Top Ten Worst Things About Soul Calibur 5

Soul Calibur is a game which used to be one of the "Big 4" of Beat Em Ups (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighters, Tekken & Soul Calibur).

But SC5 had many flaws.

The Top Ten

1 Bad Way to Get More Clothes

If you wamt to get more accesoires and clothing you get random stuff after fighting often.

You will never know what you'll get. - Fretto

2 Connection Problems
3 Spamming Online Players
4 Too Difficult Cpu's
5 Much Less Single Player Modes

There's not much you can do like in the 3rd game. - Fretto

6 Bad Storymode

Due a short time to make the story mode it's no wonder that it's bad.
We get some short animated moments, lots of paintings, a weird storyline and the ending when

the siblings look into their eyes looks just creepy. - Fretto

7 "Clones"

The clones Xiba, Leixa etc. are sometimes annoying and let you wish that they at least have other weapons and the originals come back again. - Fretto

8 A Bad Protagonist

Patroklos is one of Sophitias children but he's such a douche. He kills harmless people, acts like a manchild and your symphaty for him will go away after the first level/fight. - Fretto

9 Replacing Awesome Characters

The fan favorites characters are gone.
But they were replaced with awful ones. - Fretto

10 DLC

SC's best thing is that you can create your own characters or even change a main character.

But in SC5 you had to pay for one or you had to pay for exclusive clothes. - Fretto

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