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1 He's Annoying

Let us all SpongeBob haters join forces. Together, we are UNSTOPPABLE! We could rule Bikini Bottom with an iron fist and command SpongeBob and all his little "friends" to be our personal servants, not daring to set him free until the day he gets so tired of working, his fingers burn to ashes and he can not emit such an excruciating sound as his laugh ever again. Bikini Bottomites are dumber than the average kindergartener, and if you live there, your IQ is at least -5. We could get Nickelodeon to stop airing SpongeBob, and make the new generation intellectual and bursting with potential knowledge.

You may say that I'm only saying that because I am an adult, but I am not. I am a little girl who hates SpongeBob with a burning passion. And, although I am a child, I believe that there was a hint of goodness sprinkled upon the first 3 seasons of SpongeBob (season 4-present were TERRIBLE), though they definitely didn't overdose it. Yes, I thought pre-movie SpongeBob was only a little ...more

He also a cry baby that might be why all the kids cry a whole lots

he's gay

No, screw you, ChefSquidward! This is an anti-SpongeBob list. So haters like you aren't allowed. Now get the hell off here.

2 He's a Crybaby

In stuff like season 11 or 12 he doesn't cry that much anymore

I couldn't agree more. But then again, he's worse than childish.

He cries too much!

In the episode "SpongeBob, you're fired", he was crying so hard that the Krusty Krab was flooded. - EpicJake

Well, how would you feel if you enjoyed your job so much and had done a lot to help and then get fired for a nickel? I'd certainly won't be happy - RockStarr

3 When Something Starts Getting Good He Messes It Up

No kidding. Because of how much of a troublemaker that sponge is, he and his fans can die for all I care.

I'm pissed of

4 He's Like a Girl

He has no real gender he is a washing sponge.

No, he's not a girl. Instead, he seems like one due to his somewhat overly feminine attitude.

Not really, to be honest.

I have a theory he is a girl! - SpongebobSuxx

5 He Never Leaves Squidward Alone

Damn right. And that pisses me off. What also pisses me off is when some douchebag claimed that those who sympathize with Squidward end up being straight up losers in life. What a inconsiderate liar he is. If anyone asks me, he (the anti-Squidward prick) and all of Squidward's haters are the real losers.

Yeah, that's so true because Squidward just want a casual day of his life and personal space but SpongeBob and Patrick has to "but-in" to his space and that's where Squidward drives to insanity. Squidward told them to "but-out" but SpongeBob and Patrick doesn't listen to him. They are the sole reason why Squidward gets tortured and being a scapegoat. Squidward gets his consequences unfairly as SpongeBob and Patrick were the real reasons why they did it in the first place. Squidward sometimes take action for himself and then it gets backfired. I feel bad for Squidward because he deserves the space he desires and SpongeBob and Patrick to not "but-in" to his space. Then he wouldn't be a scapegoat or tortured.

Tell me about it. That's worst thing about the sponge.

All Squidward wants is personal space and a life free of SpongeBob. But all that sponge does is torture the very hell out of him. And so, I root for the octopus trying to get that SpongeBob out of his life. Hell, I like it when he read that yellow neighbor's diary out loud. But I hate it when those stupid fish of Bikini Bottom made too big of a deal out of it by torturing him.

If I'm Squidward, I'd kill all of my haters as well as SpongeBob.

The scumbag bastard writers of this show do this to Squidward because they like to torture him.. they are so sadistic in the way they have that stupid spongebob & patrick treat him. Hope there's a special place in Hell for spongebob and patrick as well as for the stupid writers where they can be tortured for eternity!

6 He Likes Work

That makes me wonder why he's so free-spirited. Is he that blindly devoted to Mr. Krabs? If so, that's pretty sick.

7 He Loves Everything

What’s so bad about that?

It seems like it. If that's true, then he's mentally blind to the extreme. And so, I wish that Squidward killed him and his fans.

