Superhero Movie Was Good(?)

In class on the last week of academy, we were all given a choice on what movies to watch and the movies that I've remembered from those collection was:

  • Anne Frank Diary mumble jumble movie nobody has heard about
  • The Breakfast Club (without the breakfast)
  • Greasyballs
  • Something about a cuckoo's nest
  • T**-anic
  • Some animations with bees
  • An ice
  • Lions and other singing animals
  • Philip being captured by pirates that don't even resembles my ideal pirates.
  • Slaves, slaves and more slaves for another twelve years.
  • Some flying house with an opening that didn't made me cry. At all.
That's all I've basically remembered but in the back of my mind, the movies, even the ones I haven't remembered had Oscar awards. So out of all those movies, the class all cheere on when the teacher pulled up a movie 'Superhero Movie'. I knew just hearing that title that it was gonna suck more balls than a prostitute has ever done.

If you don't know what Superhero Movie is, then I'll just do a short explanation just to sum up the entire film. A tryhard attempt of being funny for the sake of comedic values with overused gags that has been done to death with over tryhard spoofs and so on. Basically, it's a crappy spoof movie. It's sobad, that I haven't even see nthe whole entire film because of breaktime but it speaks for itself.

So we start with Drake Bell catching a bus and already, he's a loser. He gets whalloped by a lampost, gets hit by the bus door and then gets hammered in by a stop pole beside the bus... It has not only told us that this character is nothing more than our crash test dummy for the entire film but it's gonna imply deep depths of pain in my soul.

He finally gets in a bus to be greeted by his good black freind, Kevin Hart... You know, casting in an unfunny comedian will fight the fire with fire. This character just pulls out weird devices out off his bag like a triangle iPhone and a MP3 juice box. Not sure it's going to serve any purpose to the spoof jokes but I think it symbollises the production teams, trying to pull out random stuff outta that s***** box. So weird stuffs happening with Mafia jokes and we get to the science lab trip thing. I forgot to mention that the movie is suppose to primarly spoof Spider Man, so I guess it explains the loserness but... This character isn't even trying to resemble anything, during the science test with animals, he just trips everywhere and gets painted with horny chemicals that attracts animals to rape Drake in the butthole. Again, just outta the blues. No punchline or whatever, just used for the sake of comedic purposes.

It's the HIV equivilent of Nash Grier! So things are being thrown more stuff and same stuff just happens with characters getting hit in balls, head, choked, slapped, crayoned n' stuff. Nothing to say at all, it's as if they try to use visual comedy just because they've realised that dialogues ain't cut out for it but in essence, they've should have just quit and start flipping burgers at McDonalds.

3/genocidal chicken sandwich. Enough internet for today.


SuperDuperdude, you're the master of ripoff exposure. - PositronWildhawk

"Some flying house with an opening that didn't made me cry. At all."
*unfollows* - Puga

My mom would totally disagree with you about the Kevin Hart part. In fact, she'll kill you... - JaysTop10List