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121 Two faced teachers

I go to an elementary so I don't really have them


My teacher ats nice around the parents and most kids but she acts really mean a to me my friend jj and some other kid in the class she singles us out and is a mean person

122 Detention for no reason

Everyone hates this. Detention for no reason? Teachers who do that are jerks. - EpicJake

Whole class detention is unfair if the person next to you does something wrong but you actually aren't. :(

Like the No-Tolerance policy. I've commented on this 1,000 times. And I will say again, any teacher who does that should go to hell.

I never get detention for no reason but I got it for a very poor reason. I got in detention because I got caught watching YouTube. - njalabi63989

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123 Dirty restrooms

Oh my god worst thing ever, at my middle school, they don't even bother putting soap in the restrooms! Just, WHY?!

Do you think, you are the worst, at my school, they don't bother putting lockable doors or toilet paper! - RobloxBFDIPoke223

There's this annoying hand drier that sounds like nails on a chalkboard and just makes our hands dirtier. - BlueBobYT

124 Clubs and organizations

I made an organization called The Unity and our goals are to spread God's word and stop evil but I have one secret goal to takeover the school using force

My club is Game Lords and we try to spread friendship and peace using video games. - InfernoTopTenners

I have a club full of fnaf fans. They are trying to overthrow the coach. - Captaincrunch2015

125 Show-offs

I have this friend who sometimes is a show off and shows my other friends and I weird stuff from the Internet that she thinks is true and every time we tell it isn't she gets mad at us. She is also really good at gymnastics so shows off and is like I am going to do gymnastics classes so I can teach you and I am like I don't want break my neck so NO! And my other 2 friends who did follow got in trouble. She also acts like she doesn't have mistakes and like she tells our mistakes and to stop and I am like what about you.

In my opinion, they do cool things to make sure they are popular. However, they have some bad character traits. I think the smart, nice people like me, all my friends, etc should be popular

Some of the kids at my school are teaching others how to hack and now that I think about it one dude in particular hacked every computer and basically showed off to the entire school how hilarious his hacks are.

A real show off break their Damn neck
Just for attention like the kid in my old landscaping class
the teacher said this a a dangerous class and he nearly broke his neck and he's askin why we ain't usin the tools. Ps he isn't in trouble but still

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126 Watching your friends have a soap opera

you hate the drama. And you are completly invisible to them for that remainder of time. - JXJ

The reason why I am no longer friends with my old friends, after a while it gets to be where it's not even worth it

What the heck is a soap opera?!

BAHAHAAHAHAA, oh god, OH SWEET MOTHER OF GOD this is rich, I'm sorry I just love me some sappy school sitcom drama, the drama at my middleschool is just so funny I can't even keep a straight face while thinking about it

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127 Principal

Who do you think you are? A dictator that can rule the world? You can't influence me and dictate to me what to do because I know what I want and you don't need to be involve in it. mind your own mess and I'll never obey your own selfish annoying rules and regulations. - ronluna

Here's the trick with the principal: whoever tattles first they will believe. I've noticed this multiple times and it does work. - Pikachulover1

My principal does not let us play tag in school in my school there is a group of 20 or 30 kids playing infected. My principal does not let us have inclement wheater. It is burning hot and our principal lets us play outside we could like actually faint. I see a lot of second grade girls holding hands. But guess what the principal does not let us hold hands while running. In valentines day I do'nt think my principal letted us bring a shirt that has something to do with valentines

My entire squad roasts the principal at least 4 times a year because she is so mean.

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128 Mean substitutes

Yeah I had a mean substitute in grade 11 and 12, just a year ago I had this mean sub in my 3 classes in block 2 on Monday Tuesday and block 1 on Wednesday, she was getting mad at the class for dumb things, and at me for typing notes on the computer she thought I was playing games during class, and she yelled at every one, every time I look away you guys always sneek on other things, she upset me, Wednesday that week she got mad a kids for having fun and laughing in the dark room I think they were filming a video,

If a substitute is mean I give them a really bad reputation in the school.

