Top Ten Worst Things About the Show "K. C Undercover"

This is currently a new show on Disney, and I hate it. So I made a list about it.

The Top Ten

1 It's completely unrealistic
2 The parents completely neglect Ernie

Yes, the show was especially hard to watch because of this. I admit I chuckled a bit in the pilot, but I really don't think Ill be watching it for all these reasons... - keycha1n

I have to admit I was sadly shocked at the neglect that the parents had for Ernie, no one stood up for him- The worst part is that they make a joke over this.

I know! It's all "Kacy Kacy Kacy" they ignore Ernie never - ToptenPizza

3 The spy scenes are completely fake
4 It's has the stereotypical dumb brother
5 Zendaya has yet another show where she stars
6 They don't even act like spies
7 It has the stereotypical dumb blonde
8 It has too much toilet humor
9 Terrible theme song
10 The Dumb Blonde

The Contenders

11 It's another show starring people in high school
12 It's offensive to old people
13 Judy
14 The actors can't act
15 It's live action
16 They Moved Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder to Disney XD to Make Room For This

THAT'S the reason I'm missing my Gravity Falls?! - Garythesnail


GRRR! STUPID Disney Channel! >:(

17 K.C. Is conceited
18 Ernie
19 It has the stereotypical spoiled bratty little sister
20 Lame antagonists
21 It's boring
22 The scene where K.C. uses her x-rays to see a guy shirtless
23 It's a Ripoff of Kim Possible

Yah. It is. - dipperpinesfangirl618

24 It's a Teen Sitcom
25 It's on Disney Channel
26 It Stars A Female
27 Useless characters
28 Terrible jokes
29 She's not qualified to be a spy
30 The parents
31 J.U.D.Y's a ripoff of Zuri from Jessie/Bunk'd
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1. It has too much toilet humor
2. Terrible theme song
3. The Dumb Blonde
1. It's completely unrealistic
2. The spy scenes are completely fake
3. The parents completely neglect Ernie


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