Top 10 Worst Things About the Sims 4


The Top Ten

1 No open world

I hate the loading screen so much. - KianaLexi

2 No toddlers

It doesn't make sense that babies age up into children automatically. - KianaLexi

They have toddlers now

3 Even if you have all the packs to the game, it's a little boring
4 You have to buy the game packs in order to play the full experience of the game

In my opinion, the game pack items are better than the base game items and I watch other people play the sims. - KianaLexi

5 No cars

There are cars but that's decoration, I'm talking about real cars that sims can drive in like in the Sims 3. - KianaLexi

6 No school bus like in the Sims 3

You just see the kids walk out the house and disappear until 3 pm. - KianaLexi

7 It's like Maxis and EA are neglecting the children

Good that there's going to be a children's game pack in the summer. - KianaLexi

8 No pets like The Sims 3 Pets Gamepack

There are pets now

9 No console version

Actually, that comes out in November! - KianaLexi

10 Your sims can die over stupid things

Your sims can die of boredom, anger, and playfulness! That's so stupid... Exhaustion and Hunger are the only ones I can understand. - KianaLexi

The Contenders

11 No color wheel

I want my sim's hair to be ombre, not just one boring color! It's good that there is custom content ombre hair. - KianaLexi

12 Party Goals

What even are those?!? I just wanted to party

13 No terrain tool
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