True last year I had a mean sub a lot it sucked

129 When someone poops their pants

Once when I was TEN (grade 5) last year, the annoying gender confused boy in my class pooped his pants. He put his hand up and said "Can I go to the toilet? " Then, a minute later, he came back carrying dirty underwear. HE PUT IT IN THE BIN! Then the whole classroom stank.

Only when it happens to you.

You smell something weird coming from the kid sitting next to you

Nobody in my school poops their pants, but I remember someone leaving a fresh turd on the floor of a bathroom.

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130 Takes away your time
131 Sexism

At our school, the boys are so rude to the girls. I am a boy myself. Once at gym, we seperated into boys and girls... and I hate that. Then the teacher said JOKINGLY "nah, the girls would win! " I actually was like "WOO-HOO YEAH GIRLS! " no one heard except for the girls. Plus, most of my friends are girls

I have so many girl teachers and the whole year I had so many girl teachers and no boys. It's weird.

All the teachers are in my school.

There's this idiot in my class that ALWAYS said girls are way smarter than boys. She is so annoying she pisses averyone off. Even the other girls hate her.

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132 Not a lot of freedom

Well now in school/work you will learn how to be a "good pet"

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133 Dirty school toilets

The entire school restrooms are bad because there is writing in the stalls and it smells and there is no soap and toilet paper sometimes and there could also be faucets that only turn on when you push it and it's much worse when you're in grade school and you go in the bathrooms where the little kids go and there is pee in the toilet and poop that it makes me never use school bathrooms! It's disgusting. - BigButtCracker

I totally agree. My bathrooms have brick walls so everything echoes LOUDLY. Trash cans overflowing, out of toilet paper. The mini trash cans in the stalls are so gross! I never use them. People leave HUMONGOUS turds, pee all over the seat, used tampons ON THE GROUND! Eww, eww, eww! SO gross! The bathrooms are old, and the sinks never work. The only renovated thing in there is the 3 toilets. They are those automatic flushing ones. I hate them so much cus they flush when you're still on the toilet! Also, it stinks constantly. It only smelt fresh in there for 1 day when custodians came in after someone failed to make it to the toilet and puked on the floor. I was in there when it happened! She ran right past me when I was washing my hands! I almost barfed that day, too. And since there is one janitor there the whole day spending it shoveling the sidewalks after constant snowfall, the bathrooms get worse. This is my current middle school bathroom experience.

Crap all over toilet seat, plus pee, smells horribile, cheapest brand toilet paper, and no privacy.

In middle school a boy didn't flush the toilet it makes people getting sick in california
You need to wear mask so you don't getting sick! - SpencerJC

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134 The stupid laugh of annoying brainless girlies

Bitches. All of them are bitches. I wish I could rko each one of them.

Some people won't grow up. They'll always be little dumb persons. They are laughing all the time even about nothing. I think they are laughing about themselves.

Even if I am a girl I still know some stupid girls I just wish would shut up

That title was unnessisaries in modern times, boys are more brainless... DUMMIES! - Dragontree102

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135 Scolding

I agree getting scolded by a kid and/or a teacher stinks. I think they should think of another punishment for bad behavior

136 Ridiculously hard tests
137 Changing in locker room for P.e.

I can't even change without other people looking at me

I don't change but one day we might get required for swim. - Captaincrunch2015

We don't have gym uniforms (just have to were sneakers, and field day t-shirts for field day), but for swimming in the boys locker room, all of the boys were like I CAN SEE YOUR [insert private part here] HAHAAHAH. I'm like. (Thought) SHUT UP

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139 PD days once every two months

That is a thing for Teachers.

Personal development day

What do you mean by PD DAY"? - EpicJake

What the hall s a PD day?

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140 School shootings

You would think after countless shootings, killings, and fights, schools can do better than put up a "No weapons on school property" sign.

When a teacher dies I am just normal but when a kid dies I'm like THINK OF THE CHILDREN - Captaincrunch2015

It might happen since I'm Muslim and people want to kill us. - njalabi63989

How is this not a least in the top 5s? Well I gues they don't happen really often.

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