Worst Things About Sonic the Hedgehog Games

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21 Amy Rose's Appearance
22 Too Fast

Speed is what sonic is known for - cdxtreme

23 Unnecessary Characters

I know that they're trying to make the franchise a bit different. But in the games and especially the comics. In the comics there's characters all over the place

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24 Anti Sonic (A.K.A Scourge)

Why was he created in the first place

25 The Voice Acting
26 The Storylines
27 The Gameplay
28 The 2D V 1 Comment
29 Archie Series Is Bad

So bad that there should be Archie Pac-Man comics.

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30 Sonic Pairings

Some can be exotic, some can be downright insufferable (especially a main male Sonic character XXX Princess Elise the Third).

31 Tails and Cream

Because they are just terrible

Yet Tails is actually a well liked character, and Cream is barely in anything. - mattstat716

32 Sonic's Voice
33 Pinball Stage In 06
34 Rouge is a Sexualized Bat
35 Fanboys
36 The Anime V 2 Comments
37 Random New Characters
38 Sega Gives Sonic Random Power Ups

Mario gets random power ups too, like a frog suit, penguin suit, etc. - mattstat716

39 Dragon Ball Z Rip Off

Super Saying Sonic! Seriously this is a ridiculous addition to the list

No this isn't horrible to this list your just a dumbass that thinks sonic came before dbz.

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40 Sonic Is a Playboy V 1 Comment
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