Worst Things About Sonic the Hedgehog Games

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1 You Always Have to Play As Sonic

In nearly all sonic games you have to play as sonic that is pretty annoying why can't we play as different characters like shadow rouge eggman knuckles tails metal sonic silver vector espio charmy Tikal big or omega

Why is this on the list? Not all Sonic games only let you play as Sonic! What about the Sonic Adventure games where you could play as the other characters?

This is one of the reasons why I like sonic heroes.

Why can't they make more games like sonic adventure with every character being special with their own abilities and story line

2 Bad Puns

Only In The Craig-Smith Era

3 Lives

Ever played Mario

Not like we have 3 crowns after the 2nd level in Mario games...

wait. - mattstat716

4 Light Speed Dash

What, ever played SA2? I think you mean the light speed dash from Generations - cdxtreme

I love the Light Dash, it's my favorite upgrade in SA2B.

5 Scores
6 Momentum

The thing SONIC'S KNOWN FOR - mattstat716

7 Wisps

Sonic Colors, Sonic Colors DS, Generations, Lost World, Lost World DS... - mattstat716

Which are only in 2 games - cdxtreme

8 Super Sonic Is Barely Playable

In a few sonic games super sonic is even in it. That is so annoying. In the games he's appeared in he's just there fir decoration

The majority off the 3D Sonic games where Super Sonic is only playable is at the final boss.

There's a reason for that.
If they gave you amped up speed/jumps, you'd fling off of things like triggered events, walkways, etc...

They're only really going to give you Super Sonic in 2d games (if they want to/have enough memory left) - mattstat716

9 Collecting the Emeralds

I'm glad that Sonic Heroes is the last Sonic game that you had to collect the chaos emeralds to see the last story. Or is it?

I want to be able to play as Super Sonic FROM THE START, but that will NEVER HAPPEN

I hate having to collect emeralds in sonic games

Sonic Generation on the 3DS have special stages too and I HATE special stages. - Chaotixhero

10 Unnecessary Plot

I wish Sonic games had a bit more of an intelligent plot. If I see one more "Eggman does a bad and Sonic will go and call him 'egghead' and then beat him and then the day is save yay" plot I'm gonna flip. - DriftStar

It's cheesy and predictable, kids wouldn't notice but adults just laugh at the stupidity.

These plots for Sonic games make little aense as the game unfolds

Sonic Mania explains exactly what a sonic game's plot needs.
No talking, no extensive dialogue. Just gameplay and minor level transitions. - mattstat716

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11 Sonic Archie Comics

The comics had so much potential. - DriftStar

Sonic the Comic was worse. At least the Archie Comics for Sonic make sense.

They should be replaced by Pac-Man Archie comics so people talk about that instead of the corny Sonic Archie comics.

Look, that's your opinion. People like it, so they're going to keep making them. - mattstat716

Yo, mattstat716! Why do people like Archie Sonic comics?! Is I beause of furry, tweeny love triangles?! There is nothing wrong with preferring Team Sonic, the Chaotix, Team Dark and Team Light (which could has Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog and Shade the Echidna) over Team Rose.

12 Knuckles' Sonic Boom Design

I know that is not going to be his personal design. But why did they make him on steroids

13 Rings

Just like the coins in Mario - cdxtreme

I don't have any actual Sonic video games, but I hate rings on Sonic Dash. WHY do you have to drop all your rings as soon as you hit ONE enemy?!?!?! In Mario, you just lose your powerup or grow smaller if you get hit. SONIC should have something like that, because imagine getting 10,000 rings, forgetting to swipe up, and wanting to throw your phone across the room.
They need to change the thing about rings.

"just like coins in mario" Except A) they let you take a hit, basically meaning INVINCIBILITY if you always have 1, B) Are used for Super Sonic
and D) are actually useful in getting Chaos Emeralds. - mattstat716

14 Unnecessary Characters

At least they actually have character development. Seriously, is that really a bad thing in iconic video game franchises?

