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41 There is a huge lack of funding

In our local area this school is getting rich over all the over schools (including my school) getting poorer, we do get pieces of money to help renovate the store and we have new Drama/RE/Computing rooms but all the other subject funding is left to rot - Harri666

My school makes at least 1,000 dollars just by lunch. Yet the school looks ghetto. I'm not being snobby I'm dead serious. There is trash everywhere are the portables are basically falling apart.

My school can't afford internet security because people hack into the computers a lot!

My school looks like a ghetto. It wastes the money on these stupid slips you get if you're late, stupid higlighters and red pens they can't even afford to knock down a building that was meant to be up for 5 years which has been up for 39 years (which is literally on the verge of collapsing). They can afford to get our parents sent to court but not to knock down a building. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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42 Getting in trouble

This just makes you anxious as hell and your mind is just racing. - airplain313

I hate getting in trouble. This may sound crazy, but my fun life depends on no matter what bad thing I do.

Getting in trouble ruins your day

I always obey rules and I hate getting in trouble. It's scary. - Lunala

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43 You can't talk
44 Evil teachers

My Year 6 maths teacher. I got "A" on a test but this nasty witch only handed out lollipops to people who got "A+". I am not exaggerating! And she yelled at people for getting answers wrong. She yelled at me for being confused! (And I'm usually a Teacher's Pet even though I don't mean to be, so that says something! ) - Lunala

My life is ruined by one sadistic teacher

I had to deal with way too many of these in my life. - Nanis149

Good thing my shool bissonet not hire bad teachers I'm in 4 grade

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45 Hypocritical sluts

Ugh they are so annoying! They attract all the boys at school only because of their sexiness. In real life, they're stupid, rude, and will always betray you. - ethanmeinster

Stop being so stereotyped. Some girls are beautiful, smart, and kind. - PizzaGuy

Meow - tearest7

46 Pointless topics and subjects

Instead of learning about how to make great movies I instead have to learn about the French Revolution which has nothing to do with my job *slow clap* nice job school on how you cause me to fall back on how I feel about my job

There are these days where I have to go on pointless websites that are CRINGE! But recently I joined a group of "editors" who teach students how to ruin websites. Well done school.

One disgusting example...learning about puberty - spodermanfan1000

We don't need to know about those Ancient Egyptians or Hindus... - TopTenHaters

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47 Math

Math is so boring I mean who the hell invented math?!

Math is so I wish I can burn my math work! Homework is just sucking my head!

Wish that Math is how you get money!

Maths is hard and pandering algebra, as well as "InsertGenericNameHere brought 150 watermelons." these days - Lunala

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48 Only care about reputation

Only reason I do is that's the only way to get payed attention to.

I agree with the comment saying that's the only way to pay attention.However,I get mine for being really nice.

I have a bad reputation of getting Ds on every test and its only the beggining of December - Ihateschool

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49 It takes forever
50 Finals

there is nothing worse than finals.

Ugh, state testing in California, you worry about it all summer and you get the results back in September and if you don't do good, you get grounded for three weeks. - TopTenHaters

I want to kill myself every time the teacher says there is a final - Ihateschool

In Year 7-9, finals are pointless. But when you hit year 10, you'll be crying... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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51 Having to wake up in the morning

I don't understand why the school wants us to wake up so early Evey day I'm so tiered I can't even pay attention in my first class (not that I really want to)

Just don't go to school then

Monday morning. Wake up at 5:30, eat bread for breakfast. Go to assembly. Then math class.

52 Boys that act like girls

Speaking as a man who has acted like a girl his whole life, I can say this is not a bad thing. I just prefer girls over guys, which is not a problem for the homophobes or anyone else really, so why is this a bad thing?

THIS IS SEXIST. Which abomination of a life added this here? - Lunala

He, He I think you got the facts wrong I personally like to hang out most with girls than boy's because crap some boys are annoying, little un-elegan brats. But I don't do girly stuff - TheTopTenVoter

I use to like Lego Friends. But not like Brony. I also hang out with girls at my school because most boys there are so ANNOYING!