8 He Always Gets Ms Puff In Trouble

Ms.Puff isn't that bad and although she is a little stubborn and mean, I would be a little inpatient if I was trying to teaching Spongebob to drive for 10 years straight. AT the end of the day, Ms.Puff gets in trouble for something Spongebob did and that's a bit annoying that Ms.Puff gets blame for everything Spongebob does.

This should probably Number One on this list because Mrs. Puff is now my favorite character in the show and because I can't how much trouble he gave her. And so, I'm glad that she tried to kill him.But I would be more glad if she succeeded just as I want to do in slaughtering all of her haters.

9 He Doesn't Hear What Squidward Says

Proof in season 1 episode I Was A Teenage Gary where squidward was telling spongebob to leave his dang undergarments on his yard. Like heck yeah spongebob would say a stupid reason, Which is why he ignored him!

Spongebob just likes him, but ignores everything he says about going away.

Maybe that's because he (SpongeBob) is too much of a dumb-a** to do that. Honestly, that sponge has gone from innocently insensitive to flat-out inconsiderate. Therefore, I side with Squidward against him.

10 Changing Character's Personalities Too Much

The characters personalities were the same throughout the first 3 seasons, but then it went downhill.

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11 He Completely Changed His Personality

The biggest example is that he changed from a fun-loving troublemaker to an outright antagonist who doesn't give a cr*p about antagonizing others, especially Squidward. If I'm Stephen Hillenburg, I'd be so ashamed of what Paul Tibbit did to the show that I'd cancel it forever.

He used to be funny, but now he's just dumb. Along with Patrick.

What happened to you SpongeBob? - Garythesnail

SpongeBob, what happened? :-( - EpicJake

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12 The Narrator

I hate how that narrator is always saying something like this"28 year's later"it so annoying.Anthore Peppa pig narrator.(though I still like SpongeBob).

13 He's Always Laughing

Maybe not. But I do believe that his laugh worse than annoying. And so, my kind of laugh is a revengeful one depending on what it is.

His laugh is ANNOYING! I am tired of him laughing its like this DAHAHAAHAH! ITS ANNOYING! Oh yea and they made a episode of him doing it all out through the episode. FREAK YOU SPONGEBOB!

SpongeBob has the worst laugh of all time. I could picture it: Baa! Isn't that the noise sheep make? - Turkeyasylum

That maybe a good reason to hate him. But what's worse than his laughter is his behavior.

14 Doing Anything Involving Live Action

Probably that's a good reason considering how disturbing it is.

15 Backgrounds Not Being Detailed Enough

I also forgot to mention Squidwards extremely horrific screaming. imagine the voice of squidward trapped in a room, and the writers tell him to scream as tortured and screwed as possible or you don't get money.

What do you mean? aren't the GRAPHIC and STRETCHY animation these days enough for you?

16 He Always Says I'm Ready

That's worse than Naruto's habit of repeating, "Believe it."

17 He Thinks Squidward Loves Him

The Dab obviously hates spongebob for his inconsiderate behaviour

Well you spelled straight wrong

"This is not true SpongeBob is strate and this list is dum"

What a liar you are. You think that this list is dumb? Then get the hell off of it!

Have you seen how SpongeBob treated Squidward and looked at him like he was in love with him? That's just sick. Hell, he stalked that octopus like crazy.

Are you kidding me? You almost made him kill himself. You do it to yourself at the end of the next episode

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18 It's Still Going On

Because fools think Nickelodeon will be bankrupt if its called. So it will be running like Sesame Street, Sooty, Blue Peter, Newsround, Noddy, Postman Pat, Fireman Sam, Thomas the Tank Engine they are the longest running kids shows besides SpongeBob.

No wonder it's the longest-lasting Nicktoon of all. Because of how much offensive stuff it has, I honestly want ti canceled and permanently removed from every channel that it's on. Seriously, the people who work at the Nicktoons Animation Studio should be ashamed of having it produce more episodes.

The show should have ended its run years ago, they must be trying to see how long they can keep the show going before everyone stopped watching. - egnomac

Seasonal Rot has effected this show. Badly.

