Top Ten Worst Things About Seasons

Yes summer, spring, winter, and fall can be annoying sometimes. That's why I made a list about worst things about all of the seasons. So lets get started.

The Top Ten

1 Allergies (Fall and Spring and Summer)

Winter has sickness too, you know. - Raichu

OH MY GOSH. I am an allergy sufferer, and I HATE THIS! The worst part about this is nasal congestion. I can't breathe throughout 1 nostril, and every time I try to open it up, it clogs up again! I hate getting a runny nose as well, and once I used up AN ENTIRE BOX OF TISSUES and my nose was STILL clogged up/runny!

Luckily I don't suffer from these so much anymore.

Yes you will be sneezing every day until the seasons change.

2 Your Life Keeps Changing (All Seasons)

Yes its that bad. First its hot then its cool then its cold then its warm and then ITS HOT! WOW! I NEVER KNEW ITS THAT BAD! That's WHY ITS ANNOYING!

3 The Heat (Summer)

I get burned during the summer

I hate hot weather. My hay fever may drive me insane in the summer, but hot weather is the absolute worst thing! There was recently a heatwave in Britain, which I arrived in the middle of when I got back from Australia. Getting off the plane, I immediately wished I was back there! - PositronWildhawk

OH MY GOD ITS HOT OUT! I hate the heat.

4 Chores (All Seasons)

GOOD LORD ITS TERRIBLE! In fall you have to rake leaves. And in winter you have to dig up snow. MY GOD ITS HORRIBLE!

5 Its Raining All the Time (Spring)

That's RIGHT! Spring is the season with the most days and weeks and months of raining. ITS TERRIBLE! Well the raining season starts in april. And its ANNOYING!

6 Leaves Everywhere (Fall)

Its annoying because if your walking outside. Guess what you will be stepping on? LEAVES! That's right there's leaves EVERYWHERE! They landed in every place or thing. You can't even go on one street without seeing leaves all over the place. OH MY GOD! THERE EVERYWHERE!

7 School (Winter)

That's RIGHT! School winter is bullcrap. I mean there's so many snow out and its very cold out there and still we GO TO SCHOOL? WHY? Now all of us will be twice as cold as we are before. HECK WITH YOU SCHOOL!

8 It's Too Cold (Winter)

My house is CONSTANTLY freezing cold. The heat has issues sometimes.

I hate with winter and the cold so much I prefer the heat I'd rather it be 500 degrees then -500 - ToptenPizza

9 Piles of Snow (Winter)

That's TERRIBLE! I mean there's like so many snow. I mean HOW CAN A BUNCH OF LITTLE FLUFF BALLS CREATE ALL THAT MUCH SNOW? What because little kids wake up and there dreams come true? GIVE ME A BREAK!

10 School (Spring)

This should be year round

* birds chirping* suns rising*bees buzzing*flowers blooming* ahh whats a beautiful day. TOO BAD I'm STUCK IN A MISERBALE DARK PLACE WHICH IS SCHOOL! YES IN SPRING WERE ENJOYING A NICE SUNNY DAY! BUT NO INSTEAD WE GO TO THE HOUSE OF MISERY WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE! CURSE YOUN SCHOOL! Well that's it I hope you vote so bye.

The Contenders

11 Bees (Spring)

Yes there TERRIBLE! They ruin your chance to smell flowers. I HATE THEM!

12 Christmas Music (Winter)
13 Summer School (Summer)
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