Worst Things About Sonic the Hedgehog Games

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21 Princess Daisy Doesn't Spend Time With the Male Sonic Characters

Shut the freak up whoever put this on here!

NOBODY CARES about Daisy or your "Princess Daisy of Sarasaland" fantasies! This gets so annoying fast!

Whoever put this is just... what. - mattstat716

22 Sonic In 2D


You know, not like that was the way he started off his series or anything!

...Oh wait... - mattstat716

23 Amy Rose's Appearance
24 Too Fast

Speed is what sonic is known for - cdxtreme

25 Unnecessary Characters

I know that they're trying to make the franchise a bit different. But in the games and especially the comics. In the comics there's characters all over the place

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26 Anti Sonic (A.K.A Scourge)

Why was he created in the first place

27 The Voice Acting
28 The Storylines
29 The Gameplay
30 The 2D


Oh wait. - mattstat716

31 The Anime

Is Weird And Lame - CuteGirlJigglypuff

... Wait, there was an Anime on this?
Unless you mean Sonic X... Which wasn't bad. Just Chris was stupid. - mattstat716

32 Random New Characters
33 Archie Series Is Bad

So bad that there should be Archie Pac-Man comics.

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34 Sega Gives Sonic Random Power Ups

Mario gets random power ups too, like a frog suit, penguin suit, etc. - mattstat716

35 Dragon Ball Z Rip Off

Super Saying Sonic! Seriously this is a ridiculous addition to the list

No this isn't horrible to this list your just a dumbass that thinks sonic came before dbz.

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36 Sonic Is a Playboy

Give me 1 example. You have 0. - mattstat716

37 Shadow, Silver, Tails, and Blaze Are the Only Good Characters

Why are people putting Silver, Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, Mighty and the Chaotix in favour of Modern Amy Rose?! She better man up! >8(

Also Amy! She's better than Silver.

Opinion, and that's not true...
Silver's kinda dumb IN MY OPINION. - mattstat716

38 Tails and Cream

Because they are just terrible

Yet Tails is actually a well liked character, and Cream is barely in anything. - mattstat716

39 Sonic's Voice
40 Pinball Stage In 06
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