Worst Things About Soulja Boy

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1 He dissed the FBI and the Army Troops

For a guy called Soulja Boy, that's a pretty hypocritical thing for him to do.


2 He said Nas killed Hip Hop

'Nas killed hip-hop' - deliriousness at its best, especially considering the fact that he himself is doing no favours to hip-hop.

The man who came so close to killing rap is dissing Nas? What an idiot.

This is ironic considering Nas made a song called "Hip-Hop Is Dead" and that song never says that he killed rap. I'm playing that song if I ever meet Nicki Minaj, Mute Spittah, or of course, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

3 He killed Hip Hop

THIS DUDE IS A JOKE TO HIP HOP! He's nothing but a talentless piece of crap, ( His manager probably discovered him making music in the dumpster with used can and things like that) 1. His songs make no sense, and they all come with un called for dances. 2. He looks like a pickle with a over sized shirt and pants. 3. He wears female sunglasses ( Like in his crank that soulja boy music video) 4. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, HE SOUNDS LIKE A DYING HORSE THAT JUST GOT STABBED IN THE THROAT WITH A PENCIL! That's it for me, enough said.

4 He dissed Ice-T
5 His Yahhh! Song
6 He dissed Sonic the Hedgehog
7 Can't Rap
8 Crank That

Stupid lyrics

9 He has no talent

Even an 1 year old can write better lyrics than Soulja Boy! Soulja Boy is garbage!

10 His Lyrics

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11 His Voice
12 His song Report Card
13 He is mean
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