Top Ten Worst Things About the Shopkins Cartoon

Starting at the shopville games pt.1 they have being..... what? find out on this list.

The Top Ten

1 Evil Shopkins

Uhhh Moose I hate you Yolanda Yo Yo? Does not sound EVIL to me. - ShopkinsLover

2 Copying Katie Mcginty and Pat Toomey
3 New personalities

Part 2 of comparing.

Old Kooky: A cutie shy but goofy cookie.
New Kooky: A lazy ass mayor that solves the very little problems and not the big and little problems. - ShopkinsLover

Hey dudes look at that CRAZY shopkin Cheeky Choc. MOOSE Cheeky is now a jerk Apple is now sour Lippy is a brat and more to come. Time to compare

Old Cheeky: A little cute prankster makes everybody laugh out loud
New Cheeky: A stupid ass who does dumb stuff to her friends

Old Apple: A very sweet to the core girl!
New Apple: A ass who was mean to Cheeky

Old Lippy: Always so sassy!
New Lippy: A ass who leaves the team because she likes fashion and Shady - ShopkinsLover

4 the last part of the part time episodes are too short
5 The Shopkins are now complete jerks
6 Lame episodes

Power Hungry? really? Moose watching a show for 3 weeks 3 WEEKS?! they got sleepy so at nighttime they ATE BURNT CUPCAKES?! well by the way Power Hungry is a good episode but WHY are Choc N' Chip apart? They should be together like there toy. - ShopkinsLover

Sooo lame The Shopville Games! - ShopkinsLover

7 Stupid Team sneakers in The Shopville Games

So ugly they will never be dressed in style like G3 Rainbow Dash. - ShopkinsLover

8 Putting Suzie Sushi in The Shopville Games pt.3 on lippy's phone

We can't even understand what she's saying because she speaks Japanese.
Citu Mongu really they should make her say English now.

PS: I just found out what she was saying she was saying hello without cheer. - ShopkinsLover

9 Outdated memes
10 New Voice Actors sound horrible and on crack

Cheeky sounds like she is on crack along with Apple.

They really need to go to the doctor. - ShopkinsLover

The Contenders

11 A phone calling contest in The Shopville Games pt.3
12 A video game version of soccer on The Shopville Games pt.3
13 Ripping off The Bachelor
14 Making Kooky the Mayor
15 Taking Away the Old Theme Song
16 Making Donatina a jerk

In the wild style episodes, she is an ass like lippy lips. - ShopkinsLover

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1. Evil Shopkins
2. Copying Katie Mcginty and Pat Toomey
3. New personalities


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