Worst Things About Social Media


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1 Like if you....

overused - bjinmaro64

Posts like "like if you are against bullying, I bet that many of you don't care" is an exemple of the worst things.

no need to guilt-trip people about this.

2 People tagging their friends
3 I'm bored status gets a trillion likes

This should be number one I remember the first time I got instagram I put my opinion n some girls post and after 30 minutes or so she started attacking me back and her friend started harassing me by leaving messages asking who I was and making fun of one of my posts and I put my settings to private and blocked her and her friend.. if I were u, I would stay away from social media there's too much hate on it

Likebait posts such as these don't deserve likes. Just because a user is popular gives them no right to just farm likes for no reason. - NuMetalManiak

Meaning about 99.9% of the site is bored. - aarond09

4 Getting bullied for expressing your opinion

Many good reasons to avoid, minimize social media and to learn and use privacy settings where available - Billyv

You can't have an opinion on social media, especially if your opinion isn't ultra-progessive. Some people I know actively try to get others banned for having a different opinion. - NuMetalManiak

I Thought That Was Called Tumblr... - Stevenpenguin

5 I'm...and I find this offensive

If it's homophobic or mocks disability, race, etc, it is OK to say this. But if you're a hyper feminist calling a movie offensive just because the main character is a male, that's where I draw the line. - Lunala

Unless the video is racist.

6 People posting their Starbucks drink

No Starbucks where I live but people always post pictures of their food on Facebook it's stupid - Lunala

Or any kind of food item. Stop taking pictures of your food and consume it already. - Nonpointed

That really annoys me!

Yes this is terrible - Milkmustache

7 I'm depressed don't talk to me status
8 (Random number) people are...
9 People posting a pretty selfie, saying they are ugly

God! They r doing it for compliments! It's annoying


10 Strangers can talk to you

That's creepy D: once a random Asian talked about rice he wont stop though I didn't want to be rude so I said "were does rice come from again" and he got mad and left - Thump

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11 Accidentally liking an old photo
12 People who pretend to be celebrities

Fun fact: the official Shia LaBeouf myspace is a kid from Canada. She said so on Tumblr

13 Trolls
14 Your "friends" all call you names
15 Criticizing your opinion V 1 Comment
16 Black people worship Barrack Obama

I'm half black and half Mexican and I don't worship him or I don't care - Thump

17 Anyone can be a creepy old man instead of a teenager
18 People forget about your birthday except your parents
19 People thinking one photo is a big deal
20 Insignificant/trivial/foolish status and posts always get a trillion likes

Combine this with "Savage" replies, one-word burn posts that aren't even funny and rather just abusive, and the reason why social media has become likefarm is really blatant. - NuMetalManiak

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