Top 10 Worst Things About Snoop Dogg

Now before you all get super angry and pissed off at me, I just want to make one thing clear. I LOVE SNOOP DOGG. I mean who doesn't? He's one of my favorite rappers of all time and he's really helped me throughout my life. But nowadays, Snoop hasn't really been himself lately. What do I mean by that? Well, he's been rapping with the worst artists, trying to be a wannabe Rastafarian (even calling himself Snoop Lion), smoked weed with Ke$ha onstage, he even guest stared on Big Time Rush! Snoop's made so many mistakes that I had to make this list. It's terrible to. Like I said, he was one of my favorite rappers. He used to be a gangster but now he's a joke that's not funny.

The Top Ten

1 He Sold Out

All the things on this list comes under the fact that he sold out. I am so glad that Tupac was not hear to listen to Wiggle by Snoop and Jason Derulo.

He's my favorite rapper, but this is sort of true. - RalphBob

I loved wiggle don't diss

2 He Collaborates with the Worst Artists

Because dr dre is so bad (sarcasm )

3 He Smoked Weed With Ke$ha Onstage at the MTV Movie Awards
4 He Guest Starred on Big Time Rush
5 He Smokes Weed
6 He Calls Himself "Snoop Lion"

I got to agree that is pteatty terrible

7 He Promoted Wiz Khalifa
8 He Said Lil Wayne Is Dope
9 He's Trying to be a Wannabe Rastafarian
10 He Destroyed His Own Image

The Contenders

11 He Worked With Soulja Boy
12 He's In His 40's And He Still Thinks He's A Gangster

Once you go gangster ou never go back

13 He Collaborated With Dr. Dre Too Many Times

That's really not a bad thing because the ones he did do with him were good

14 He Worked with Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars on the Song Young, Wild & Free
15 He's Changed
16 He Voiced a Character on Sanjay and Craig
17 He Worked With Psy On the Song Hangover
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