Top Ten Worst Things About Sitcoms

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1 Annoying Laugh Tracks

These things NEVER shut up, even if something stupid happens it still goes off, they must know nobody is gonna laugh at their jokes so they have to put that in.

God, it's so annoying that it has to go off at least five times a minute. Writers, only use it if you try to make a great joke that moves the plot and it works.

Even when I was like 7 laugh tracks annoyed me. I even complained to my mum "why do they have to use laugh tracks they're so annoying"

Ignore them ok

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2 Bad Comic Relief Characters

Joey from full house was 1 of the most insufferable characters ever put on T.V.

Frank from everybody loves Raymond - DaWyteNight

3 Boring Story to the Show

Even if they suck you should give credit to something like haunted hathaways or the thundermens for at least having an interesting plot, where as most sitcoms now are just about a normal family doing boring everyday things

4 The Dumb Blonde
5 The Fat Dad Jokes

I have nothing against fat people, I'm talking about the kind of overweight dads in sitcoms where the show is constantly having him say or do something and the writers think it's funny because "ha ha, he's fat"

Don't worry one day that could change

6 They Have Tons of Sappy Moments

Nobody cares about your boyfriend. - RiverClanRocks

7 The "Cool Guy" Boyfriend/the Idiot Girlfriend

Both of these irritate me, but the idiot girlfriend is the worst, if sitcoms are trying to be realistic they shouldn't have these cause normal teenage girls are intelligent, just because they like to use phones or go shopping doesn't make them completely brain dead

8 How Many Seasons They Get

Full House got EIGHT SEASONS! What the hell? It amazes me that all these sitcoms get like a billion seasons, especially because they run out of episode ideas more often than modern SpongeBob

9 The Dumb Dad

Again, see Everybody Loves Raymond's Ray Baron. I wouldn't be surprised if his kids were smarter than he is. - DaWyteNight

My dad is awesome unlike the dads in these sitcoms. - RiverClanRocks

When will T.V. networks learn that THIS IS NOT FUNNY! Having an idiot dad character is just annoying

10 Crappy Theme Songs

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11 The Selfish Mother
12 Most of them take place in a house
13 People In the Audience Laugh Every 10 Seconds
14 The On & Off Romances
15 Clip Shows
16 Unrealistic
17 Formulaic Characters

You can pretty much bet money that if a new sitcom comes out it'll consist of these kind of characters: A jerky/rebellious character, a "quirky" character, a geeky character, a stupid character, and a goody-two-shoes main character

18 The naggy wife
19 The wife who won't have sex with her husband
20 Sexual Innuendos
21 The Manchild Husband
22 The Annoying Inlaws
23 The Loud Black Girl
24 The Male Character Who Only Thinks About Sex
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