19 Not enough episodes revolving around sandy



20 When He's Not Laughing, He's Crying
21 The Theme Song

Well, it (the song) does suck and always will.

Are you ready kids.
Aye Aye Captain.
I Can't Hear You.

22 It's Mean-Spirited

Literally all the side characters act like jerks, or sound “silly” just to be made fun of. I seen some in a few episodes.

Exactly. He gives pretty much everyone around hm cr*p and doesn't seem to care if they're harmed by his antics. Hell, it's probably worse when he teams up with Patrick.

But what I hate most about SpongeBob is his extreme torture of Squidward and Mrs. Puff. Therefore, I wish that those two characters had murdered him and get rewarded for it instead of punished.

23 Not noticing Mr. Krabs doing bad stuff and etc.

Because of that, he blindly worships that d*mn crustacean as if he's a god even though he (Mr Krabs) isn't. Since SpongeBob acts as an accomplice to that crab, they should both be arrested and sent to Hell forever.

24 He Doesn't Know the Difference Between Right and Wrong

Seems like it to me. But then again, SpongeBob must have no brains.

SpongeBob thinks that everything wrong is right?! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

25 He Was a Jerk to Gary In A Pal for Gary


26 It's Too Babyish

Seems like it to me. But then again, SpongeBob SquarePants is so irrational and such a plague that I wish it was never created.

27 Patrick's a Malicious Jerk

I couldn't agree more. At first, he seemed all right to me. But later, he stupidity got so high that he didn't care whether or not he terrorized other people. Hell, I saw what the did to Squidward and makes me wish that that octopus actually killed him and SpongeBob as well as get rewarded instead of punished for it.

28 SpongeBob Likes Pewdiepie

A kitchen sponge with a personality and a human?

29 He worships Mr. Krabs

That's absolutely disgusting! Can't SpongeBob see Mr. Krabs' true colors all the time?! If I didn't know better, I'd say that he (the sponge) doesn't give a crap if the crab uses him as a tool to get whatever he wants. And besides, that crustacean isn't a god who anyone can bow down to.

But if SpongeBob wants to devote himself blindly to Eugene Krabs until his death, it's his loss. And if he suffers too many consequences for being a henchman to that damn crab, he has only himself to blame.

30 SpongeBob is overrated and it killed the entire Nickelodeon.

I couldn't agree more. And so, I want it gone forever. As for its fans, they can die with the series for all I care.

I'm not saying this show is bad, but the only reason why I'm not watching this show anymore is becoming overrated in the past years.

31 He is a Stupid Jerk to Gary

This is not just A Pal for Gary, but many episodes

32 He is not a sea sponge he is a kitchen sponge.

Proven in Season 1 episode 3 - Tea at the Treedome

33 No character development

I don't doubt that even for a bit because I noticed it. And so, SpongeBob SquarePants should be cancelled forever and permanently removed from every channel that it's on.

34 Misleading Trailers for Specials
35 Over-Advertising On a Regular Basis
36 Characters That Make Stupids Noises Instead of Talking

No kidding.

37 Creating Annoying Characters That Are Just In One Episode

Oops. I forgot to put "her" between "murdered" and "and." It's what Sam gets for terrorizing Squidward.

One example is Sam Star, who's far worse than annoying, especially because to what she did to Squidward. If anyone asks me, she's the worst character in the entire show due to how nasty she is. In fact, she's so mean and dumb that she makes Patrick look better.

Because of my hatred for Sam and her hypocrisy, I wish that Squidward murdered and gets rewarded for it.

38 Flowers Clouds
39 He Is Way Too Nice

You bet that he is. No wonder he's blind in the head. He's a Gary/Marty Stu.

40 All the Characters Have Cried
41 Band Geeks

I suppose the Mayo joke is stupid. But you'd laugh when you was younger.

I hate this episode

42 All the Characters are No Longer Relatable
43 One Coarse Meal
44 It's a Ripoff of Sesame Street
45 It Makes People Dumb

Because someone I know watched WAY TO MUCH SpongeBob and now they think it is the BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD

46 Squidward Torture
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