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81 Immature people

They are so annoying. Anything our teacher says that sounds a bit weird they are laughing at. Also our class always gets out of lessons late because some people can't shut up. Our class gets a bad reputation bacause of a few stupid boys in our class.

It gets annoying after a while. There's a fine line between funny immature and annoying immature. - Garythesnail

The entire class had to do write down in our exercise books 5 to 1000 JUST BECAUSE 2 PEOPLE WERE GOING CRAZY!

I did a "hack" in the computer lab and suddenly everyone around me jumped up and cheered because I filled the entire page with doge.

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82 math's teacher
83 take away all the fun things

True school ripped apart my confidence and I am now TRYING not to be noticed by anyone.

This is why my confidence died

Cool math was blocked

What is so bad about Cool Math Games? They are addicting and fun to play. - AnimeDrawer

The rebels (including me) hacked the boring websites to be MLG and that's how you lighten up the mood.

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84 crappy wifi

I hate the school computers. There very slow, they block out all the good stuff and leave out the boring and bad stuff, and they are not very good with connecting.

The wifi speed is alright, but ALL the good websites are blocked and you are left with crap.

It takes over an hour just to connect, then they wonder why I can never get any work done.

Day at London United Kingdom High School in (2-19-2021) At 8:34AM
Teacher: alright class!
Teacher: today we are going to watch history movie!
Me: cool!
Teacher: MOVIE IS CALLED 42!
Me: cool jackie robinson movies!
Teacher: Lets watch history movie!
Student#2: yay!
*watch history movie but wifi is slow! *
Teacher: what the heck WHY isn't NOT WORKING!
*everybody laughs*
Student#3: probably wifi has a problem!
Me: You are using websites!
Teacher: I didn't GO TO WEBSITES I USED A VHS!
Student#2: probably T.V. is having problems with wifi!
Student#4: probably you using T.V. from 2003!
Me: I HATE 42!
*goes outside*

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85 you can't sleep during class

Wake up in the morning felling so tired, in school I almost fell asleep and I got to go to the principal office!

The person who sits next to me almost fell asleep in class, and I was thinking about falling asleep. - Spirtfall

If you are tired and you just want to take a 5 minute rest, the teacher can't let you.

so tired - Ihateschool

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86 bitchy teachers

Teachers who complain when you don't finish your test became their the ones who would'nt let you sharpen your pencil or give you a new one when your pencil broke!

At least I don't have a bitchy teacher! She has a LOLLIPOP MACHINE RIGHT IN THE CLASSROOM and if you do all your homework you get MONEY for the machine.

87 the time

Sometimes it just flys

(Look up at the clock and it's 1:45)
Me: Ok, I won't look at the clock for another 30 minutes.
(Waits for what feels like 30 minutes)
Me: Ok, I'll look now.
(Clock: 1.46)

88 summer reading

Come on home work in summer?

I wouldn't do it. It's my vacation. I won't do it. - Jetticus12

You waste time in summer

I'm so glad I never got assigned summer homework in my life - Rue

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89 Jerks annoy you
90 the only fun things are educational

You know what I would do?
If I go on khan academy, I would get my squad over to the computers and let them take turns hacking khan academy until it is a blob of mlg pictures and doge

91 people labeling you
92 not enough time to do anything

Oh, you need to use the bathroom? Or maybe try to finish your lunch? Eh, too bad. Sit down and listen to the teacher talk.

Most adults work only work 8 hours a day we go to school for 8 hours then we have 2hours of homework leaving most students totally exhausted not to mention if you play any kind of sport it is a constant rush to squeeze in everything

Teacher: and here we have the blah blah blah blah and it's clearly real important to learn about it because you will need it in life and blah blah blah...
Me: hey, can I go to bathroom?
Teacher: I don't know, can you?
Me: yeah, I can, but I can't cause I have to listen to you going blah blah blah and teaching us unimportant stuff we will TOTALLY NEED FOR THE FUTURE.

Yup. That is very annoying!

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93 It Feels Repetitive

It seems everyday at my school we do the same thing every single day - christangrant

94 parents that get involved

Arghh I hate that so much! My parents get so involved and they are very overprotective so I have too study all night long! And they now about everything I do at school cause theier so involved

who wants ones parents 2 kick his ass in front of teachers?

Yeah parents who care about you most be awful bet if you did good by yourself they wouldn't be so involved

Thankfully my mom never gets involved with anything except for when I need help on math homework. While the other kids are having a bad time doing some crummy, cringey thing in a school on saturday, I just sit at home chillaxing while playing Roblox.

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95 writing in cursive

It takes me almost an hour to write a sentence.

I have to type and people call me names because I cannot write

I actually like it

I can't write well normally and I got a "f" in it

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96 Camping trips

I hate staying overnight outside my home. The most dangerous and meaningless activity ever - MChkflaguard_Yt

I hate camping trips and school trips

97 elitists

I once had to put up with an elitist. Like, I am so much better than her. Everyone sees her as a good student, but I don't see her as any better than me. Mom helped me overcome my anger towards her by saying my nemesis got it just for doing something easy. I'm only 12 and I deserve that damn award more because I know Algebra, basic equations in Physics, the base chemical of Biochemistry, and more. I am quite offended by how she speaks English, as she abuses grammar orally. That's why I am mad at elitists.

I cannot stand an elitist. I wish I could spray their clothes invisible so they look like they are naked. I was completely angered by this. She ruined my school year, and I hope I get to invite people to see a live, nude elitist. That would be perverted, but it would be worth it as harmless payback. I also know she isn't any better than me, unlike my moron classmates. It would be better if I round up the elitists that make people's lives worst and see more live, nude elitists.

You might be smarter, better at a sport or something than them, but they still think they're better than you. These kind of people make me sick.

98 you aren't allowed to cuss

Oh, yeah, I agree. If we were able to, the teachers would think my father's a sailor! My God, some of the things I know. And if we were allowed to talk back, here's the scene everyday (T= teacher M=me):
"Sit down, Carina. "
"On what? Your face? "

Student 1: your such a cocky person

Student 2: I'm telling

Student 1: (whispers) Snitch

Student 2: Teacher! Teacher! He just called me cocky

Teacher: Don't call him cocky

(a minute later)

Student 3: (talking to another student)

Teacher: Sorry what was that?

Student 3: Nothing

Teacher: Don't be so cocky


Come on. Most people are gonna cuss while their growing up. It's just a normal thing.

I want to swear so badly - Ihateschool

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99 boring teachers

I hate my science teacher

100 nerds

Just because someone is smart or has glasses doesn't mean they are a nerd. I hate it when the jerks at my school say that. They're all idiots. - Garythesnail

I'm starting high school and I'm a little worried because I have glasses and braces and jerks might call me a nerd. People are mean - SammySpore

"Nerds" are actually very smart people and have an interesting view of life once you get to know them.

NERDS ARE COOL! #NerdFreedomForever!

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