Worst Things About Social Media


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1 Like if you....

overused - bjinmaro64

Posts like "like if you are against bullying, I bet that many of you don't care" is an exemple of the worst things.

no need to guilt-trip people about this.

2 People tagging their friends
3 I'm bored status gets a trillion likes

This should be number one I remember the first time I got instagram I put my opinion n some girls post and after 30 minutes or so she started attacking me back and her friend started harassing me by leaving messages asking who I was and making fun of one of my posts and I put my settings to private and blocked her and her friend.. if I were u, I would stay away from social media there's too much hate on it

Likebait posts such as these don't deserve likes. Just because a user is popular gives them no right to just farm likes for no reason. - NuMetalManiak

Meaning about 99.9% of the site is bored. - aarond09

4 Getting bullied for expressing your opinion

I got bullied on YouTube for sending death threats to drill instructors (for mental abuse( - MChkflaguard_Yt

Many good reasons to avoid, minimize social media and to learn and use privacy settings where available - Billyv

I Thought That Was Called Tumblr... - Stevenpenguin

You can't have an opinion on social media, especially if your opinion isn't ultra-progessive. Some people I know actively try to get others banned for having a different opinion. - NuMetalManiak

5 I'm...and I find this offensive

If it's homophobic or mocks disability, race, etc, it is OK to say this. But if you're a hyper feminist calling a movie offensive just because the main character is a male, that's where I draw the line. - Lunala

Unless the video is racist.

6 I'm depressed don't talk to me status
7 People posting their Starbucks drink

No Starbucks where I live but people always post pictures of their food on Facebook it's stupid - Lunala

Or any kind of food item. Stop taking pictures of your food and consume it already. - Nonpointed

That really annoys me!

Yes this is terrible - Milkmustache

8 (Random number) people are...
9 People posting a pretty selfie, saying they are ugly

God! They r doing it for compliments! It's annoying


10 Strangers can talk to you

That's creepy D: once a random Asian talked about rice he wont stop though I didn't want to be rude so I said "were does rice come from again" and he got mad and left - Thump

Uhg... This is what I hate about social media. - aarond09

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? People posting pictures of their children and pets

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11 Accidentally liking an old photo
12 Trolls
13 People who pretend to be celebrities

Fun fact: the official Shia LaBeouf myspace is a kid from Canada. She said so on Tumblr

14 People forget about your birthday except your parents


15 Your "friends" all call you names
16 Criticizing your opinion


17 Black people worship Barrack Obama

I'm half black and half Mexican and I don't worship him or I don't care - Thump

18 Anyone can be a creepy old man instead of a teenager
19 People thinking one photo is a big deal
20 Insignificant/trivial/foolish status and posts always get a trillion likes

Combine this with "Savage" replies, one-word burn posts that aren't even funny and rather just abusive, and the reason why social media has become likefarm is really blatant. - NuMetalManiak

21 "Got kik?"

Here was an omegle chat I had once.
(You met a stranger. Say hi! You both like: Nirvana)
Me: Sweet! A Nirvana fan!
Stranger: Yeah. You have Kik? Mine is *insert kik here*
Me: Sorry! Don't have a kik. 😅
Stranger: Instagram?
Me: Nope!
Stranger: Facebook?
Me: Nah!
Stranger: Skype?!
Me: Nope!
Stranger: You suck. *Disconnects*
Me:... *To myself, singing* Hey, wait, I've got a new complaint. - MontyPython

22 Bad people

Pedophiles, etc - Lunala

23 Drama
24 You post something meaningful and it gets absolutely zero likes
25 It makes you depressed
26 It's distracting
27 It's makes you bored easily
28 People hardly ever respond to your messages
29 Hypersensitive people
30 Offensive stuff

Instagram people put things like “depression” and “cancer” and disabilities into the meme tags which isn’t funny. I know they use the “it's a joke! 1! 11” excuse, but it’s just not funny.

31 Trashy videos or pictures
32 Comments war

It is very easy to start a comment war by saying one thing...

33 Dating Status shoved down your throat

I'm so tired of people bragging about their relationships. Who the Hell cares about how cute you are?!

34 Special snowflakes
35 Getting blocked
36 Little kids lying about their age
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