Top 10 Worst Things About Smosh

I used to love Smosh, but they've gotten worse overtime. And that's why I had to make this list.

The Top Ten

1 He is Not Funny

Smosh is two guys so I'm assuming you know nothing about them. - bobbythebrony

He? I think you mean THEM. It's two guys!

2 He Swears
3 He Gets So Many More Views Than You
4 They're Greedy with Money

This I don't understand. They're not greedy like pewdiepie. - ruJILLous

5 His Videos Are Always Recommended for You
6 They Use the Same Formula Over and Over Again V 1 Comment
7 He is Wealthy
8 They're Obnoxious
9 He Has Like 21 Million or More Subscribers
10 They're Extremely Juvenile

The Contenders

11 They Try Too Hard to be Funny

As much as I've tried, I just don't appeal to this sense of humor... Its just too try-hard. - keycha1n

Ever since late 2013, their videos started getting lame. They're not as funny as they used to be anymore. :/ - ruJILLous

Their latest videos are very bland and unoriginal :(

12 Shut Up! Cartoons
13 His Videos Stink
14 They Have 9 Channels

Now they even have a French smosh channel. - ruJILLous

15 Their Acting Is Terrible
16 His Voice is Annoying
17 Misleading Thumbnails

I especially hate the rash in the thumbnail to MY MUTANT RASH! Um Smosh, isn't it illegal to put gory things in your thumbnails?

If there are boobs in the thumbnail of COURSE it doesn't happen in the video. How do you fall for this? - ruJILLous

18 He Hates Nintendo
19 Each Episode Is Getting More Stupid
20 Their Typical Fanbase (9 Year Old's)
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