Top Ten Worst Things About Slipknot


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1 They Have 9 Members

How does having 9 members make you a bad band? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

That's not a reason for hating a band - christangrant

How does that make them bad? - Grunger92

2 Terrible Guitar Solos

You want terrible guitar solo's? Listen to Cannibal Corpse then. - Grunger92

Well... At least they PLAY solos.

3 Paul Gray Was a Terrible Bassist

He's not that bad. - Grunger92

4 They're the Worst Metal Band of All Time

Are they really worse than Design the Skyline though?

I don't like them either but come on. They're not the worst metal band of all time.

There are far worse bands than Slipknot.

Opinion and reason are two different things. - Grunger92

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5 They Wear Masks to Hide Their Ugly Faces

Actually, they use the masks to protect their privacy. I still think they suck though.

No it's done for their privacy. - Grunger92

6 Drop B Tuning Is Too Overused In Their Songs

Not a valid reason. - Grunger92

7 They Made Donnie Steele Play Backstage

I'm a huge fan of Slipknot and even I will admit that this was rude - wrests

Seriously. Just watch Undertakerfreak1127's video on why he doesn't like Slipknot.

8 Rap and Metal Don't Mix Well

Actually they do Beastie Boys, RATM, Old school LP etc. - Grunger92

9 They're a Nu Metal Band

So what if they are Nu Metal? You don't judge a band by it's genre. - Grunger92

10 The Fanbase

The fanbase might be awful but every band has a terrible fanbase not a legitimate reason. - Grunger92

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11 Corey Taylor Isn't a Good Metal Vocalist

He is decent, but there are much better and worse then him. - Lucretia

Corery's better than most modern metal vocalists. - Grunger92

12 They're Overrated

By that logic Metallica, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, and Queen are also bad. - Lucretia

Overrated doesn't not mean bad - christangrant

13 They Aren't Original

This list isn't. - Grunger92

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1. They Have 9 Members
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