Top 10 Worst Things About Sonic Boom


The Top Ten

1 The Button Mashing in Rise of Lyric
2 Rise of Lyric has lots of Bugs
3 Rise of Lyric is easily Unplayable
4 It tried to Ruin Knuckles

I know. Knuckles is not supposed to be stupid or dumb. Especially knowing that he found every shard of the Master Emerald in the 'modern' Sonic games (Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 at least).

They Made him Stupid - ToadF1

He already sucks

5 Unoriginal

I know it's a Rip-Off of something... - ToadF1

6 The 3DS Games

1) Shattered Crystal

2) Fire and Ice - ToadF1

7 Sticks is a Crappy Character

Sticks is cool reboots are not always bad

Knuckles>Sticks and no I am not sexist

She's Annoying, not Funny at all - ToadF1

I liked her

8 It Continuously uses the Same Characters
9 Eggman is Still Literally Everywhere

Why is Eggman always is Sonic Games? it's getting Old - ToadF1

10 Some of the Character Designs

First of all, Sonic has Blue Arms for some Reason and I really don't know why, Tails and Amy look Cool, but oh my God, Look at Knuckles, also Eggman looks Stupid and Metal Sonic and Shadow don't look Cool - ToadF1

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