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53 Kids that are tattle tales

At my school your not allowed to brings bags to class for some stupid reason so people usually hide them in the spare lockers or in the hallways. Lately the coordinators have been cracking down on this and if they find your bag they'll take it to the office and make you stay 15 minutes after school.Once my bag was taken but my awesome homegroup teacher went and got it for me so all was fine. The new strategy that me and my friend have been using is hiding our bags under our bulky spray jackets (neither of us use the school issue backpack). The boys knew about this and they just HAD to tell my science teacher, who told us off and made us go put them back in our lockers and even had them follow us just to make sure we didn't hide them in some bush or whatever - SugarcoatShadowBolt

I never really had to worry about snitches in my school, I had a lot of friends and along with a lot of sketchy people who have a zero tolerance policy for snitching, they go by the "snitches get stitches" code because nobody likes to be snitched on including me

I know exactly how this feels, I had a crush on this one girl then she was a snitch about something I said (no one told me why I was in trouble) after that I gave here forever silent treatment, I'm pretty sure one time she called me and I didn't say anything

In 7th grade I got stuck sitting next to this bitchy girl called Shaye and I swear she was Satan in disguise. She was one of those dumb "popular girls" and she was obnoxious, loud and annoying, always whining and tried to tattle on me for not letting her borrow my pencils. (She also smelt like an old lady.) - Lunala

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54 History lessons

The school teaches all religions except Christianity. They think its offensive for others to learn about God, but they think it's okay for kids to learn about Muslims. This is actually the only part of school I despise.

No really about my history lesson, but my mean history teacher. She told us to stand if you didn't have a history file with us in school. Then unexpectedly, she scold us for that reason and gave lame excuses.

I like my history teacher, he's funny, although some of it is boring...

History is fun also the drawings ancient people did are cool and the mythology is cool. also the egypt gods look like some sort of animal mask disco party. - Lunala

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55 The whole class gets in trouble just because one person did something

This is the most annoying thing EVER. JUST CAUSE SOME BABY CAN'T ADMIT TO ANYTHING, IT DOES NOT MEAN A WHOLE CLASS OF INNOCENT STUDENTS GET THE BLAME FOR NO REASON. the teachers for SOME reason think the whole class will negotiate and will admit next time but NO. IT JUST MEANS THAT ONE KID WILL GET BULLIED. bad rule for everyone!

This happens because the person who did it doesn't want to admit it

How is this so low on the list, it should be in the top 3 it happens every time.

This is so annoying! Why can't the stupid idiot just admit to it?

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56 Complicated school work

I remember once getting homework on something I did not learn yet. - Nanis149

57 Teachers not letting you go to the bathroom during class

Me: Can I go to the bathroom?
Teacher: No, you may not.
Me: May I go to the bathroom?
Teacher : Stop asking. We started only ten minutes ago. So, class, it's all a matter of chemistry-
During the other 45 minutes I am dying in my seat.
My teacher blabs on and on about nuclear physics and how it works.
The bell rings.
I dash out of the room.
Also they need to keep the bathrooms clean!

I had this happen in 4th grade once. There was a substitute teacher. She let me go, but not anyone else. Someone was about to die. She didn't let him go. When the class is over, he probably went when we were getting ready to leave, and go home. I'm not sure, but I hope so.

Another thing, one time in 1st grade, we were getting ready to line up to go to lunch (the girls and boys do lunch and recess separately), and a girl soiled herself in front of everybody. I felt bad for her. She was wearing a skirt, which didn't help with the humiliation. I didn't hear any laughing, so I think the other kids felt bad, too. Luckily, that never happened to ME. It happened to my mom, though. Her teacher wouldn't let her go to the bathroom while they were watching a movie. I hate this a lot, and KEEP THE BATHROOMS CLEAN PEOPLE!

Especially when it's your time of the month...

I hate this. Especially when I need to go really bad. - CEEJAY1214

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58 Assigned seats at lunch

Why would teachers think it's ok to strip the students of their last sliver of social interaction with their friends? It's much worse if you are put with a bunch of people you hate and your best friend is all the way on the other side of the lunchroom! Come on, people! It's bad enough that you torture kids with 7 hours of slave work and then more at home, GIVE THEM A BREAK! Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. - SmashPrincess

That means we can't sit with our friends.

This was only in my Elementary, My Middle only has Assign Seats if too many kids are just plain idiots, My High School NEVER gets assigned seats. - BlueBobYT

Not really experienced it because I eat out for lunch during school days (don't whine), but this just sound ridiculous. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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59 French class

Point is you need to know French and Spanish to go to college.

Huh? My sister got into college and she only knew Spanish, same with my mum and dad and but they did French, although in school I'm doing both. It's probably different in America - Harri666

Why do we need to learn French? It's not like we are going to speak to random stranger in France or something, and we have friends in our countries instead! My friend is American and I can understand him without being teached (a few French words are the same in England, like Taxi or whatever)!

Once in French class we watched caillou and if I learned Spanish in school we would watch dora

I still have to deal with thursday and than friday morning.

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60 Changing classes

I changed classes in 2nd grade for 2 weeks... Best 2 weeks of 2nd grade

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