Worst Things About the Sonic Fanbase

Well, I decided since Sonic Forces comes out today, I might as well make a list about the stupid fanbase.

The Top Ten

1 They are never satisfied for what they practically asked for

It ticks me off when those dumb fan-brats just hate on a game, even though they got what they wanted. - Drawbox

2 Fanfics

Gosh, if I ever see another site dedicated to the Sonic X(insert name here) relationship, I'll lose it. - Drawbox

3 They whine
4 They hate on Green Hill Zone

Yet no one gives a hell about World 1-1. - Drawbox

5 They won't admit Mario is a better series

Listen, I like Sonic, but Mario is better, and even Sega knows that. But the fans are so stupid they make Sonic look bad and stupid that people hate him. - Drawbox

6 The Mario and Sonic war

Both have had their ups and downs and at the end of the day, both are great video game franchises in their own right and merit. End of story. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's been 10 years yet idiots won't realize that Nintendo and Sega are just friends now. - Drawbox

7 They bully
8 They won't accept opinions
9 Even Sega hates them

You want living proof? Just check out the live Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account that pokes fun at the franchise's and the fan base's lowest points. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 Fan-made characters
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