Top 10 Worst Things About Shadow the Hedgehog

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1 He's Extremely Overrated

He is not.You Shadow Haters are just refusing to give him a chance

At Least He's Not Frozen Level Overrated

I Don't Care

The second most popular Sonic game, not as overrated as Sonic the Hedgehog!
Also, he's so annoying! I especially hate his 2D appearances! They freak me out!

2 His Arch-Rivalries with Sonic the Hedgehog, Bass (from Mega Man) & Most

They suck ass! Screw how Shadow the Hedgehog talks! The best rival for Shadow the Hedgehog is Pinky (not the classic male Pinky, but the modern, female Pinky) from Pac-Man (whom Katy Perry would be the best voice for). Also, just hate on Shadow the Hedgehog anyways! He's so annoying, casting more lines in gaming than Mario characters! AUGGH! Sonic & Shadow?! Isn't Shadow the Hedgehog supposed to be Amy Rose's older brother? Of course Maria Robotnik is the surrogate sister of Shadow the Hedgehog. Also, Shadow the Hedgehog shouldn't even be with Mega Man characters! ! Shadow the Hedgehog sucks in everything he's in! Shadow the Hedgehog may be a match for Sonic the Hedgehog, but Pinky (from Pac-Man) is the best match for Shadow the Hedgehog.

Saying Mario Copied Rivals No If There is No Mario There Is No Sonic Sonic Is Just A Mascot Of Sega To Rival Up With Nintendo's Mario During The Sega-Genesis-Super Nintendo Era It Was War That Time Like Metal Gear Lol

I hate it when Sonic & Shadow are against each other. Rips off Mario vs. Wario.

I hate shadow

3 His Music Tracks

The music tracks in his game are awesome

4 His 2-D Appearances
5 He Has an American accent instead of a European accent

And what does that bull have to do with this

This is a dumb reason to hate a character. And kinda racist too.

Man we have some American haters on TheTopTens.

6 His Relationships with Sonic Characters & Himself
7 He Is On Archie Comics Instead of Sonic Characters

It is not fair for Shadow the Hedgehog to be on Archie Comics. His rivalry with Luigi is much better than his rivalry with Bass.

I, the creator of this list meant to rename this reason as 'He Is On Archie Comics Instead of Pac-Man Characters'.

8 He Is a Sonic Character

The Man Who Put This Here Played Way Too Much Sonic 06

9 His Quotes

Ever since his debut in Sonic Adventure 2, I wasn't excited to see Shadow the Hedgehog, who is SEGA's Wario just like how Rouge the Bat is SEGA's Waluigi. Shadow the Hedgehog should not have his own series nor be on Archie Comics. And speaking of quotes, Shadow the Hedgehog's are terribleness! Also, his stages are boring.

At Least It Isn't Anakin From Attack Of The Clones

10 Shadow Himself

What's so bad about him? The creator of this list just loves Mario and hates Sonic.

Give the guy a break! He had to kill his own dad to save the world,his only family killed days after he was born, and can't control his on powers! He has so much energy,he was forced to supply energy to the entire Eggman Empire

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11 He's Overused in Music Videos

The only music video I saw featuring shadow was tripod baby

This is the only reason Shadow is bad BEACAUSE OF THE SHADOW HATERS!

12 When He Talks
13 He was in Sonic X

That's also a reason why :takes deep breath: Sonic is bad, tails is bad, knuckles is bad, cream is bad, rouge is bad, Amy is bad, eggman's bad, and a million other characters.

14 He Hurts Everyone

Yeah you are right he does by the way I'm not being sarcastic

15 His Hairstyle & Appearance

Black and red is the best color scheme ever.

16 His Voice

He can not sing good

17 He Mainly Was Against Vegeta in Death Battle
18 His Personality

He May Not Be Very Nice At All But Still A Great Character

19 Chaos Control

Shadow Can Tap In Too The Chaos Emeralds Power Even Sonic Can Do Chaos Control

20 He Is On Archie Comics Instead of Pac-Man
21 His Overall Original Design
22 The Perverted Fangirls

Thank You
You Just Ruined One Of My Favorite Characters

23 His Characterization
24 Shadamy

It's stupid. Amy loves Sonic, not Shadow.

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