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141 people who argue about unnecessary things

I had kids just like that at my old school and as hell it was annoying. it's so annoying there isn't any way to escape though there must be half a dozen things on this list that rock

I was in 5th grade and they were arguing over people letting wild cats out in California.
How dumb is that?!

People always argue about stuff like is it data as in DAYta or DATa? No one cares!

Kid walks to my NFC from her large group of friends Hey insert a name can I talk to ou privately? whispers You can't be her friend anymore I never hang out with anyone! Me taps her shoulder What about them? I don't have much friends, only 2. Kid WELL IF YOUR GOING TO HANG OUT WITH HER WE AREN'T FRENDS! My BFF walks away with me Me Oh I didn't know this was High School.

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142 how many hours you have to spend there

I spend 8 and a half hour. That's so long

That's okay I'll just go to school and sit there for 7 hours or so.
(2 hours later)

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143 sometimes your friends won't be in your class

Yes! This is literally all I think about the first day of school. Plus, if none of your friends are in your classes, you're stuck that way for the whole year.

This year at the first day I was in a class where 90% of my friends was in another class. Thank god they allowed me to move to that class in the 2nd day. - njalabi63989

The teachers last year sucked at putting me in a class with my friends. Let's hope this year will be different... - Spiritfall

This summer I got a mail, I opened it and it said that "I got into Denver," (Which is one of the 7th grade.) I wanted to be in F&M (one of the other 7th grade classes) because it might have some of my friends there. But since Denver has almost all the bad kids in the class I don't think I will have much friends because one of my friends say they will be in F&M. I'm just so nervous about going into seventh grade and worried that since I'm not that cool I wouldn't be locked as much and possibly bullied ;~;...

And having no friends in your class is the worst.. :( - SapphireStar

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144 kids that try to be your friend

I had these kind of people as my friends. Huge mistake. They used me for better grades, equipment, food and private information. They started talking crap behind my back sometime thinking I wouldn't know or hear. After a heated argument in June, I was no longer their friends. I can't believe I was used and that's what I get back in payment! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Oh, yes! Especially when they get friendly with you just to use you! Ugh!

It's so annoying and stupid! One of them just kept following me around and in the bus ride back home (and to school), he just kept sitting in my seat as I sat down and I was intending to sit with someone else.

There are these kids that mooch you off your money by giving you bootlegged candy

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145 loud teachers

They make me nuts.

The teacher are like SHUT UP! They are real annoying

Students: *Doing group work like they are told and they talk slightly too loud*

146 people who call you "kid" when they are the same age as you

I hate when people call me "kid" when they are the same damn age as me! It gets on my nerves.

Something similar happened to me, but with weight. Somebody told me that I'm fat (all though I'm not) and he actually had the same weight as me. And also he was shorter.

The other kid is probably just a stupid loudmouth idiot. It would be worse if the kid was like a year younger and said hey kid. That kid would be a stupid retard.

That's nothing. There are grade ones in my school and they call the GRADE SIXES "kid"

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147 MLA Style

I hate MLA format, especially the double spacing and the sucky Times New Roman font! - Turkeyasylum

Even other fonts are better and have easier fonts to read! - InfernoTopTenners

148 Teachers lounge

How come teachers have a swanky lounge to hang out in while we students are treated like slaves? The teacher's lounge at my school has a candy machine and a soda machine, and lots of junk food hidden beneath it, while the only vending machine we have in the lunchroom is a Dasani bottled water machine! This is the reason why many teachers are overweight and could probably sink the Titanic!

I've found a trick. If the teachers are in there, just give them all $1 and hey will let you inside. I've told my friends about it. The jerk faces don't deserve to know this trick. It might not work, but it does in my school. - PizzaGuy

It makes me feel like the teachers are better than us.

There is one on every floor and students are under all the stress

If I find one, I will kick out the teachers and make it the students' lounge!

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149 Thiefs

My cousins teacher had all students put their phones in the back of the class. His phone and 52 other phones were stolen in ONE MONTH!

Thiefs keep stealing my water bottle after PE so I place water bottle on my backpack! - SpencerJC

Oh yes I hate that my iPhone four got stoles when the 4 was still popular

I have a lunch box and 2 water bottles stolen. What a big waste of money. - njalabi63989

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150 You don't have your book
151 Popularity
152 The bathrooms

I hate public bathrooms. People need to install air fresheners in every public bathroom in the world. At school, my 4th grade science teacher told the class that one time, a few boys refused to use the bathroom, and someone LITERALLY POOPED ON THE FLOOR. She also said a kid saw the poop, and told her about it. People need to learn to keep bathrooms clean these days.

They are so disgusting. Janitors don't even go in there and kids don't flush. Every time I go in there I want to barf.

I saw a turd on the floor in elementary and everyone said that this one kid named Jordan did it. Nobody trusts him.

Once in my school a boy got stuck in the toilet.

153 Autistic kids

Hey I have autism you homo! I try my hardest yet I'm still annoyed by my social studies teacher (seriously when did they start calling it that it's actually history) who is a sadistic psychopath my friend actually undercover flipped her off I would do that to if I didn't fell like dropping her in a pit a vat of acid and then throw the possible remains in to a volcano so there such it losers!

Did these kids ever choose to be autistic? No, so don't hate on them. - HyenaLover

I feel bad for them

I Hope an Autistic Kid Finds This And Kicks Your Ass - Himalayansalt

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154 teachers getting mad over everything
155 You are not allowed to laugh
156 no smoking policy but the guards, teachers are smoking

we should have a hidden camera everywhere - ronluna

I don't have my teachers smoking thankfully. - njalabi63989

157 teachers that have favorites

In my school I think I'm the favourite person for teachers but I'm getting really mad at them because at parents evening they said that I am the best in the whole year group, that is just exaggeration. I feel sorry for my other friends that are treated really badly by teachers for no reason. - Harri666

Favourite:i'm done
Teacher:good job
Me:i'm done

The teachers even hate the gifted kids but love the others like why?

Teacher: come on (favorite student) come get some candy
Others: why not us?

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158 druggies

There is a lot bad things about school but this is the worst there is so many of them in our school some of them even tried to kill one teachers son

There was just a kid in 7th grade at my school who was expelled because they found 7 ounces of weed in his locker. Who would even think about doing THAT? Don't these types of people even realize that drugs can kill you?

159 Pledge of Allegiance

The POA isn't a bad thing, it's just that when we say it every morning, it really loses its meaning.

Why put this on here it's disrespectful to this country

Its very annoying to have to stand up for 20 minutes every morning especially when everyone don't even pay attention to it

That is very disrespectful. You like America right?

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160 People Begging/Demanding that you share your food with them

It's always a person you don't know and when you refuse they call you selfish even though they are the ones begging for your stuff and being annoying about it.

It's so annoying. I would only ever do that if they were someone from the Congo or any poor country starving.

Why would I give you my fries while You throw all of your lunch away? I don't want you to waste it. - SamuiNeko

There are these broke kids mooching fries off of people who brought lunch.

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