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21 He Was a Jerk to Gary In A Pal for Gary


22 It's Too Babyish

Seems like it to me. But then again, SpongeBob SquarePants is so irrational and such a plague that I wish it was never created.

23 Characters That Make Stupids Noises Instead of Talking

No kidding.

24 Creating Annoying Characters That Are Just In One Episode

Oops. I forgot to put "her" between "murdered" and "and." It's what Sam gets for terrorizing Squidward.

One example is Sam Star, who's far worse than annoying, especially because to what she did to Squidward. If anyone asks me, she's the worst character in the entire show due to how nasty she is. In fact, she's so mean and dumb that she makes Patrick look better.

Because of my hatred for Sam and her hypocrisy, I wish that Squidward murdered and gets rewarded for it.

25 It's Mean-Spirited

Exactly. He gives pretty much everyone around hm cr*p and doesn't seem to care if they're harmed by his antics. Hell, it's probably worse when he teams up with Patrick.

But what I hate most about SpongeBob is his extreme torture of Squidward and Mrs. Puff. Therefore, I wish that those two characters had murdered him and get rewarded for it instead of punished.

26 Not noticing Mr. Krabs doing bad stuff and etc.

Because of that, he blindly worships that d*mn crustacean as if he's a god even though he (Mr Krabs) isn't. Since SpongeBob acts as an accomplice to that crab, they should both be arrested and sent to Hell forever.

27 He Is Way Too Nice

You bet that he is. No wonder he's blind in the head. He's a Gary/Marty Stu.

28 All the Characters Have Cried
29 Band Geeks

I hate this episode

30 Patrick's a Malicious Jerk
31 All the Characters are No Longer Relatable
32 Misleading Trailers for Specials
33 Over-Advertising On a Regular Basis
34 Flowers Clouds
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