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101 you aren't allowed to cuss

Oh, yeah, I agree. If we were able to, the teachers would think my father's a sailor! My God, some of the things I know. And if we were allowed to talk back, here's the scene everyday (T= teacher M=me):
"Sit down, Carina. "
"On what? Your face? "

Student 1: your such a cocky person

Student 2: I'm telling

Student 1: (whispers) Snitch

Student 2: Teacher! Teacher! He just called me cocky

Teacher: Don't call him cocky

(a minute later)

Student 3: (talking to another student)

Teacher: Sorry what was that?

Student 3: Nothing

Teacher: Don't be so cocky


Come on. Most people are gonna cuss while their growing up. It's just a normal thing.

I want to swear so badly - Ihateschool

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102 boring teachers

I hate my science teacher

103 nerds

Just because someone is smart or has glasses doesn't mean they are a nerd. I hate it when the jerks at my school say that. They're all idiots. - Garythesnail

I'm starting high school and I'm a little worried because I have glasses and braces and jerks might call me a nerd. People are mean - SammySpore

"Nerds" are actually very smart people and have an interesting view of life once you get to know them.

NERDS ARE COOL! #NerdFreedomForever!

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104 germs

At school lunch:Student 2:BOY GERMS!
Me:I don't care!
*gives student 3 the boy germs*
Student 3:boy germs!
Student 4:why does boy germs exist?
Me:let's make a plan to stop the boy germs!
Student 3:maybe we could go in a different play area!
Student 2:so they play in the center area,we will go to the very top of the north area!
Student 4:boy germs!
*me,student 2,student 3 and student 4 keep whispering*
Me:hide in the class!
*teacher stares at us*
Teacher:what are you doing in here?
Student 2:we are preventing ourselves from the boy germs!
*announcement plays*
Teacher:so there will be a new rule which is no more boy germs!
Popular girls:NO!
Popular girls:let's plan a girls night out!
Student 3:I hate the popular girls!
*popular girls are playing boy germs*
Student 4:the popular girls are playing boy germs!
Teacher:let's go to the office!
Popular girl #1:I hate ...more

105 Teachers Lie
106 math's teacher
107 ugly uniforms

Good I'm not in a private school

I made a report about how much I hate them like I am a neon fan stop with these horrible uniforms.

They make us wear crusty shoes,

We've got the UGLY!

108 know-it-all nerds

Hate it when there is always one kid that answers every question, but it is so funny when they get it wrong - Tobzz

I really hate nerds because they know everything and the entire class likes the nerd which grinds my gears and they also like to brag about grades which is ridiculous because I get a B+ and the nerd's balls drop when the nerd gets an A+ - DrMayonnaise

Hey I am a know it all nerd but if I get a question wrong I always say don't judge me let God judge me

I once was in a class which was chock full of these. I was basically the oddball that drew doges and illuminatis on the desk while the others nerd it out. Thankfully I wasn't alone.

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109 racist teachers

I'm black and my teacher told me go take a dip in the blue cheese you'll probably look better! OOH I HATE WHITE PEOPLE

I agree, that was racist for the teacher to say that, but if you live in America or any country with whites as a majority, deal with it, or leave the country. - doodie

I had some science teacher who was racist, discriminative and uncivilized. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

They should get fired

*cough cough* donald trump lovers

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110 Self-Defense Policy

I got expelled for breaking a kids nose I didn't know I broke it until it was too lat he deserved it. That butthole was saying bad things about me punching me making my mum worried cause bruises are showing up on me. All he got was a verbal warning and I got expelled for that! He should at least get expelled for doing what he did to me too!

I always get in fights but I'm not the one who starts them! Someone hits me I hit them back (unless there a girl) and they learn a lesson and don't hit again. then the teacher comes and the bully doesn't get in trouble but the victim who gets hurt and defends themselves DOES! WHAAT!?

A guy came to my school and said even if it's a girl we have the right to defend ourselves against them if they bother us so hit the girls back to.

The teachers are good at my school with that kind of stuff in 4th grade this kid pushed me over everybody laughed I stood up and shoved him over punched him in his face and called him a penis monger and people laughed again he told the teacher asked who stated it the kid said me and the teacher said well it's self defense

At my school, let’s say someone starts a fight. They hit me in the face, so in self defense, I hit them back. Well guess what? I get a detention for defending myself? Really, faculty? And the person who starts the fight gets off scot-free

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111 tattle tales

There's this girl in my class that tells on kids all the time and it really pisses me off - Jetticus12

Uh I hate people who tattle and are stuck up Last year this girl kept tattling on me and my friends for everthing. Sometimes she even tattled on us for things we didn't do!

