Worst Things About Smartasses

I find smartasses to be annoying.... I'm not trying to offend anyone with this list I'm just being honest. As much as people love to bash on dumbasses smartasses can be just as annoying. If I offended you in anyway that wasn't my intention.

The Top Ten

1 They think they know everything but they don't

Only a wise person knows they know little. How do I know this? I know everything! - Britgirl

This is annoys me the most about them.

2 They think that they're better than everyone

Along with number one this gets on my nervs.

3 They're annoying and hard to get along with

Not all are but some are really unbearable.

4 They often resort to reusing arguments

Sometimes the arguments they make are valid and other times they just rehash the same argument they used before depends on the person really.

5 They're obnoxious

Almost as obnoxious as the people they complain about.

6 They'll find anything to argue about even if it's minor

For example say that you accidentically misspelled "Recessive" they would not only correct you but argue about why it's wrong enough said.

7 Their ego is too massive

Just as massive as a casual dumbass to be honest.

8 They always come off as smug about something

Regardless of the topic in question.

9 They use their intelligence as an excuse to be a prick

I get it... you're smarter now can you stop rubbing it in my face?

10 They always act like they're dominant over others

Intelligence can be power but it depends on how you use it...

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