Australia I think) This bitch called Amaya and her friends had bloated egos. They were also fake and rude. They would be scared if they saw the Weird Bird Girl (me) cussing! haha - Lunala

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37 getting in trouble

This just makes you anxious as hell and your mind is just racing. - airplain313

I hate getting in trouble. This may sound crazy, but my fun life depends on no matter what bad thing I do.

Getting in trouble ruins your day

I always obey rules and I hate getting in trouble. It's scary. - Lunala

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38 bitchy popular girls

They always end their word with an ah

They are just terrible excuses for human beings they think they are above and are worth more than you

They should all be either expelled or killed in a disaster. - Captaincrunch2015

Most of the popular girls in my school are nice and not rude and gossipy. There are two popular girls at my school who are smart and get good grades, they are nice to everyone, popular or unpopular, and joek around more than gossip about other people. This is an example of what popular girls should be. - AnimeDrawer

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39 too much hypocritical beliefs

Everyone get's mad when someone says they hate Minecraft. I don't, but I love Minecraft. They don't know what "Freedom of Speech" means. Saying minecraft PLAYERS suck is a different story.

Certain religious and political beliefs shouldn't be placed on kids who don't yet know any better. Religion and political views are something to be taught at home by the parents, not by the teachers.

And yet, Christian schools exist. I was almost sent to one of these but did not get in because it took too long for me to do a test - Nanis149

Yeah! I mean, it's not like I go to school to be pestered with hypocritical rules while the teachers break them!

If you don't wanna do homework, then you get,
"well your gonna waste your life then"
Schools waste 15 years of out lives, not learning anything at all, and the stuff they teach won't help us in any job.

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40 fire drills

Yeah. I hate them but we do it once a month. And by the way, how come they are so loud and they say "may I have your attention please? " Here is my saying now:
Fire alarm: may I have your attention please. May I have your attention please.
Me: Would the real slim shady please stand up. Laugh out loud

They're so annoying! My school don't have them in the winter, but in the Fall and Spring, they can happen at any time and scare the crap out of you! Although the teachers tell you ahead of time at my school, they never tell you the exact time it will happen, so when you least expect it, BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! They also really think that if there was a real fire burning the school, we'd walk out calm and in an orderly fashion? How about no? Why, they might ask? We don't want to burn to death, thank you very much.

One time I was in the toilet and the fire drill went off I was so embarrassed. I hate fire drills because they're stupid and scare the crap out of you. No matter how many dumb drills they give us we're still gonna run out of the school screaming. Cause we don't want to die! It's not like we'd be like "Okay guys there's a big fire spreading in the school. Let's all walk in a calm orderly line out of the building." - SammySpore

The get you out of class though - Lunala

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