Top 10 Worst Things About Snoop Dogg

Now before you all get super angry and pissed off at me, I just want to make one thing clear. I LOVE SNOOP DOGG. I mean who doesn't? He's one of my favorite rappers of all time and he's really helped me throughout my life. But nowadays, Snoop hasn't really been himself lately. What do I mean by that? Well, he's been rapping with the worst artists, trying to be a wannabe Rastafarian (even calling himself Snoop Lion), smoked weed with Ke$ha onstage, he even guest stared on Big Time Rush! Snoop's made so many mistakes that I had to make this list. It's terrible to. Like I said, he was one of my favorite rappers. He used to be a gangster but now he's a joke that's not funny.

The Top Ten

1 He Sold Out

All the things on this list comes under the fact that he sold out. I am so glad that Tupac was not hear to listen to Wiggle by Snoop and Jason Derulo.

He's my favorite rapper, but this is sort of true. - RalphBob

I loved wiggle don't diss

2 He Collaborates with the Worst Artists

Because dr dre is so bad (sarcasm )

3 He Smoked Weed With Ke$ha Onstage at the MTV Movie Awards
4 He Smokes Weed
5 He Guest Starred on Big Time Rush
6 He Calls Himself "Snoop Lion"

I got to agree that is pteatty terrible

7 He Promoted Wiz Khalifa
8 He Said Lil Wayne Is Dope


9 He's Trying to be a Wannabe Rastafarian
10 He's In His 40's And He Still Thinks He's A Gangster

Once you go gangster ou never go back

The Contenders

11 He Destroyed His Own Image
12 He Worked With Soulja Boy
13 He Collaborated With Dr. Dre Too Many Times

That's really not a bad thing because the ones he did do with him were good

14 He Worked with Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars on the Song Young, Wild & Free
15 He's Changed
16 He Voiced a Character on Sanjay and Craig
17 He Worked With Psy On the Song Hangover
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