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161 Have to Be Grade 4-8 to Sit Past the Emergency Exit Seats On the Bus

This is the dumbest rule about school ever - Sparkjolt

I always sit on the emergency exit seats. - Tacocheese

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162 You have to do 12 grades

You have to spend 12 years (13 if you count kindergarten) in a living hell.

YAY! SUMMER! Then two seconds later, you're in college. At least you're free in College.

Kindergarten is too tame to be hell - QuickMan

Whats worse is after those 12 grades there's college if u want money - Ihateschool

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163 Gifted students who aren't actually smart

I am friends with one and SHE IS smart.

They think they are smart but they aren't

I'm one of them, my parents always telled me I'm smart, I get a d on my first test of 6th grade

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164 Kids who use memes to act cool

Now that I think about it, this might describe me.

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165 Girls with a big booty

This is just inappropriate. Why would this be on here?! Who cares about girl butts?! This is just plain stupid.

Don't judge a book by it's cover

It knocks people down

All I gotta say is LOL. - QuickMan

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166 You are forced to go to it

I hate when the teachers force you to work in groups. But you have social anxiety or your anti social or whatever. But they will force you to work in groups or you will fail.

You HAVE to go to school. Sucks because there are plenty of smart peoplease without a formal piece of paper stating that they're educated.

I learn SO LITTLE maths at school. The only real things I learned was sums. - computerfan0

Lets write a story.

once upon a time there was a big grizzly bear who was called Mr. grizzly. on day he woke up and...

167 Watching baby shows

I like The Wiggles and My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic but I'm too embarrassed to watch those in school - Ihateschool

168 Classist teachers
169 Unexpected substitute teachers

What I mean by that is if you expect your normal teacher to be there, but there is a sub. - anonygirl

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170 getting in trouble for something you didn't do V 1 Comment
171 The hypocrisy of the teachers

My 6th grade social studies teacher said that Hitler was Jewish and told us that 9/11 was done by Japan. - peaceswagtv

172 proper haircut

I hate our principal's haircut and he should be banned because of improper haircut, that does applies to professors, deans, any other elder individuals in the school, guards, if they should implement that - ronluna

If you're American or canadian (particularly dudes), consider yourself lucky that you can have long hair. Here in the Philippines, they will cut your hair in class if they think it's too long, or give a really bad sanction. I hate this country's school system.

Wait, in America they don't care? This makes me want to have an Afro

the principal wants us to do that haircut but the students wants to smack his face because the haircut is very annoying and not everyone love that haircut - ronluna

Not like proper haircut, but in my cousin's school, if your hair is too Long, they will give you THE WORST HAIRCUT. You'll be angry and rant here!

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173 principals, teachers, security guards abusing the student handbook
174 if you are a son of a teacher, principal, etc you must work harder

prove them that you can beat them even if your parents are "buddies of school, etc" - ronluna

this is none of their business, they think that you owe your life and future to them - ronluna

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175 drama

For me, drama is another word for 50 minutes of wannabe celebrity kids who judge you in your every move. That think they are better than everyone else! Ugh!

As in all that bogus happening? There is TONS of that. There is an urban legend going around my school that creepy clowns are lurking in the football field.

Sometimes it's fun. - njalabi63989

In my school (I'm at middle school) there is so much drama that there is self harm and fighting in middle school. I'm just sick of this and I feel stressed out :( - SapphireStar

176 seeing someone you really hate

Yup, every year this happens, it makes me see red, hopefully, this year I'm moving up to high school, so yeah... By the way the person I hate SMOKES shame on him

Whenever I see somebody who I really hate I just want to get a machete and stab them to death (mainly because they messed up my childhood) - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I always find a way to stop them but with some people I hate I make alliances with

I sat next to her for 2 months last year in fifth grade - SamTheAwesome

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177 bus

Takes forever to go home because there are so many kids that live far away from yours and are the first to go and there's traffic out there.

Some of the people on my bus do illegal drugs, and drink alcohol. They need to go to rehab in the summer. - Turkeyasylum

The bus is dirty and full of weirdos.

My mom takes me to middle school to drop off because I want to drop off very easy.
But the bus is horrible because of slow moving and the student hates house he says HIS HOUSE IS UGLY AND WEIRD I heard that and even the student lives too far at los angeles and san bernardino but in rancho cucamonga the bus are takes too long.
Traffic are so bad because I'm getting late for school
Too many people loudly, crazy phone and singing very annoying or bus causes crash so I'm not taking bus today! - SpencerJC

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178 social studies

Why do you need to know about something that happened and will never happen again

You know what's even worse? School plays based on social studies. - Captaincrunch2015

The 4th grade in my school has one each year. I was in one and it was fun. But its not fun to sit for an hour watching the play. - Spirtfall

179 Pop Quizzes

Most stupidest idea ever

I had one on math. - Captaincrunch2015

That sounds like a fun thing to do

180 feeling panicked at the end of summer

School is after tomorrow and I am so mad that I have to return to school - jbella9000

No, I have to go to that piece of crap called school. noo

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