I know that they're trying to make the franchise a bit different. But in the games and especially the comics. In the comics there's characters all over the place

Yeah, unessasary characters like Tails and Cream

Everyone is useless except for Sonic because he’s the main character and Eggman because he’s the villain. Sonic can defeat Eggman on his own as shown in lots of his games and in Sonic Boom. Why does he need a whole ’ team?

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15 Sonic Pairings

Can romance in action-games just... not? - DriftStar

Some can be exotic, some can be downright insufferable (especially a main male Sonic character XXX Princess Elise the Third).

(South Park reference) Well Sonadow is a b*tch it's a big fat b*tch it's the biggest b*tch in the whole wide world...

16 Eggman is Constantly the Antagonist
17 Boss Battles

Some of them okay but the casino night boss from sonic 4 is a ripoff of sonics 2 battles

Not every boss can be MLG PRO 360 NOSCOPE BEST BAWSS ever.

There's going to be a few duds. - mattstat716

18 Falling Into Pits

Falling into pits would make the games worse!

19 Games Are Short

Games like sonic generations or sonic 4 are what I don't like about sonic games. Some are really short which can be completed in a day or 2

20 Extensive Voice Acting

I don't get why the Mario franchise has it often.

21 Too Fast

Speed is what sonic is known for - cdxtreme

22 Fanboys
23 Tails and Cream

Because they are just terrible

Yet Tails is actually a well liked character, and Cream is barely in anything. - mattstat716

Good characters. Terrible ship.

(Hate all you want :P) - ACKREIK

24 Knuckles is a Rip-Off of Bowser Jr.

Sonic 3 was released in 1994, while Super Mario Sunshine was released in 2002, meaning Knuckles appeared years before Bowser Jr. - Razorman988

Whoever put this on the list, I hope you're getting mental attention right now.

25 Special Stages
26 Princess Daisy Doesn't Spend Time With the Male Sonic Characters

Shut the freak up whoever put this on here!

NOBODY CARES about Daisy or your "Princess Daisy of Sarasaland" fantasies! This gets so annoying fast!

Whoever put this is just... what. - mattstat716

27 Sonic In 2D


You know, not like that was the way he started off his series or anything!

...Oh wait... - mattstat716

28 Amy Rose's Appearance
29 Anti Sonic (A.K.A Scourge)

Why was he created in the first place

30 The Voice Acting
31 The Storylines
32 The Gameplay
33 The 2D


Oh wait. - mattstat716

34 The Anime

Is Weird And Lame - CuteGirlJigglypuff

... Wait, there was an Anime on this?
Unless you mean Sonic X... Which wasn't bad. Just Chris was stupid. - mattstat716

35 Random New Characters
36 Archie Series Is Bad

So bad that there should be Archie Pac-Man comics.

Yet people like it.

That's an opinion, not a fact. - mattstat716

37 Sega Gives Sonic Random Power Ups

Mario gets random power ups too, like a frog suit, penguin suit, etc. - mattstat716

38 Dragon Ball Z Rip Off

Super Saying Sonic! Seriously this is a ridiculous addition to the list

No this isn't horrible to this list your just a dumbass that thinks sonic came before dbz.

Sonic did rip off Goku’s super transformation and got the idea of 7 chaos emeralds from them

-_- And?
So what? We like Super Sonic, if you have a problem with that; jump off a cliff. Nobody sane will use this as a point to hate on the sonic franchise. - mattstat716

39 Sonic Is a Playboy

Give me 1 example. You have 0. - mattstat716

40 Shadow, Silver, Tails, and Blaze Are the Only Good Characters

Shadow, Rouge, and Blaze are the only normal characters in the whole series. Everyone else is awkward and annoying

Why are people putting Silver, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, Mighty and the Chaotix in favour of Modern Amy Rose?! She better man up! >8(

Also Amy! She's better than Silver.

Opinion, and that's not true...
Silver's kinda dumb IN MY OPINION. - mattstat716

41 Sonic's Voice
42 Pinball Stage In 06

Ugg just use the cheat

43 Rouge is a Sexualized Bat

I can't argue this point.
you're on your own - mattstat716

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