Classmate: I'm telling
Someone: Sorry
Classmate: not good enough. Telling!
Classmate: Teacher, this idiot called me "stupid"
Someone: I can explain!
Teacher: Go to detention while I call your parents
Someone: Dammit

That is how bad tattle tales are, folks. - EpicJake

So the classmate calls you an idiot while telling the teacher that you called them stupid? Ironic! - SammySpore

A story of a poor little tattletale
This tattletale told on every single thing she got his filthy ears on. But one day some guy decided to slam her filthy head into every locker in the school. Moral of the story? Snitches get stitches!

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112 ratchet girls

What the heck does that even mean? - Garythesnail

Don't know what it means, and don't want to know what it means...

For people who don't know what this means it's girls who listen to very annoying music. - tearest7

Don't want to know.

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113 Dirty Restrooms

Oh my god worst thing ever, at my middle school, they don't even bother putting soap in the restrooms! Just, WHY?!

Do you think, you are the worst, at my school, they don't bother putting lockable doors or toilet paper! - RobloxBFDIPoke223

There's this annoying hand drier that sounds like nails on a chalkboard and just makes our hands dirtier. - BlueBobYT

114 not being able to use cell phones, but the teachers do in class

It's just stupid crap like seriously were not allowed to text either

I am so SICK of that. I had this aid teacher that was pushing me around with my phone or iPod, she keeps on saying "Put that away before it's mine." LET ME LISTEN TO SOME MUSIC!

My teachers play video games, and use the excuse, "I'm an adult! "

That's not fair teachers. All this just because they think we'll get distracted. - njalabi63989

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115 Disgusting bathroom

Yup, - RobloxBFDIPoke223

116 watching your friends have a soap opera

you hate the drama. And you are completly invisible to them for that remainder of time. - JXJ

The reason why I am no longer friends with my old friends, after a while it gets to be where it's not even worth it

BAHAHAAHAHAA, oh god, OH SWEET MOTHER OF GOD this is rich, I'm sorry I just love me some sappy school sitcom drama, the drama at my middleschool is just so funny I can't even keep a straight face while thinking about it

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117 principal

Who do you think you are? A dictator that can rule the world? You can't influence me and dictate to me what to do because I know what I want and you don't need to be involve in it. mind your own mess and I'll never obey your own selfish annoying rules and regulations. - ronluna

Here's the trick with the principal: whoever tattles first they will believe. I've noticed this multiple times and it does work. - Pikachulover1

My principal does not let us play tag in school in my school there is a group of 20 or 30 kids playing infected. My principal does not let us have inclement wheater. It is burning hot and our principal lets us play outside we could like actually faint. I see a lot of second grade girls holding hands. But guess what the principal does not let us hold hands while running. In valentines day I do'nt think my principal letted us bring a shirt that has something to do with valentines

My entire squad roasts the principal at least 4 times a year because she is so mean.

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118 clubs and organizations

I made an organization called The Unity and our goals are to spread God's word and stop evil but I have one secret goal to takeover the school using force

My club is Game Lords and we try to spread friendship and peace using video games. - InfernoTopTenners

I have a club full of fnaf fans. They are trying to overthrow the coach. - Captaincrunch2015

119 Two faced teachers

I go to an elementary so I don't really have them


My teacher ats nice around the parents and most kids but she acts really mean a to me my friend jj and some other kid in the class she singles us out and is a mean person

120 Show-Offs

I have this friend who sometimes is a show off and shows my other friends and I weird stuff from the Internet that she thinks is true and every time we tell it isn't she gets mad at us. She is also really good at gymnastics so shows off and is like I am going to do gymnastics classes so I can teach you and I am like I don't want break my neck so NO! And my other 2 friends who did follow got in trouble. She also acts like she doesn't have mistakes and like she tells our mistakes and to stop and I am like what about you.

In my opinion, they do cool things to make sure they are popular. However, they have some bad character traits. I think the smart, nice people like me, all my friends, etc should be popular

Some of the kids at my school are teaching others how to hack and now that I think about it one dude in particular hacked every computer and basically showed off to the entire school how hilarious his hacks are.

A real show off break their Damn neck
Just for attention like the kid in my old landscaping class
the teacher said this a a dangerous class and he nearly broke his neck and he's askin why we ain't usin the tools. Ps he isn't in trouble but still

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