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61 Snitches

This one goody two shoe in my class snitched about me making my friend laugh when I made fun of a mean teacher

I swear I wanna slaughter every person that snitches me.

They are some of the dumbest kids in the entire school.

Snitches get stitches like in Nerve

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62 gross school lunches

This is why I bring lunch. Luckily at my school, the food isn't inedible. I only pack my lunch because of the ungodly long lunch line. Why wait in such an awful line just to get some mediocre food? - SmashPrincess

I am so glad my class before lunch is right next to it, I just get in the line and less than 10 people are in front of me. - BlueBobYT

School lunch is always something gross. The beans are moldy, the meat is crawling with salmonella, the soup is cold, and everything is wrapped in non-recycleable plastic. How unfriendly to the environment!

Good thing I bring pizza every day, which is clean and fresh. - Captaincrunch2015

Apparently my schools food gave half the kids food poisoning... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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63 no phone policy

What no phones?! I mean what's up with that?!

Were aloud phones outside the building so not in the locker room, lunch hall, library etc buy we can go outside and freeze to use our phones

At my school, you can not use your phone during school hours. Not even recess or lunch! - TopTenHaters

You finish the long project, can't relax on your phone. - BlueBobYT

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64 studying all night
65 Passing To The Next Grade
66 classmates who make fun of you

I'm always the but of the the joke, but it's high school. - Darkandpretty12

That everyone in my advance class. Hell, they aren't even advance almost everyone (except me an a couple of geniuses) are popular! Some kids ask if "England was a state" and if "America was a country" plus "is Africa a country? "

Those who make fun of me will suffer justice. God knows it's wrong and they do it. They will feel wrath

There is one sitting next to me as I type this

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67 getting up early V 1 Comment
68 don't let you use phones

I have electronics day sometimes.

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69 learning foreign languages

I disagree with this item on here. My Turkish class is very fun and there is only 12 of us in that class (which is my 7th period) I'm pretty glad I'm learning a new language. Something I want to get better at. - cosmo

Why is this required? You shouldn't have to learn a different language unless you want to. Besides, the people who come into our country don't have to learn our language and they don't want to. So why should we learn theirs?

You should learn a language at you're pace. I want to learn Dutch, Italian, German, Russian, Danish-Norwegian-Swedish, Finnish, much more. BUT AT MY OWN PACE!

It really depends on what you are learning. If you are learning those you are not interested in, you will hate it.

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70 chimes
71 Immature people

They are so annoying. Anything our teacher says that sounds a bit weird they are laughing at. Also our class always gets out of lessons late because some people can't shut up. Our class gets a bad reputation bacause of a few stupid boys in our class.

It gets annoying after a while. There's a fine line between funny immature and annoying immature. - Garythesnail

The entire class had to do write down in our exercise books 5 to 1000 JUST BECAUSE 2 PEOPLE WERE GOING CRAZY!

I did a "hack" in the computer lab and suddenly everyone around me jumped up and cheered because I filled the entire page with doge.

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72 Library

We don't have good books in our library we only have war and peace and other stupid novels like that - Ihateschool

My school has an awesome library which spend lots of money on new books every month - MChkflaguard_Yt

Why is it part of school?!

My library is just constant hackers on the computer and people going sanic fast to grab books and leaving the library a mess.

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73 rules and regulations

It's annoying especially when they give out a message to the kids "Oh be unique, be individual" MATE. YOU ARE MAKING EVERYONE LOOK LIKE CLONES. No piercings, no weird hair (some kid got in trouble for having a line in his hair) "it's preparing you for a job"... The people that wear uniforms in a job are the people working in fast food restaurants, caf├ęs etc. So are you preparing us to be a waitress for the rest of our life? College and Uni lets us wear whatever we want. So stop moaning about someone who is wearing boots and focus on the education. I want to send a letter some day. Like I have been ranting this since year 9 once I saw their mission statement. I'm so angry.

Once my organization The Unity takes over the school we will change the rules

Rules are so annoying always have to follow so stupid

One of the rules they never enforce is graffiti. I drew lots of MLG doge and sanics on the desks and they don't do nothing

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74 some websites are banned

Um, you know the school monitors all your actions online? I personally wouldn't want to be on social media at school where they can look into everything I did on their computers. - Rue

I can't even go to YouTube. Even if I can I can't make comment even if they're appropriate. Meaning the school don't trust us. Why not make it recess only? - njalabi63989

All social media except deviant art and youtube is banned in my school meaning our school doesn't trust us!

Deviantart should be banned. It has some really disturbing and gross art. - CEEJAY1214

My school blocks Roblox, Poptropica and YouTube.

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75 essays

We had to do an essay like the 2ND WEEK OF SCHOOL

My group, the fazbears ditched essays and ended up writing random stuff down and then saying it like it was an actual essay when presenting. - Captaincrunch2015

76 can't sleep

You wake up at 6:00am. And your tired, but you can't even sleep! - EpicJake

I slept at 12:00AM and my dad woke me up violently and it sound like as if WWIII started. All this just to get me ready to school. - njalabi63989

Look at time 11:46pm look again 12:45am look later 2:45am a d then 5:00am and then 6:00am and then the time I have to get up

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77 Art Class

What? whats so bad about art?

Art isn't that bad unless your teacher is a total witch... - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Art class is alright, but every other class is bad

O-O what...?

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78 Teacher Favoritism

OH. MY. GOD. My career teacher would treat a girl in my class better than anyone else in the entire school. She'd let her go on her phone, talk to other students, you name it. Would she let me do that? HELL NO! - railfan99

My art teacher seems to kind of hate me but is OK with everyone else though.

79 doing hard work

No work is hard for me well not a lot

80 school lunches

Yes my chicken nuggets are painted fat and rubber

The hamburger meat taste and feels like rubber!

The nachos taste like cardboard

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