Worst Things About the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs

Because pets is just not a good name anymore, Cats and Dogs will work!

The Top Ten

1 Non-Controllable Pets

Really?! Not even a cheat?! - UgGames332

2 The Vet Career

This honestly feels like a redone restaurant and retail business, and we know how good the retail system works! - UgGames332

3 Small World

16. 16 Lots, Windenburg had 26 lots. San Myshuno had 30, and both the base game worlds had 21! - UgGames332

4 No Other Activities Added in for Sims

No! Nothing! Nothing you can do for human sims that are new (besides taking care of pets). Grr. - UgGames332

5 Cas Items are Bad

Really. come on, no effort! - UgGames332

6 No Small Pets

Lizards, Snakes, and Birds just went "poof". that's right peeps, gone. - UgGames332

7 No Horses

I get it (No open world), but that's the thing! - UgGames332

8 Lack of Mythical Creatures

Lets face it, you all loved the unicorns. - UgGames332

9 Pets Can Only Die of Old Age

I know "cries" "cries". I think you could make some powerful and sad stories with this! - UgGames332

10 No Pet Jobs

Why?! Then they could be useful! - UgGames332

The Contenders

11 Not Very Good Build and Buy

I feel like they could of tried a little more on build and buy but I guess its not my say though

12 They Poop
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