Top 10 Worst Things About the Skeleton Clique

The Skeleton Clique (Twenty One Pilots fans) are one of the most insane fanbases I've ever seen.

The Top Ten

1 They have no respect for haters

I've seen people getting death threats for expressing their displease for TØP. - naFrovivuS

2 They unknowingly ruin TØP for other people

Just like most annoying fanbases, their attitude kills the love for TØP for some people. - naFrovivuS

3 They try too hard to be emo

Is TØP even an emo band? Why try to be emo for your favorite band when they're not even emo? - naFrovivuS

4 They shove their music in your face

We don't need to hear your music every 5 minutes. - naFrovivuS

5 They ship Tyler and Josh

...they're not even gay - naFrovivuS

6 They get into so many arguments with haters

Haters will say they don't like them and BOOM! Huge argument over who's right. - naFrovivuS

7 They're attention whores

So sick of seeing people with TØP shirts always trying to show off their love for their favorite "band." - naFrovivuS

8 They'll do anything to bring up TØP in a conversation

Need I say no more? - naFrovivuS

9 They only listen to TØP

Ok fine, it's fine you like them. But when you only listen to them it gets kind of irritating. - naFrovivuS

10 They try too hard to be edgy

It's just like them trying too hard to be emo. - naFrovivuS

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